Bert’s November 2017 Dividend Income Report

Thanksgiving….done.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday have officially passed and the damage was not too significant.  I sit here today in disbelief thinking that November is already over and 2018 is rapidly approaching.  Time flies and it seems to only go by faster and faster with age.   Now that the calendar has turned and we have entered THE BEST dividend income month of the year.  But before we start counting down the days until we received our mutual fund distributions, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look and see how I performed in November.  Here is my November Dividend Income Report.

dividend income

November Dividend Income Report

In November, we received $274.98 in dividend income, a 71.66% increase compared to last year.   In addition, as I have mentioned the other ten dividend income summary posts this year, this is the first year I have included my wife’s dividend income, so my growth rate is slightly skewed because of her results.  So I always calculate the growth rate of my individual portfolio and back out her results.  Even after excluding my wife’s dividend income, I posted a 24.39% increase.  Bodda bing bodda boom!  The chart below provides a detailed summary of each individual dividend we received:

Here are some highlights from the chart above:

  • Take a second to look back at my August Dividend income summary when I received $278.51 in dividend income.  Do you see any new holdings this quarter compared to the last?  Nope.  That’s right, my dividend income for the second month of the quarter increased $3.39 due to the power of dividend investing (dividend re-investment and dividend increases).  Fundamental dividend investing right there.
  • The only difference is the timing of the SBUX dividend.  The company pays their final dividend at the beginning of December rather than the end of November.  So I received a slight decrease this month but will benefit in December.
  • My wife and I have fairly large positions in AT&T, and this does not even consider my recent purchase discussed below).  This month, AT&T paid us a combined $71.46.  Receiving 2.12 shares via dividend re-investment was amazing as well, and this alone added $4.15 to our forward dividend income.
  • Hopefully the KMI dividend increases that were discussed become a reality in 2018.  If so, watch out, these income reports are going to receive a nice bump!
  • After reviewing the income from CVS, I may look to add to this positions while the price of the stock is down.  I love owning CVS, but would like to receive more than $7 per quarter from them.  Keep an eye out for CVS on my December watch list.

Portfolio Updates During The Month

Each month I also like to discuss any major events/happenings that occurred in my portfolio.  First, the most exciting update I have is that we were able to add to our position in AT&T.   The low prices just  became too appetizing.  What’s crazy is that now my wife and I are going to receive over $86 in quarterly dividends from the telecom giant.  And this doesn’t even factor in their upcoming annual dividend increase.  Man I cannot wait to publish my February 2018 Dividend Income Report with the updated figures!

Speaking of dividend increases, I received both good and bad dividend announcements in the current month.  First, SBUX announced a 20% dividend increase this month, which added $5.53 to my forward dividend income!  Gotta love it and the company continued their streak of great dividend increases.   Keep it up SBUX.   On a negative note, the newly consolidated DWDP finally announced their first dividend payment.  Lanny actually told me about this one as I was writing this article, which is funny timing.  The $.38/share quarterly dividend is $.08/share lower than DOW’s individual dividend of $.46/share.  The reduction in the dividend payment reduced our forward dividend income by $11, which sucks.  But hopefully management has a plan to produce solid annual dividend increases.

Dividend income report summary

One again, I am excited about our results for this month.  How could I not be?  The fruits of our labor continue to pay off.  We always talk about it on this website, but every dollar really does make a difference in the long run.  Saving a dollar on an expense by asking for an additional discount or earning just a few extra dollars by side-hustling goes a long, long way.   We are heading into December and heck, even 2018, with a full head of steam and are ready to kick some butt going forward.  Everyone in the community continues to post great results and motivates us to give it our all.  Now the goal is to keep pace with the rest of you that are out there crushing it!

What was your dividend income total for November?  Did you receive a dividend income from any new companies during the month?  What dividend increases did you receive and what was the dollar impact?


