Am I too Overweight in Mutual Funds?

As investors, one of our favorite words is diversification.   We are taught to diversify our portfolios to avoid exposure to any one particular investment or sector of the market and achieve balance.  One of the easiest ways to achieve diversification is through purchasing mutual funds, which I did at the beginning of my investing career.  However, now that I have grown as an investor and now own 30 individual stocks, I wanted to take a look back at my current mutual funds to determine if too much of my portfolio is allocated to these diversified holdings.  It is time to take a look at the five mutual funds I hold and determine if ACTION needs to be taken.

mutual funds

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Notable Dividend Increases during November

It has been some wild ride this month – no doubt.  Companies have begun/continued to release their ever so exciting dividend increases and I’m here smiling to receive them, that’s for sure.  Some have increased them at a not so high level, some right on where you’d expect and others have had surprisingly nice dividend increases.  I’m sadly going to be very conceited and focus on the dividend stocks in my portfolio that have made announcements mid-way through November.  I primarily will be focused on the companies, years they have increased, the impact to the portfolio and essentially, bringing it all together to show why we are dividend investors.  Okay, enough of this Italian typing away, let’s get to the article. 

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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – HCP

November is underway folks!  The market has had a blood bath out there and it was time for me to re-up in a position that I already had a stake in.  Let’s just say – it was about time to pump my retirement accounts back up, since I haven’t contributed to that bad boy in months.  Let’s see what purchase transaction I had!
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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – KMI

Back at it again!  Finally, after I just stated I haven’t made a purchase in weeks and nothing looked appetizing, I made a purchase on October 22nd – when the market was…. ALL GREEN almost.  Well, in every green day there has to be one stock that looks undervalued.  I ended up buying a stock I already own after another dividend increase.  Let’s see who I purchased. Continue reading

Lanny’s October Watch List

It’s been a while since I’ve come out with a post.  Just for the readers – I’m a public accounting firm in a top 10 firm that audits SEC registrants and the last week I’ve been in the middle of our own regulators inspection process on the audit work that we perform – therefore, my days have been approximately 12-15 hours long, depending on the day, been a whirlwind, but thank God for Bert, the other Diplomat for continuing to write away.  Thank you Bert.  I’ll also do a spin off with him and write about my October Watch List.  Let’s see what stocks are high on my list and which one’s I would actually consider to invest into.  “There’s only one October!”

Watch List

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Lanny’s September Income & Expense Summary

September is officially in the books after a quick review of the income & expense breakdown for the month.  It was another fun overall month, busy with work, travel, clients and other activities.  I wonder if I still am achieving the 60% savings challenge?  Only one way to find out, let;s check out my income & expense summary for September!

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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – EMR (x3)

Well – I am sure you can read from the subject line – I was back at it again with a wonderful dividend aristocrat stock.  It’s hard to keep staying away from this stock when the market wants to keep throwing the discounts and sales in your face!  I was fortunate to have capital and make a stock purchase limit order yesterday on October 1st, 2015.  I purchased Emerson Electric (EMR) for the third time in the last 2 months!  Let’s find out why:

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