Lanny’s November Dividend Income Summary

We are one month from the dividend income showdown in December.  Yes, this month marks the preparation for the biggest dividend month of them all.  Reviewing this current month’s dividend income results, reminds me that all of the hard work throughout the year is about to enter the dividend portfolio.  November was a great month.  There were unexpected news on dividend increases, as well as improvements along the way.  Outside of this past month being freezing, with slight snow and too many leaves, collecting dividend income has warmed up my days!  It’s time to dive in and review the results.  Continue reading

Lanny’s February Dividend Income Summary

Busy season is two months down and thank God it’s a short month, as these are the dog days of them all.  However, what makes this month fun is that we close out a month of dividend income earlier and start to step into the iconic March dividend income.  Cleveland has been a bit of a whirlwind as of late – it was 75 degrees and now it’s back into the 20’s.  Talk about getting sick with the climate change!  On a stock note – the market, this month, has been up almost 3% in the last 30 days, ending February 24th.  This has definitely sidelined me from making dividend stock purchases, killing me!  Let’s see what February has brought me in regards to dividend income.

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Citizens & Northern (CZNC)

Just when I thought I was coming down with a great system, I realized that I still needed to make contributions into my IRA account for the 2016 year.  I still actually am quite a bit away from maxing out the year, but with this purchase, I definitely reached closer to the goal.  I love banking and truly am passionate about the moves being made in the industry.  I know Bert knows all about this company, and I’m sure the community is starting to also learn a little bit more, hopefully!  A few days ago I was able to make a stock purchase back into a community bank stock that I own!

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Lanny’s August Dividend Income Summary

Phew, another month down and another month closer to Financial Freedom.  Can you feel it everyone?  With the dog days of summer amongst us, time doesn’t slow down for anyone and we have to stay consistent and relentless on the pursuit of our journey’s goal.  With August now being in the books, it’s a great time to reflect on the Dividend Income that was received during this past month.  Did I match up to last year’s total?  Looking better going forward?  Come find out in my August dividend income breakdown!

dividend income

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – CZNC

It’s been a wild month in the stock market, with purchases being made by us Diplomats earlier on, I was able to scoop some capital to deploy.  This time, however, I wanted to use my work experience to my advantage – I audit financial institutions or lack of better words – banks.  I have been watching a bank for some time now and I felt like right now, the time was right – let’s see who I purchased on the 28th…

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