December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Here it is…..the moment we have all been waiting for….time to review the dividend income summaries from all of YOU in the community.  But this isn’t just an ordinary dividend review.  No, it is a review of THE BEST DIVIDEND MONTH OF THE YEAR.  We’re expecting insane growth rates, records to be set, as the fruits of all of our labor and the benefit of crazy mutual fund payouts.  We wish we could include everyone in the community in the article, trust us.  But unfortunately, time does not allow us to include every summary that we have read of commented on over the last few months (especially as two CPAs in the heart of our busy season).  So please don’t take it personally!  Without further ado, time to dive in an check our our December Dividend Income Summary from YOU the bloggers!

Passive Income Mavericks – $843.71 – Making moves.  Funny that you brought up BHP Billiton (BBL), the name that haunts 2016!  Great growth and congrats, keep it up, you’ll cross the 4 digit mark soon enough.

Race 2 Retirement – $1,774.04 – Uhm.. the fact that I had to scroll down quite a bit just to read all of the dividend payers speaks for itself.  Just phenomenal.  WOW.  Congratulations, almost at the $2k for the month!  Cannot wait to see how far you leap over $20K in dividends next year.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Time in the Market – $2,863.74 – TITM….are you kidding??  Looks like the mutual fund/ETFs came through in a massive way for you as you amassed nearly $7,000 in dividends in 2016.  A very interesting take in your article as well about the dynamics of your portfolio!

Passive Income Dude – $2,385 – Talk about setting a new personal record, congrats on the awesome freaking month!  You said in your article that you hope this serves as motivation/inspiration for your readers, and all we have to say here is YOU BET IT DOES!!

Dividends Are Coming – 121.48 Euros –  DAC, nice month and end to the year!  Love the fact that you are receiving dividends from some strong dividend staples.  You’ll have to let us know how Shoe Dog is via book review or messages, we are always looking for good books to read!

A Frugal Family Journey – $225.16 – AFFJ, congrats, 22 companies sending checks your way is awesome!  Keep it up and you’re on your way to bigger and better dividend checks.

My Dividend Pipeline – $757.09 – Did we read that right? No not the dividend income figure for the month (which is amazing) but the fact that MDP CRUSH IT and added $25,700 to his portfolio in December?  ARE YOU KIDDING?  Talk about heading into 2017 with a full head of steam.

Investment Hunting – $796.87 (Dividends only here!!) – Great job this month IH, as ~15% growth rate is phenomenal; you are closer and closer to hitting $1K in divvys for a month!  Congrats, also, on the option premiums.  Good luck into 2017!

Dividend Life – $1,838 –  Dividend Life entered the month needing only $1,008 to surpass the 2016 target.  Then……DL CRUSHES IS!  Oh yeah, and DL posted a 58% increase in income compared to the same month in 2015.  We’ve got two words to say about that…..HECK YEAH!

DivHut -$687.19 – A strong month for DH, posting a 35% increase compared to last year.  Best part is that Keith’s month pushing him over the $6,000 in actual dividends received during the year!  It was a close call, so congrats on the big accomplishment Keith!

Adam @ I Want To Retire Soon – $197.19 –  The dividend snowball keeps on rolling for Adam.  Before you know it, your forward dividend income is going to blow past the $2,000 in projected dividend income mark.  Keep up the great work!

Divnomics – 136.90 Euro –  Oh man, only a 73% increase compared to last year??  Congrats on the nice month and that is how you finish the year out strong!  Can’t wait to see what will happen to your dividend income once you finally sell your car!

Dividend Lord – $195.48 –  We agree, great progress!  a 24.2%  YOY increase in December and  9.5% increase in YTD dividends in 2016 compared to 2015.  Get ready to see some amazing growth in 2017 and see yourself setting some more records!

No More Waffles – $253.41 – The old post my dividend income summary then discuss my 2017 goals in the same article trick! Kidding, kidding.  2016 was an awesome year for NMW, seeing passive income totals increase 50% compared to the same time last year.  Congrats on the progress and hopefully you can keep that up in 2017!!

Dividend Pig – $464.13 – You weren’t kidding ,Santa pig definitely brought some bacon for the holiday season (Couldn’t resist the cheesy pig puns).  While you didn’t hit your goal this year, which is always tough, you learned a very valuable investing lesson about timing the market that every single investor that will read this article has experienced at some point in their investing career.  Keep your head up and CRUSH it in 2017!!

Our Dime Our Time – $125.96 –  Posting a strong finish to the year!  On the doorstep of $1,000 and will definitely crush that mark by this point next year.

Dividend Income Builder – $82.26 – This is DIB’s second ever monthly dividend update!  DIB received dividends from five separate ETFs this December, and while some of the ETFs reduced their dividend, DIB is still building a solid foundation for future years!

