Dividend Diplomat August Watch List

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  It has been 45 days since Bert posted his 10 stocks on his watch list and it is now time to update this list, as well as incorporating the full Diplomat team (Lanny!) into the mix, as we all have stocks on the watch list.  It’s been a wild 45 days and based on different purchases made over that stretch and allocation/weights in our portfolios, it is time to adjust and discuss which stocks are on our August watch list, RIGHT NOW! Continue reading

Scotts Miracle Gro Dividend Hike & $2.00 Special Dividend!

I was wondering what was going to blossom from the fertilizer of Scotts Miracle Gro from their earnings performance so far this year!  I love surprises and holding on the edge of my seat – especially when it comes to dividend announcements and increases.   Continue reading