Bert’s Savings Rate Summary: February

We are flying through 2015 folks.  With two complete months in the book and nearly a third (I apologize this post has taken me a while to finish), we are marching our way through the calendar year.  Soon, it will be time for our quarterly goals assessment to see if we are on pace to hit accomplish our goals for the year.  Anyway, as February came to a close, it is time to see if I was able to defeat the Dividend Diplomats’ Savings Challenge for the second consecutive month.  Let’s review my savings rate summary.

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Bert’s Savings Rate Summary: November

My third month of taking the Dividend Diplomats 60% Savings Challenge is officially over.  I am coming off quite the high note in October as I was able to successfully save 63% of my income!  Could I keep the momentum going and achieve the coveted 60% savings ratio once again this month?

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Bert’s Savings Rate Summary: October

Last month I decided to take a plunge and accept the Dividend Diplomats’ Savings Challenge which pushes us and any brave reader to save 60% of their monthly income! This month I am going to try a slightly different method of displaying my savings rate.  Last month, I listed the dollar amounts for each category used to calculate my final ratio.  However, this month I am going to experiment with a new format (much like Lanny’s) and list each expense category as a percentage of total income for the period.  With that being said, it is time to calculate my saving’s ratio for the month!

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Lanny’s September Income and Expense Summary

Another month has passed, another month where I ask myself… Did I hit the 60% savings goal with my income and expense tracker?  Did I hit the big mark that I set for myself in August when I was discussing why I am aiming to save 60% of my income?  I know Bert did extremely well, saving almost 50% of his income for September.  C’mon Bert, step your game up, you have someone to split your income with and you can’t save 50% of it, weak, right?  Joking, he did extremely well as I’ve said, now let’s see how I performed in my balancing of the income and expense categories. Income and Expense Continue reading

Bert’s Savings Rate Summary: September

Last month I accepted Lanny’s challenge to save 60% of my income.  As I discussed in my post about my decision, I mentioned that I have been very bad about tracking my expenses and I have never put together a tracking mechanism to calculate my savings rate.  Well that has changed and I am now watching my expenses like a hawk.  In order to save 60% of my income, I need to watch all income and expense sources closely to figure out where I can trim the fat.  Now that September is over, the questions is…Did I save 60% of my income??

Savings rate

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Lanny’s August Income and Expense Summary

Well, I am sure you are all wondering… Did I hit the 60% savings goal?  Did I hit the big mark that I set for myself last month when I was discussing why I am aiming to save 60% of my income?  August had a lot of trial and tribulation, but a lot of positives came from the month.  Let’s see what happened to my 60% goal for August.  Continue reading

Lanny’s Fixed Monthly Expenses

Hey everyone – we are heading into summer and heading into where individuals usually spend time vacationing, experiencing more “free time” and thus are usually spending a little more than usual.  Which provides a good segway into talking about fixed/typical monthly expenditures that I pay for and that most of us do pay for on a monthly basis.  I am here to talk about Transportation costs & Rent/Mortgage.  I am going to break it down for us to show much in investments we will need to have in order to cover these large monthly expenses in our lives and also to find ways to reduce this, as that will lead us to where we all want to be – Financially free. I will leave other expenses out of this discussion, for now… that is.


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