Lanny’s February Dividend Income Summary

Hello everyone!  Well, crossed 80+ hours this past week and glad February is officially over.  Excited to share the previous month, so lets get to the February Dividend Income Summary!

dividend income

Dividend Income

This month, I received a total of $172.73.  This was a solid month, considering I had never received over $100 in February ever in my dividend investing history.  This goes to show that my 2014 investments are paying off and are bearing their fruit.

Feb Div Inc

Similarly, I have split out between the individual stock amounts and the retirement accounts, as the ” – R” indicates a Roth IRA dividend.  I separate these two, as I like to know what portion of my dividend income is coming from those retirement accounts that I cannot touch until 59.5 (barring any other usage rule I could use).  Here, it shows that I received a total of $41.37 or 24% of my income from retirement accounts and the other 76% was from my individual taxable account portfolio.  To see my portfolio – one can go to our portfolio summary page.


Now, I look back at 2014 February’s total.  The total back then was $11.43.  Earning $172.73 this month equates to an 1400% increase!  Haha okay, enough laughing as there is no way that this growth could ever be come next year, it’s just not real.  However, this again shows that all of the consistent investments made over the last 12 months has shown what can really happen if you do this.  $172.73 is a very solid month for me, in one of these “off” months as I like to call them.  Further, based on my January dividend income of $278 – I am starting to see a great trend in the non-quarter ends showing a great improvement to the dividend income.  Even while I’ve been busy working in public accounting, this just again shows that – saving 60% of your income, using the dividend stock screener and the importance of the dividend growth rate are all playing a major factor here.

Dividend Income Increases

Div increase impact

This month had a few dividend increase announcements.  (1) Lorillard (LO) has increased their dividend 7.3% from $0.615 to $0.66, which increased my dividend projection by $7.87, not exactly as high as expected, but I won’t complain about an over 7% growth rate and this is actually higher than my weighted average growth rate, so I’ll take it.  Further, (2) Pepsi (PEP) increased their dividend $2.62 per year to $2.81 or 7.25% increase, which actually fairs pretty close to Lorillard in the first item highlighted.  This increase added $4.91 to my projected income for the year, not bad.  Also, for (3) BBL – I was able to receive my first solid dividend news announcement since buying them back in November.  The Increase is 6 cents from last year’s $1.18 or 5% and added $3.54 to my projected income.  Last but not least (4) Canadian Imperial (CM) increased their Canadian dividend from $1.03 to $1.06 per quarter.  When translated to US dollars this increased my dividend from $3.24 approximately to $3.40 or 5% as well.  They usually increase their dividend a few times during the year, so I’m happy they already are starting the trend.  This added $8.52 to my proejcted income going forward.  Whoa… okay, enough talking there, to summarize – $24.84 was added to my projected income ALL ON THEIR OWN!  No new capital was required.  Thanks investments – I appreciate the increases.

Conclusion & Summary

Okay, wow, two months down, and two months of busy season down (a repeat line from last month!).  I am sitting a projected Dividend Income (as I’ve received March dividends already that were reinvested) at $5,221.62 going forward, which is an increase of 3.14% from the end of 2014.  This month I took away that dividend increases are powerful and $24 in increases is huge.  Further, my capital I was able to contribute from my own purchase only in the beginning of the month ($547 in IBM, I didn’t post because it was small) + these dividends + my 401k purchases = $1003.07, which is not a bad month of contributions at all.  I know I was itching for a buy, but it didn’t hurt to be patient this month.  I know our watch list is looking enticing and I see a few that are looking favorable on the radar.  I am excited for March, as I am confident I will see a record March and wait for it, wait for it … potentially a record breaking month, period.  LETS GO!   Also – March would mark the end of busy season, let’s get there, NOW!

With that being said – How did your last month finish off?  Satisfied?  Did you hit targets you set for yourself?  Are you ready for those temperatures to pick up (those living in the brutally cold areas)?  As always – thanks for stopping by and I am excited to hear from everyone!


49 thoughts on “Lanny’s February Dividend Income Summary

  1. Congratulations on a strong month, especially in comparison to 2014! Of course those percentages might not be duplicated, but why not push for another year over year increase of $160! While February wasn’t record breaking for me, I was successful in putting nearly $3,800 to work in the markets and continuing to build my portfolio.

    Keep up the good work, and take a few deep breaths, the end is just a few weeks away.

    • W2R,

      Thank you!

      It’s been a quick/long at the same time February with work. I think you’re right, I can probably push over $330 next year this time. I don’t see why I can’t do that.

      WHOA $3.8K?! Amazing and you have me beat by 4x essentially, that’s just awesome!

      Thanks again for the stop by.


