Bert’s December Dividend Income Summary

December is THE BEST month to be a dividend growth investor.  Not only is it the third month of the quarter the most popular month to pay a dividend, but December is also the month where mutual fund companies pay their capital gains distributions!  Whoo.  Lanny and I were refreshing Vanguard’s website hourly (okay, probably less frequent than that) since we were eagerly awaiting the results.  For Lanny, the results WERE INSANE as he crossed $2,000 in dividend income for the first time ever.  Lanny congratulations my man.  Just incredible!  While my portfolio is far behind his (one day I’ll catch you Lanny!), my December’s have historically been strong.  If I ever had a chance to record a record level of dividend income and beat him this month, it would be in December.  So now, let’s dive into the details and check out my December dividend income summary!

dividend income

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