Tawcan – $1,185.90 – WOAH!  We love the chart in the middle showing your monthly dividend income totals for the last six years.  It really shows your progress and the power of dividend reinvesting.  Congrats on finishing off 2016 strong Tawcan!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $8,288.35 –  You described your dividend income as substantial in December, and we would like to think that is quite the understatement!   Gotta respect how you explicitly state here in your article that you don’t chase yield to achieve this amount.  A very important lesson for all dividend investors out there!

Two Investing – $785.70 –  A 62% year over year increase is one heck of a way to finish the year strong.  Congrats on crushing it!  It is always nice to see so many common names on a dividend stock listing.

Dividend Niche – $19.34 – A 53% increase and a new dividend record.  That is how you end the year Niche!  Keep up the great work and that percentage increase will be even greater by December 2017!

Dividend Hawk – $766.10 – That is a lot of money to receive from some amazing dividend growth stocks/Dividend Aristocrats!  Oh yeah, it is “just” a 47% increase from last year.  Great work Hawk!

We end this article by saying the same thing every month, and that is because you all continue to amaze us.  Look at the dollar amounts that were discussed in this article??  No wonder every dividend investor cannot wait until December!   The people in this wonderful community are accomplishing some amazing things here.   We leave this post inspired by all of the progress and motivated as heck to continue pushing our way towards financial freedom.   Now, it is time to conclude with our four favorite words here, and let’s put them into action in 2017….EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR COUNTS!

Thank you all for an amazing year.  Cannot wait to see what all of us are going to accomplish in 2017!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

47 thoughts on “December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Hi Lanny and Bert,

    Thanks for including my results!

    I finished Shoe Dog earlier this month, very enjoyable book about Phil Knight’s early adventures in the shoe market, it basically covers the period from just before he founded Nike until the company’s IPO. One thing that surprised me is how many financial and legal issues they faced, despite rapid growth and demand for their products they continuously suffered from issues with banks and kept pushing their debt level to the max to grow as fast as possible.

    • DaC –

      You know what, you may be the 2nd or 3rd person to let me know to read that. I have to read it now, especially because I love sports. Sounds very appealing. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!!


    • Cake –

      Are you enjoying eating the dessert and having the dividend cake too?! I sure as hell like it haha. Kidding, but of course, welcome to the community and will definitely check it out. Pumped for your year and excited to see what you do! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Everytime I read this list is just keeps getting longer and longer with great blogs and very diversified portfolios! Congrats all! Once I get internet next week, I hope (been a month and a half), I will update my portfolio and strategy!

    • Stefan –

      Too funny, and we definitely do our best when building it out, wish we could capture them all – sometimes articles go unnoticed or time runs out; we actually even held out a few days longer on this one. You better get back to it, we’ve definitely missed you on the blog-o-sphere and this community! Hope the journey has been well Stefan – finished school/finishing school up? Talk soon.


  3. What a great month for dividends! December really brings out the gifts for everyone. Great month for everyone out there – it’s awesome to see the big numbers from everyone involved.

    I actually hit 2940.09 in December as I missed a dividend from my HSA and had to recently go back and update my figures.

    Seeing numbers like Mr. Tako’s really motivates me and I know all of us can get there someday soon. Keep it growing fellas and ladies!

    • Time –

      We should have summed it all up! Dangit haha. But yes – December is fun for the U.S. investors (which is us) and it’s pretty exciting seeing the record highs.

      Haha, Damn. Also – don’t you love that surprise from the HSA? I’ve captured two so far from September & December and am fairly excited for March’s this year, as it continues to expand at a rapid pace (just received a $500 kick in from my employer that almost picked up 10 shares).

      I couldn’t agree more. Let’s stay on our path and aggressive on the pursuit of amazing companies.


  4. Wow, what an awesome list of rockstars that have very bright futures. You guys are motivating as hell for us and we don’t even know you. Thank you all for sharing your stories!

    Thank you for including us on this roundup…2016 was the year we tackled all of our debt, we have 1 other project we are currently working on and then it should be game on for building this portfolio.

    Have a kick ass 2017 everyone!!


    • Chad –

      Seriously, these comments are what it’s all about – the motivation and seeing the results from the work that you put in. That’s why we love sharing it – sometimes it’s to show you/ourselves/this or that person that the proof is in the pudding and this works!! And guess what – we can and will do better, we have to!

      Of course, 2016 sounded like an awesome year for you and 2017 is ready to be tackled by your family as well, guess what – we are pumped as ever to read about it. Keep it up and don’t ever let up Chad!