    • Lanny how much cash you invest approximately in each stock
      example PEP
      I am a novice.
      cornelius G

  2. Hi Lanny,
    Congrats on a great month – that’s $172 coming right at you to help keep your mind off the cold weather!
    I had to run and check BBL’s increase as I own them too but it looks like the actual increase was August last year? I think they only confirmed the same amount for their next payment in March. I’ll still take it though!

    Hope you have a great March – I’m expecting to see some record-breaking results so get your diplomacy on already!
    Best wishes,

    • DL,

      Thank you, it kept the mind away form it over the last few days for sure.

      Good call and I was actually referring to the March dividend of 2014 vs March of 2015 – thoughts on viewing it that way? That’s typically what we see – the dividend in September is usually the same in march, but obviously higher than the last year March.

      I hope you have a better March than me, I’m feeling pretty good about what March may bring, pumped is an understatement. Cheers to another month in the books!


  3. Lanny,

    Congratulations on the dramatic YOY increase in dividend income. I began my professional career working at D&T (audit) so I can honestly say I feel your pain on the 80 work weeks. Busy season is coming to an end soon and then you can get back to the good life of 45 hour work weeks. Keep up the great work over there with your expanding portfolio. I expect you will be able to find some bargains soon enough as the market can’t go up forever.


    • FD,

      Thank you so much. DT eh? How many years did you go for? I’m finishing busy season # 4 right now… 4 probably to many, right?

      I have a few stocks on my mind with CAT and a few other community banks in the area of CZNC that I purchased a bit ago. Wouldn’t mind a big 5% pull back right? Thanks again FD, excited to talk soon.


  4. Lanny, Awesome month bud! What a great journey Dividend Investing is eh? 🙂 I’m extremely happy for you and appreciative of your monthly report. Keep on hustling my friend and i wish you continued success. I’ll be right beside you on the wonderful journey so keep your head up and we’ll plug away together. Much Love. Tyler.

    • Hustler,

      Much appreciated man! Loving the support. We are all in this road journey together and it’s great keeping everyone on pace and on track for our goals. We are definitely blessed but we are all also very motivated to get there. Lets keep that focus. Thanks again DH, talk soon.


  5. Lanny,
    Great job on 1400% increase, it just shows the fruit of your hard earned labor, 80 hours a week is crazy long, I thought I was crazy on a 70+ hours but you are on a different level my friend. Another impressive is the $24.84 pay increase that you don’t have to do anything but keep invested! Keep rocking!

    • FTFF,

      Don’t give me too much praise! Everyone here has been helpful and supportive of me getting to these goals. 80+ is not a good level to be at, I need to stop. Seriously and I know I’m not happy, officially, with the office politics that I have endures the last 3 months.

      I love the pay increase from the companies that announced, that is part of what this dividend investing journey is about!

      Thank you so much for coming by, means a lot!


  6. Nice job Lanny! Looks like your monthly dividends are growing nicely month after month, year after year! Over $5K in forward dividends is awesome! I’m trailing by roughly $2K, but your progress gives me an incentive to keep trekking along. One stock, one dividend at a time, we shall both reach FI! 🙂

    Hope next month proves to be even better than the last…best wishes and continued success! AFFJ

    • AFFJ,

      $2K isn’t anything – you’ll be closing on me pretty closely soon I’m sure, my investing has been slowing a bit due to my workload with the employer – very tired of running on this hamster wheel, that’s for sure. I guarantee you are crushing your goals over there AFFJ, better than i am that’s for sure.

      You’re darn right – one stock, one dividend, one day – at a time.

      Cheers to crushing March!


  7. My single favorite blog posts to read… the dividend income update. Great income for the month and amazing growth from last year. The seeds of 2014 are definitely sprouting some great dividends in early 2015. Keep up the good work and look forward to your next update.

    • DH,

      Isn’t this time so much fun? I am hoping to find the time when I can catch back up and read everyone’s – it was a struggle finding the time to make the article, that’s for sure!

      We are going to kick butt in 2015 together, that I feel EXTREMELY confident about!

      Thanks again DH, talk soon.


    • MDP,

      Thank you man! Appreciate it – trying to catch up to that monster pipeline of yours. I’ll double it up, no doubt, if not I’d be mad at myself! Trying to stay at it, thanks MDP.


  8. As always, loving to read about growth and increases! Must be great to see hard work from previous year is bringing results so quickly! Good job!

    • DG,

      Always a pleasure having you roll by, seriously, it’s awesome. This is what it is all about, you invest and think, okay, at some point this will show results and then you get a month like this and you can reflect that you saved money to invest into dividend paying companies to hopefully reduce your stress and increase your time doing what you enjoy. That’s the goal, everyday. Thanks DivGuy, much apprecated.


  9. Congrats on having a great month in dividend income. Almost hitting the $200 mark. Keep up the good work. I’ll have to work on tallying my Feb dividend income and write a blog post.

