Crushing $7,000 in Projected Dividend Income

Here we are.  June of 2016.  It has been a very big year thus far and I have climbed another rung of the illustrious ladder that we are all holding.  The steepness to the ladder and the climb up is definitely hard mind, body and soul – but this was never supposed to be easy, and what is the point of going for something if it isn’t a hard road?  This has definitely been worth it and I have learned a vast amount of information and simpler techniques on the way…   Yes… you read the title correctly, this month events and activities have allowed me to Crush through $7,000 in projected dividend income!

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Lanny’s March Dividend Income Summary

Quarter 1 of 2016 is officially in the books, which means a quarter end month of dividend income has occurred!  The reason why I specifically mention the quarter-end, as this is typically a larger than normal month for dividend income, as there are substantially more payers in the U.S. that pay on those specific months as opposed to others.  This also marks my fifth busy season as an auditor being completed and I can wake up on Saturday not feeling like I need to be working for the firm, feels nice.  This is also one of the exciting time periods where we will read on individuals breaking their record for dividend income for the month!  All great news here.  Without any more introduction, let’s take a look at what Dividend Income was received for March 2016!

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Lanny’s March Stock Watch List

Well, the market hasn’t laid on too many opportunities for us, but we still have stocks on our watch list.  Nothing too crazy has happened, so this was very tough and easy at the same.  Slow and study or keep it simple stupid or uhm… you get the drill.  This isn’t anything wild but here is the March of 2016 stock watch list!

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Why I Haven’t Purchased a Stock in 30 Days

30 days everyone.  It has been a long 30 days since I have purchased a stock.  An investment.  A bridge stone to financial freedom and it feels… well, there really isn’t one word for it.  It is weird, fast and unusual, to say the least.  As I sit and see the calendar continue to gain momentum towards, now, the end of March, I sit back and think, whoa, it’s been over 4 weeks since an investment move has been made.  Why?  Here is what I was able to come up with.


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Lanny’s February Dividend Income Summary

Another month down and 1/6th of the way there for the full year.  It was 64 degrees in Cleveland during the final days of February and I cannot believe the weather is acting the same as the market – just never know what you’ll get!  February was a very rollercoaster month, first with the news from BBL’s dividend cut that definitely left me feeling some pain, but also new inspiration to get back on the horse and trudge forward, because that’s all we can do!  Without further-a-do, let’s see how February played out for me!

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First KMI… now BBL… The Pain

Here I am again… hurting, almost feels like the knife that went in the first time was starting to come out, only to be pushed, but this time twisted.  Another dividend cut, the 2nd one in three little months.  Another commodity dependent business – BHP Billiton (BBL) cut their dividend, by an almost “coincidentally” 74% – the approximate figure that KMI also cut theirs by.  This didn’t just sting, this burns, but it is a very & true learning experience for me.  Read on… Continue reading

Lanny’s January Dividend Income

YES!  January of 2016 is already in the books.  Can you believe it?  Already one month down and here we are, getting started with the first monthly dividend income post for the new year.  I am pumped.  Why?  Because this is the first month to see what rewards were benefited from the 2015 work, and is also the first month to start tracking the yearly progress.  January was a crazy month in the stock market, but we like crazy, right?  You betcha.  Without further a-do, let’s check out the January Dividend Income Total!

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