  5. Hi Lanny & Bert,
    Thank you for including my results – I’m honored to be in such great company! The FIRE community is awesome: both friendly and supportive. It’s great seeing everyone’s progress in one place. Although we’re all at different stages in our journey, the most important thing is that we’re all making continued progress and taking ever-larger steps towards financial independence.
    Best wishes,

    • DLife –

      Of course anytime. The community is real and thriving, that’s for damn sure – the list isn’t growing for “0” reasons, right?

      Different stages, similar paths and we are motivating each other, no doubt. Loving it and let’s all keep it up.


    • Niche –

      Very impressive… have a few more ideas for this article, we’ll see if Bert & I can get them implemented, but should be fun and interesting. Thanks again for the comment DN – talk soon and best of luck as well!


  6. If these real results don’t get newbie investors excited about the potential of earning a growing passive income stream then nothing will. Amazing results and growth from all the players listed above. Congrats to everyone above. As always, thanks for including DH in your round up. These reports keep the fire lit and get me excited to keep on track!

    • Hut –

      Exactly – this should get everyone pumped up! This is REAL income we are talking here!!! It’s awesome and this article provides so much joy/passion/fun putting together. Of course – we may need to get a few of your portfolios up, we shouldn’t leave baby DH out of it!!


  7. You guys should do an automated system where DGI bloggers can enter their data, and make a list like the net worth tracker by J$. That would be very cool. But as you noted, this would not be an January thing……have not seen Mrs CF this month either. Though month for accounting and similar finance professionals.

    • CF –

      Thank you for the recommendation! Bert & I are also working on a few other ideas as it relates to this monthly article – very excited about it as well and definitely will talk more about your add : )

      Yah.. this damn busy season has been brutal. I’m aiming for 3/20; so less than 60 days – looking forward to fresh air that is for sure!


  8. I’m a investor from Spain. “Europe”. I’d like to invest in USA but I’m need a big correction. Then I’me invest my money in Spain waiting that happen. In Spain we have a big company. Inditex. But it’s always expensive. I think the best is always expensive.
    You have a Great blog.

    • Jorge –

      Thanks for the comment – always like seeing a correct; we had a few stocks correct – Target, VFC, PG; and PG has bounced back around $3-4 per share already. Love when they go on discounts. Appreciate your post and hope to hear from you again soon.


  9. This post is always inspiring, Lanny and Bert. It shows the real progress that all of us are making and putting actual money on the line. Results are there for all to see. Looks like Dec was a blowout quarter. Keep up the good work.

    • Race2R –

      Appreciate the stop by! Blowout month no doubt, “its the most wonderful time… of the year!!” Literally, the best dividend month you can ask for. Hope the first 22 days of the new year have treated you well!


    • IH –

      Of course, 2017 has been a loud year so far – I am sure you can agree. A lot of movement, a lot of transactions and – to sound cliche – a lot of forward looking dividends. Thanks again IH and talk soon.


  10. Another great year for the community! I look forward to this post every month, especially the December addition. Hopefully, one day I’ll make it on this list as well haha. Seems like everyone has been crushing their goals. That’s what we like to see. Keep up the great work!

  11. Those are some amazing numbers! Always great to see all the combined dividend incomes from around the web. We now know were we have to work towards 😉

    This year will definitely boost our portfolio once we sold the car. We have a potential buyer already, so hopefully the deal will be closed soon!

  12. So many new site I’ve not heard of before. That’s great! This community is fantastic – extremely welcoming and open. We are all very fortunate to be apart of it.

    As always, thank you for including me in the list.

    And oh, the puns are awesome!

  13. Good stuff! I enjoy seeing fellow bloggers progress. December is always the best month for me as well. Great way to end the year ! Thanks for sharing.


  14. Hello guys

    Usually I’m just lurking and reading/enjoying your posts. I felt like sharing my experience because you guys played a Big role in it.

    In January 2016, I finally decided to start investing in dividend growth stocks. It meant selling individual stocks, winners and losers (that was an emotional process btw) and move a lot of money around. By the end of the month I had sold over 100k$ worth of stocks and reinvested it. So for my First month, January, I only received 38$ in dividends. Move forward to December 2016, where the portfolio is Fully working for me, I can post here a Nice 778$ In income. I just finished calculating my January 2017 for my First Ever YoY comparison, to find out with amazement that I received 540.02$! Talk about some YoY increase !

    Not only am I less nervous about individual stock variations, I am also incredibly motivated to Keep track of my Journey using graphs similar as yours! And THAT is a major accomplishment give how neglectful I usually am. So thanks a million for the inspiration and hopefully 2017 Will See my First 1000$ Monthly income.

    Oh! One Last thing, my wife finally embarked on the early retirement train with me, which means the FIRE moment is likely to happen In 7-8 years, instead of 10-11. What a great momentum!

    All the best!
    Sébastien, From Quebec, Canada

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