  10. Is that 80+ hours of work in the week?? If so, no wonder you’re killing it. That’s a beastly increase over last year! I love seeing ridiculous percentages like that. Translation: Lanny is making amazing progress! There’s no arguing with the strategy seeing the income poor in like this, excellent month and thanks for sharing!

    • Ryan,

      Yeah – 80+ in one week… I don’t think I want to pull another one of these in a row.

      Your words are appreciated and helping me get through this storm of busy season. I know the increase was huge and I’m going to go on a whim and say I’ll hopefully beast another 100%+ growth this time next year.

      Keeping that confidence high, thanks Ryan, talk soon!


  11. Great job Lanny! Your year over year increase is great, but in this particular post, I really enjoy the additional $24 you will receive from dividend increases. As the years go by and we are old and gray, those increases will keep us from not losing the battle to inflation!

    $24 is also a really powerful sign to how well this dividend growth investing works… No more additional work on your part but your income continues to increase!

    Keep up the great work, don’t burn yourself out too much

    • ADD,

      Thanks for coming by! The growth was great and obviously can’t complain about it. Thinking, this time next year that 24 extra could be 50, etc..

      My income is growing with investing into quality companies – you’ve got that right, they are doing a great job for me and who knows, maybe I have a few more purchases up my sleeve.

      You’re right though, I need to slow my hours down and watch the burnout factor, definitely am very, very tired. Thanks again ADD, i need to set my time aside to read yours and everyone’s posts!


  12. Lanny,

    You worked two full-time weeks in one week. Hope you have time to take a breather every now and again. That’s an insane schedule.

    Great job on the dividend income. The YOY increase is awesome. Those will slow down as the absolute numbers grow, but it’s the latter we’re really after. You’re set up for a great run this year. Looking forward to seeing how it shakes out for you!

    Best regards.

    • Mantra,

      You always find a way to help me rear it back a bit. You’re right, I haven’t had time to do much lately. I am changing things once I finish my “duties” this busy season and talks will be had.

      Thank you for the compliments DM — saw that you crossed $190K this month, a big 10K increase from last month aka we are eager for your dividend article!

      I’m all about getting to the goal of having income to cover the majority of my expenses, and this month was a great step as I can see what all of that investing has been able to do for me/the portfolio. Thanks again DM, talk soon!


  13. Nice income! I love when dividends are rolling into my account and you can take them and reinvest so next time you get more in dividends and then an increase comes and you get even more. What a great game to watch. I only do not like that I have to wait a whole month to get my dividends. I would like to get them every day.
    But if we get enough money we can slowly build a portfolio of stocks which can get us close to daily dividend, or not?

    Good job on your monthly passive income. I like your stocks.

    • Martin,

      Thank you very much. It’s funny how so much of it is clock work. Own a stock. Pays dividends. Reinvest Dividends. Buys more stock. Stock increases Dividend. Then pays dividends. Repeat. How funny is that?

      Everyday dividends would be hilarious — if I can have a steady stream of $700-800/month, I’d be VERY ecstatic.

      Lets keep at it Martin, March is going to be big.


  14. Wow, 1400% YOY increase! This is really impressive! And it is a super encouraging to me since I just started my Dividend Investment journey.

    • MU,

      You can do it! Your journey will breeze through to your goals – just need to be true to yourself with “why” you are doing this and create that plan. The increase I had won’t be sustained, but a the dollar amount increase I am hopeful will. Let’s keep it up!


  15. Lanny,
    Excellent month. Breaking the 3-figure mark in February is a great indicator any day. I am excited for the time when I approach that. I am long KMI, O, and T as well – all of which are doing nicely with their bumps. I expect this to be a great year for DGIers.
    Keep it up,
    Dividend Gremlin

    • DG,

      Thanks for coming by! You’ll get there no doubt, especially being long on those 3 high yielders (as all are over the 4/4.5% mark). O & KMI will have strong dividend growth going forward, AT&T, hopefully, shocks us with a more than 2% growth.

      Good luck and stay consistent with your investing!


  16. What A great job there, Breaking the 3-figure mark in February it’s HUGE. I also had a good February due to COST special dividend, if not them I would have less then january dividend.

    • Divorcedff,

      NICE! Glad you had invested into Cosco then and received that special dividend – that’s what good companies do, right?

      THank you very much for the compliments and stopping by, much appreciated!


  17. Yowza, an 80 hour workweek?! Hope you can get a bit of a break soon.

    I love reading these kinds of posts. Always good to see the YOY increase (yours was INCREDIBLE, by the way!) and seeing the dividends snowball. Congrats on a great month!

  18. Lanny,

    Congrats to you too for the solid performance! Pretty incredible that your income grew by $24 without adding any fresh capital to the pile. That just goes to show how robust the DGI strategy actually is.

    Keep it up,

    • NMW,

      Thank you very much — loving the impact that dividend increases has on your portfolio. I appreciate your kind words. Halfway through March and a few big rocks still yet to come in. PUMPED!


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