Dividend Diplomats’ Recent Buy – AT&T (T)

We weren’t kidding with our dividend stock watch lists posted earlier this month, expected dividend increases and even tweeting about how the market is opening up opportunities.  It is always exciting  when dividend aristocrats go on sale and one has capital to deploy.  Due to the frugal lifestyle that Bert & I live, we were able to strike when the stock market took a few steps back.  The end of October & early November has opened up quite a few opportunities in the dividend investing arena and what do Dividend Diplomats do best?  You called it, brother, dividend investing of course!  Let’s dive in to see our recent purchase that we both ended up buying for our respective dividend stock portfolios!

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Lanny’s November 2017 Dividend Stock Watch List

It’s getting colder here in Cleveland, currently 38 degrees as I’m typing this.  As the weather has gotten colder, the stock market has chilled down a bit and has created a few opportunities for us dividend investors.  I have not been as active the last few months as I’d like to be (as it relates to dividend stock purchases), but patience is a virtue in this game, that’s for damn sure!  Sitting here on the cold Saturday morning, sipping my warm coffee, I wanted to write my thoughts on three dividend stocks that I am considering for a future purchase.  Let’s grab another cup and check out the stocks!

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Lanny’s September 2017 Dividend Stock Watch List

The stock market has had some fun pullback as of late, and I’m all for it.  There are quite a few things occurring from a macro level with the sudden tragedies of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, followed by other catastrophic storms occurring within the world.  Even outside of those events, Amazon also is continually changing the landscape among retail and we are starting to see those that will thrive and those that are being negatively impacted in the short-term.  Since I always have my ear to the floor to what companies are being impacted, I have decided to compile my quick, short list of dividend stocks that have caught my eye.

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Lanny’s August Dividend Stock Watch List

It’s that time of the month, where I have my calculator, the pen & pencil & I start analyzing what I love most, dividend stocks, and to see which companies have a chance to be on my watch list.  I like to come out with the watch list towards the end of the month, as I line up my capital troops to see where they may be deployed.  I did not make any investment stock purchases in July, yet, and the capital lineup is getting bigger.

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Lanny’s July Dividend Stock Watch List

Tough month for Clevelandars with our Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors in June.  It’s okay, another year to plan and strive for the trophy.  Our Cleveland Indians are playing some pretty damn good baseball and the perfect summer weather of low 70s and sun has started to peek through, as we recently had muggy/humid 80 degree weather.  Amazon (AMZ) has purchased Whole Foods Market (WFM) and stocks are showing a few signs or better signs of opportunities based on valuation metrics.  I wanted to share my July dividend stock watch list and to see if they happen to be on yours as well.  Now, onto the stocks!

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Lanny’s June Dividend Stock Watch List

Back in business baby!  Cavs game 5 is tonight and I’m hyped up to write my dividend stock watch list for June.  Hungry to purchase some stock and add to my forward income.  As we all know – increasing that, helps us get to financial freedom, undoubtedly.  The summer heat is coming on and it’s time to spark a fire for my dividend pumping portfolio.  Now onto the stocks!

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Bert’s February Dividend Income Summary

Does time fly or what?  With a blink of an eye, February  flew by.  I cannot believe that we are already two months through 2017!   With each passing month, it is time to take a look at our family’s combined dividend income total for the month of February now that we are reporting our consolidated finances.   2017 is all about progress, so let’s see the results for the shortest month of the year;  time to check out my February Dividend Income Summary!dividend income Continue reading