January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

It is that time of the month everyone!  For the last few weeks, everyone in the dividend community has taken the time to post their stories and discuss their progress towards financial freedom.  If you have followed our blog, you would know that we do our best to compile, share, and discuss as many of those stories and dividend income summaries as possible.  While we wish we could include everyone, unfortunately, because of time (especially during our busy season) we cannot include the dividend income summaries for every single blogger out there.   There just isn’t enough time.  This month, we were able to compile 25 dividend income summaries!  So everyone, check it out.  Here is our January Dividend Income Summary from YOU in the blogging community.  ENJOY!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $369.06 – Killing it January, wow!  That CIG investment is really paying.  That type of income in January will surely get the year started off right and get you moving forward!  Keep it up.

My Dividend Pipeline – $249.57 – Great month to start the year off MDP.  You’re really trying to make a push to change the “D” to a “V” aren’t you?  Lot of tobacco dividend payments, which I can relate to with Philip Morris (PM), this month.  Keep it up, you’re blazing trails.

Young Dividend – $809.76 – With that kind of damage this early on in the year, there is n o telling what peak you’ll be climbing to by year’s end.  Your monthly income from Realty Income (O) is staggering.  Nice job!

Our Dime Our Time – $72.34 – Nice job and congratulations on the 16% increase year over year!  You definitely are heading in the right direction, stay persistent and consistent!

Dividend Stacker – $188.23 – You have quite a few accounts paying you dividends, so nice job.  8.75% increase is awesome, especially because quite a bit of it was from dividend increases.  Keep it up.

Captain Dividend – $336.41 – WHOA now.  Nice work Cap’n!  I hear you on the Kraft (KHC) move, but it’s all good, it comes at some point, haha and that’s what matters.  Sounds like you’re having a great year in 2017; and a great one to keep looking forward to.

Dividend Income Builder – $36.74 – Starting off the year with a pretty solid amount of income for a portfolio consisting of predominately ETFs versus individual stocks.  We can’t wait to see how the third month of the quarter plays out after a strong January!

Dividends and Hobbies – $188.41 – There we go Dividensd and Hobbies!  A nice increase from January 2016.  Love the fact that you received increases from three companies in your portfolio this month too.  We were definitely excited about Realty Income’s dividend increase!

5-0 Finance – $15.34 –  Despite the fact that your income total only covered 1% of your monthly expenses, you CRUSHED it with a 48% savings rate.  That’s how you fuel your dividend portfolio and start seeing your dividend income cover a larger percentage of your expenses!

Passive Income Dude – $136.17 –  Three payments accounting for PID’s total, two stocks and one dividend from USAA.  What excites us the most is that you were able to add another $1,000 to your portfolio during the month to keep pushing your income forward!

Earn Money In Pajamas – $11.63 – How does a 162% year over year dividend increase sound….amazing!  Coming off a record December, EMIP continues to post impressive dividend increases and is pushing hard towards financial freedom!

DivHut – $340.46 – Nice work and a great January.  You also have a nice dividend started with your traditional IRA account.  Making moves and staying consistent, always.  Congrats DH!

Dividend Miracle – $152.55 – I see you have PM and O – we share the same, always like seeing a number of us owning those!  The Miracle of “Skyy” has been very nice!  Keep it up.

Dividend Pursuit – $53.58 – You had a solid month, but what was more impressive was the # of companies paying you – Did I count 20?!  Sick.. hope that the snowball continues to grow!

Race 2 Retirement – $1,992.16 – Woah Woah Woah.   Congrats on the amazing month R2R!  The impressive thing is that you are only 630 days into your 3,000 day challenge to start earning $3,000 dividend income per month.   That’s how you get the dividend snowball rolling and working for you!

Cheesy FInance – 544 Euros – When Team CF isn’t busy sharing delicious food pictures on Twitter, they are busy CRUSHING IT in the dividend income arena.  Team CF showed a 61% increase compared to last year…amazing stuff!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $4,048.16 – That’s how you start off 2017 strong right there!  While Mr. Tako sat on the sidelines in January, we are looking forward to seeing how the “New Capital” is invested and what strides are taken to crush the insane $53,000 in dividend income goal!