42 thoughts on “Bert’s November 2017 Dividend Income Report

  1. Solid totals, Bert! Gotta love that YoY increase – nice work. Four new payers on the wife’s side… she’s been busy. You are going to have to work hard to stay ahead of her. 2018 will be nice, as you’ll be able to compare to a combined total for you and the wife from the previous year. By the way, wasn’t the SBUX dividend increase only 20%… I got excited there for a minute thinking I missed an extra 5%! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Engineering Dividends! I cannot wait till 2018 so we can continue building on this momentum. Thanks for the SBUX update. I have no clue what I was doing and made the edit in my article. Maybe I was so excited that I didn’t catch that one 🙂 Appreciate it.


    • MDD,

      Thank you very much. I swear, I think every investor in the DGI community owns AT&T. A no-brainer stock that should be in everyone’s portfolio. Congrats on a great month for you as well.


  2. Bert, Thanks for the info on DWDP. I was wondering what was going on there and now I know. I guess they were keeping the disappointing news quiet. There’s a lot of uncertainty with that company. Maybe they will split into 3 businesses, with the slower growing units going to one division and paying most of the dividends. I don’t have a large position and have been wondering if I should sell and move on. Do you have any future plans on DWDP yet? Or do you plan to hold?

    On a positive note, congrats on SBUX, I don’t that one and of course wish I did. Tom

    • No problem Tom! It was disappointing indeed and it took a chunk out of my income, was not happy about it haha I’m torn too about the future of the company. Splitting into three separate companies would be interesting and I would wonder what the ultimate impact on their dividend would be. I”m holding for now, to answer you question, but will have no problem taking my gains and selling if I lose faith in the consolidated company. Thanks for the congrats on SBUX by the way 🙂

      Take care,


  3. Nice increase and I really hope that the dividend increase plan of KMI is not just a big BS, so we will see a nice boost there!
    Due to the selling of some of my stock holdings my November dividend income was a bit lower than last year, but since I have used the cash from the sale to invest in a rental property, the overall passive income was an all time high!
    Can’t wait to read your yearly overview; I’m sure it’ll be a big jump versus 2016!

    • Thank you very much. I think there will be some sells or other activity if KMI cannot deliver once again. Now that their balance sheet has been cleaned, I would expect them to follow through on their plan. Especially since Kinder himself is such a larger shareholder of the company. But hey, we’ve been surprised before, right?

      Congrats on the total income picture increasing by the way. Sure it isn’t dividend income, but you have successfully diversified your revenue streams and are not just dependent on stocks. I hope to have a few rental properties one day as well.

      Take care and thanks for the comment!


  4. Solid numbers Bert. That’s a big increase with the wife included but super solid without too!
    How do you feel about CVS potentially buying Aetna sometime in the near future? Does that change your opinion about the company at all?

    • Thanks TITM! My wife definitely crushed it this month haha You know, I’ve thinking about the whole CVS Aetna merger and will want to see more news about the plans for the consolidated company. With that being said, CVS still has strong metrics regardless and they are on my watch list. I don’t know if that answers your question or not though haha What do you think about the company?


    • Thank you very much! It must be an age thing. When you are younger, you have so much more free time than you realize. Once you are older, the 9-5 grind and the daily flow of life are just brutal. Before you know it 11 of the 12 months of the year are gone. But there are some great things to look forward to in 2018, so I’m excited for it to get here 🙂


  5. I like CVS a lot right now. I recently initiated an option position, but it looks unlikely to get assigned. I’ll be watching that one closely and likely trying again. I considered an outright purchase in my ROTH but decided to go with the higher yielding TGT instead.

    Congrats on a great month.

  6. Gotta love those dividend increases! Congrats on another very solid month Bert. Growth of 24% yoy is absolutely great. Do you have your eye on potential purchases in December? I had a pretty quiet month for November, but that was to be expected. I look forward to reading your December update!

    • Thank you Dividend Niche! Very kind of you. I have my eyes on a few December stocks and will publish a watch list in the next few weeks. Right now, I’ll have my eye on CVS, ADM, SBUX, and a few others. I’ll let all of you know once I formalize it though. What stocks are you reviewing?


