Expected Dividend Increases in April 2017

It has been a long, long time since we have published one of these articles on our website.   For those of you who are not familiar, for the first year and a half of our website, every month we published a listing of Dividend Aristocrats that we are expecting to announce a dividend increase in the coming month.   Why did we bring back the article this month?  Well, because there are some epic names (both Aristocrats and non-Aristocrats) on April’s listing.  Let’s dive in!

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Recent Buy – T.Rowe Price Group (TROW)

This month, I was back at it again and had some extra capital to deploy with a free trade credit staring my account in the face.  So of course I was going to use this as an opportunity to continue building my position in T.Rowe Price Group (TROW) that I started in 2016.    What’s funny is I wrote my last T.Rowe Price purchase article on 2/28/16, so almost a year ago exactly!   One year later, I was faced with similar facts and made a similar decision.   Time to see why I added to my stake!

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January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

It is that time of the month everyone!  For the last few weeks, everyone in the dividend community has taken the time to post their stories and discuss their progress towards financial freedom.  If you have followed our blog, you would know that we do our best to compile, share, and discuss as many of those stories and dividend income summaries as possible.  While we wish we could include everyone, unfortunately, because of time (especially during our busy season) we cannot include the dividend income summaries for every single blogger out there.   There just isn’t enough time.  This month, we were able to compile 25 dividend income summaries!  So everyone, check it out.  Here is our January Dividend Income Summary from YOU in the blogging community.  ENJOY! Continue reading

December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Here it is…..the moment we have all been waiting for….time to review the dividend income summaries from all of YOU in the community.  But this isn’t just an ordinary dividend review.  No, it is a review of THE BEST DIVIDEND MONTH OF THE YEAR.  We’re expecting insane growth rates, records to be set, as the fruits of all of our labor and the benefit of crazy mutual fund payouts.  We wish we could include everyone in the community in the article, trust us.  But unfortunately, time does not allow us to include every summary that we have read of commented on over the last few months (especially as two CPAs in the heart of our busy season).  So please don’t take it personally!  Without further ado, time to dive in an check our our December Dividend Income Summary from YOU the bloggers!

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Portfolio Update – Introducing Our Family Portfolio

For the last few years, I have reported religiously the happenings of my portfolio and every cent in dividend income I have received.  Looking back, it is insane to see how fast my portfolio has grown in such a short period time and I love seeing similar growth rates in so many other people in the dividend investing community.  Man is it a lot of fun!  But there has been one key piece of the equation I have kept under wraps from all of you…the happening of my wife’s portfolio and the impact it is having on our “Family Dividend Income” and not just mine.  So for the first time on this blog, I would like to discuss my wife’s investment portfolio and briefly discuss how I will begin reporting things differently here on our blog!

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Bert’s 3rd Quarter Goals Review

We are rounding third and heading home here.  Considering the Cleveland Indians clinched the AL Central Division title this week, I figured a baseball reference to start the article off was pretty appropriate.  Let’s see if they can capture some of the same postseason magic the Cavs had during their run in May/June.   At the end of each quarter, Lanny and I review our annual goals to monitor our progress towards hitting these marks.  If we are on pace…great.  If we are off track, well there is still time to make some adjustments despite the fact there are only three months remaining.  Time to dig and perform my third quarter goals review.


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Recent Buy – Cardinal Health, Inc. (CAH)

This week, I officially jumped back into the marketplace.  It feels like it has been a while and finding great stocks at a value has been difficult (which is part of the reason why Lanny’s portfolio has sky-rocketed over the last few months).   If you have been following the blog over the last few weeks or if you read the title to the article before clicking, the stock I purchased this week shouldn’t be a surprise.   Time to see where I allocated my capital this week.

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