Divnomics – 21.81 Euros –  A new year, a new brokerage account from a new company, but another month of producing great results.  Divnomics posted a 125% increase compared to January 2016.  That’s what we are talking about!

Dividend Monkey – $65.14 –  We think the title of your article sums it up pretty darn well…you definitely achieved some amazing dividend growth in January.  Just a small increase from your January 2016 total of $.76.   Amazing progress!

Dividend Daze – $40.85 –  350% growth rate compared to last year. No big deal Dividend Daze!  While your April results will decrease because of your recent sell, we are digging your investment in KO!  Just wait till you receive your first payment in March.

Scott @ Two Investing – $156.89 – A solid list of dividend paying companies produced an 8% dividend growth rate compared to the same month in January 2016.  Nice job Scott!  We are digging the new banner on your website as well.

Dividends Down Under – $10.24 – Currently DDU is averaging $36/month in dividend income and aiming to reach $50/month by June.  Exciting things are happening for DDU and we cannot wait to read about the impact your three mystery purchases will have on your dividend income!

Tawcan – $1,112.37 – The journey is bitter sweet, right?  MASSIVE GAINS!  Keep it up, that growth makes us envious!

DiviCents – $639.12 – We-re glad Divicents decided to DRIP his dividends versus purchasing that amazing looking TV haha  Re-investing will help fuel that insane dividend growth rate and help you keep setting new records for years to come!

Dilligent Dividend – $38.30 – DD ended the month on the doorstep of a milestone and judging by an article published a few days later, we can assume that a HUGE dividend investing milestone was surpassed.  We don’t want to spoil it for you though, let Dilligent tell you the amazing news!

JC @ Passive Income Pursuit– $300.70 – A great month JC.  JC was bit by the timing bug as well; however, when the adjustments were made, a very solid dividend increase was realized and the dividend snowball keeps on getting larger and larger!

25 bloggers, 25 stories, and 25 amazing examples of progress and growth that serve as inspiration for the two of us and so many others in our community.  We said it earlier, this is just the tip of the iceburg.  There are so many other bloggers out there that have similar stories that we wish we could include this summary out there.  So please, if you were not included, please share our income figures for the month and a description of your progress.  Now, it is time for our rallying call.  Every…Single…Dollar…Counts in this wonderful, challenging, and hard fought battle towards financial freedom.  Let’s go everyone!!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

43 thoughts on “January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Well done everyone, you are all killing it! Keep buying and keep that snowball growing.
    Best of luck to all.
    P.s. no major cooking this weekend, maybe more food pics the weekend after 😉

  2. Great job everybody. Some people are really starting to see the effects of compounding as I have been following these updates for over a year. Keep putting the money in and FIRE will be achieved!

  3. Another great month for the community! Thanks for compiling the list and including me in it as well. Much appreciated. Growth all around, even on a slow month. It will be exciting to see the numbers once the year starts picking up around March.

    • Daze –

      It was a great month. 31 days and we are 17 days through February. It’s so weird with time. It never comes back you know? March will be great, I couldn’t agree more. Cannot wait for that. Let’s make this time count.


  4. Thanks for putting this together! I always vaguely feel like I should start a blog, but am overwhelmed by the work involved. But, it’s a lot of fun to follow along with everyone else! Maybe I’ll get mine up there someday so I can compete in the derby 🙂

    • Tad –

      Of course, and you should try to find an hour or so on a weekend to get it started if you’re passionate about it. It truly doesn’t take long. we could always help if need be. And hey – you’re in the derby already, don’t ya worry about entering : )


  5. Well done everyone! Even those 2 digit dividends will get 3 and 4 digit ones over time. This is what it’s about.
    From my side I track my dividend income on a quarterly basis and already see a big progress vs the previous year, even though it’s only mid February!

