2015 Year Goals – Geared up!

Wow — 2014 has come and gone fairly quick.  We have roughly two months left of this roller coast of a year and to me that is reflection but also — looking forward.  Typically between November 1st and end of December I meet with a few friends (you guys know who you are), where we establish life, financial and personal type goals.  Goals such as traveling, improving your quality of life, portfolio of stocks, dividend income and other financial endeavors.  This will be the first time that I will publicly discuss my 2015 year goals and see if I can make those happen with action beginning now, but theoretically – January 1, 2015.  I will break down the 2015 year goals and show you what I can do to gear those up to the finish line by December 31, 2015. 2015 Year Goals  Continue reading