Lanny’s March Dividend Income Summary

Quarter 1 of 2017 is now officially int he books!  Here we go, the music starts, the sun is brighter and I am feeling better/more rested each day.  What else does this mean for, more specifically, US dividend income investors?  The biggest month worth of paydays has finished and I can only hope the community feels the same.  Did we set records?  Did we reach expectations or did we learn something that we can create growth from?  Time will tell when we are able to review all of the articles being released, but I am very pleased with how March ended from a dividend income stand point.  Let’s dive into the results!

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Lanny’s December Dividend Income Summary

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone was able to ring in the turn of the calendar with their loved ones and are having a healthy & happy new years thus far.  This was the time period when everyone made their final pushes to achieve their goals for the year and ultimately & hopefully have ended up in a better position than they were a year ago.  This is also one of my favorite month’s worth of dividend income, due to it being a quarter-end and the last month of the year.  With the weather being sunny and melting the snow into the new year, let’s see if my portfolio was able to heat up and produce heft dividends for December!

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Thinning Down on a Bare Bones Budget

Lately I have been thinking of my income and expense, seeing what goes in and what goes out.  I couldn’t help but start to think that there are two ways to increase your financial moat to reach financial freedom in a shorter fashion.  Those two options are increasing your income and reducing your expense.  Without speaking on behalf of increasing your income, what if you already had a bare bones budget in your mind?  Are there ways of thinning down still?  Are there hidden pockets that one can slim down on?  Let’s see what I’m talking about.

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Lanny’s September Dividend Income Summary

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Ah, the quarter-end dividend income summary post.  This is my favorite time of the year, as most companies traditionally pay on a calendar quarter end, which for the U.S. dividend investors, this typically means a bigger month of collecting dividends than usual.  Will that be the case for me?  Did I set some milestones here?  I have established now a minimum bar, as well as leaped to new heights for my September dividend income!

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Lanny’s August Dividend Income Summary

Phew, another month down and another month closer to Financial Freedom.  Can you feel it everyone?  With the dog days of summer amongst us, time doesn’t slow down for anyone and we have to stay consistent and relentless on the pursuit of our journey’s goal.  With August now being in the books, it’s a great time to reflect on the Dividend Income that was received during this past month.  Did I match up to last year’s total?  Looking better going forward?  Come find out in my August dividend income breakdown!

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Strategy Adjustment – Taxes… (Series, Part 3)

Welcome back!  After the first two posts, I can see now the heat coming from the articles and the insight that individuals are also providing through their comments.  We all want to save on taxes, reduce the liability, invest more money and keep more of that money, which we earn through our sources of income.  Here we are… Part 3 to reduce taxes and invest MORE.  This is possible everyone, VERY possible.  The first portion of my strategy was to maximize my 401(k) with my employer, which will result, in this first year, a savings of OVER $5,000 and the second portion of the strategy led to tax savings of over $1,000 MORE!  However, as you guessed it, it does NOT end there.

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Side Hustles at Home

We all want to make money, and it’s even more fun to make money on the side.  Have you ever considered side hustles at home?  Ever look around each room and ask yourself, do I still use, need or know what “that” is even for?  How many of us have old phones, computers, TVs, clothes that are bursting out of the seems of the walls, within the place we live?  This article drives to talk about how create side hustles at home and enjoy the benefits.  Benefits, such as, the way to clear out the clutter and put extra capital in our pockets.

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