  6. As always, one of my favorite posts to read and see how our collective community has done. I have to say, it’s been a pretty strong January for many considering it’s not a traditionally high yielding month. Thank you for including DivHut!

    • DH –

      A month wouldn’t be at the same without including one of the top guns out there! Especially Baby Hut’s portfolio, package deal. The Unilever and Kraft news rattled the markets today, pretty damn wild. I am sure all of the UL holders have been extremely pleased : )


    • IH –

      Similar to what has been said to me – an increase is an increase, nonetheless. It’s the right direction, so that’s always a plus. I had a minimal increase this year, but am looking forward to hopefully smoking the other months out of the water. Keep hunting over there.


    • Race –

      It’s one month in and I can already see the excitement for the year of 2017. I will have to say this – the dividend increases I’ve been seeing as of late are a HELL OF A LOT BETTER than last year, already. Very exciting times!


    • Doug –

      I’ve said it a few times, but – should we all just pool our funds, buy an island be done?? haha. Yes, a great, great, great amount of money to produce this MUCH cash flow! It’s awesome, love it.


    • DD –

      Thanks for the comment and of course! We truly appreciate the love from you and others. We seriously are all about this and are all about this community. If it wasn’t for you and everyone, this wouldn’t be even close to as much fun as it is. Keep it up DD!!!


    • Monkey,

      Of course, don’t sweat it. Hopefully this list helps you to see how many of us are out there! Passionate, dividend investing crazies haha, but we are normal, right? Kidding, this is an awesome community, and glad you are enjoying it!!


    • DDU –

      Too funny, hell at this point with busy season, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another site on here with 2-3 links, with the blurriness in the eyes haha. Appreciate the stop by Tristan, hope everything’s going well.


    • Dan –

      Thanks – great community, fortunate to be a part of it, no doubt. Wish I was picking up more strong entities, the damn market doesn’t want to cool down! Appreciate the comment, talk soon!


    • DivJ –

      Yep… looks like Kraft is going to the strong quarter ends here, instead of being on the “off” month schedule. It’s okay, but definitely throws the comparison a curveball. If Kraft/Unilever ever was accepted – that would be an enormous deal.. so wild.


  7. Hi Guys,

    I’m yearly dividend income just passed $16,000. My original goal had been $12,000 so every thousand beyond the original 12 is a milestone. I’m taking it all in cash and using the money to purchase additional shares in my smaller positions. These are the stocks I currently own.


    Abbv 11
    Abt 50
    Adm 50
    Adp 5
    Afl 18
    Ba 5
    Bk 115
    Cah 11
    Cinf 12
    Cl 37
    Clx 105
    Cmi 60
    Cop 50
    Cvx 315
    Dis 105
    Duk 110
    Ed 110
    Emr 110
    Es 525
    Fnlc 115
    Ge 300
    Gis 105
    Gpc 17
    Hd 110
    Indb 265
    Itw 10
    Jnj 135
    K 17
    Khc 110
    Kmb 110
    Ko 110
    Leg 10
    Lmt 15
    Mcd 10
    Mdlz 150
    Mo 315
    Msft 215
    Nue 10
    Pbct 500
    Pep 145
    Pfe 160
    Pg 150
    Pm 585
    Psx 140
    Rai 110
    Rtn 82
    Se 165
    So 160
    Syy 50
    T 225
    Td 50.4
    Tgt 50
    Trow 40
    Twx 35
    Ups 25
    Utx 10
    Vfc 35
    Vz 160
    Wmt 135
    Xom 215

  8. Hey Guys!

    Sincerely appreciate you all including me on this monthly update. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is one of my favorite monthly posts to read. It succinctly provides a great source of motivation for everyone involved and beyond!

    Now in other news, think we can continue this market rally through the rest of the year and just all retire in December?

    • Stacker –

      Of course and anytime – it’s a great way to keep tabs with action events that other bloggers are doing. And a market rally – haha, too funny, I swear, I want it to calm down so that I can buy something!! Kidding – I’ll take any positive news, but some more dividends would be appreciated!!!


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