  7. Again, with or without your wife included in the results you managed some very solid double digit year over year gains. That’s impressive by any measure. As you pointed out one of the benefits of dividend investing is seeing your income rise without any new additions to a portfolio. That’s real compounding 🙂 Keep up the good work as always and, like many others, I’m looking forward to seeing how 2017 finishes!

    • Divhut,

      Thank you very much. You’re right and I appreciate you returning the message to me. Dividend investing is a BLAST and I love seeing these stocks working for us in the background and we are earning income without even lifting a finger. Let’s finish the year strong and enter 2018 with a full head of steam!


  8. Nice work Bert. Time flys as we age for sure. Nice hearing about CVS i think they are great and health insurance (rumor) is only gonna make the company rock solid with so many synergies. I wish i could back the truck up at the moment but got last payment for my solar panels this month. Maybe next month
    Cheers keep it up!

    • PCI,

      You know, I am very interested to see this consolidated CVS company. But I agree, there are a lot of great potential benefits if the combined management team can unlock them. Thanks for the kind words.


  9. Awesome month! I love seeing big payouts like that of T. That is one of my biggest payers as well, especially since I added more on that last dip. One quarter ending month left. Lets finish this year strong!

    • Gremlin,

      I am excited to see what the new consolidated company can achieve in the healthcare market. However, I am less excited about the fact they are not going to be raising their dividend until they pay down their debt balances. But his will be a fun story to follow.


  10. Good job. Adding the wife’s really helps and as you both continue to add will help you reach your goals faster. We share 2 companies T and O. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Doug! Yes, my wife crushed it this month and helped carry the load. I cannot wait to add to my position in O one of these days because I would love to receive a larger dividend from them each month.


  11. Solid results and growth Bert, inspirational as always.

    I’ve also made a record month with 15,92 euro in received dividends so I’m pretty stoked myself 🙂 Have fresh capital in the account with twice the amount due to a nice sidehustle. Now what to buy….

    • Thanks Mr. Robot! Congrats on your record as well. The best part about setting records for dividend investing is that you are going to continue breaking the new record as your portfolio continues to grow. Cannot wait to see what you are going to accomplish in 2018. Should be an EXCELLENT year!


  12. Great job Bert! Love to see the progress from you both. I added a bit to the $T collection as well. Like you said, it was just too low there for awhile. November is a down month for me for the dividends, but December is a different animal. It will be a fun month seeing those dividends show up!!! Take care my friend.

    • Thanks Mr. Defined Sight. Much appreciated. Glad to see you jumped on the T bandwagon and were able to take advantage of the depressed prices. Like you, I cannot WAIT to publish our December income article and see what progress we were able to make.


  13. Nice month Bert! Glad to see some names in there that I own myself. I am wonderring though, why are both you and Lanny so heavily invested in CZNC? I never really heard about that company before. Anything I need to know? 🙂
    – SD

    • SD,

      Thanks for the comment and stopping by! CZNC is a community bank that Lanny and I have targeted over the years. Our background lends itself to being able to evaluate banks and understand their financial statements pretty well, so it helped us identify the investment opportunity and build a large position. I would check out some of our purchase articles if you are interested in learning more about them. However, I would also make sure you are comfortable with the investment and their financials prior to making the investment. We were because we felt like we understood them pretty well! Does that answer your question? Thanks again for stopping by.


  14. Awesome Bert. Congrats on the double-digit increase from last year, and an over 70% increase is simply amazing. I definitely think it was a good move adding to your position in T as I think the company was selling at a bargain earlier. So, win-win all around. And, yea, hopefully DWDP will start posting solid numbers to boost its dividends.

    • Thanks Dividend Portfolio – much appreciated. I was pretty happy to catch AT&T while the prices were depressed. The price I purchased it at now is looking like a steal since the company has appreciated so much recently. Were you able to add make any moves for T? Man I hope you’re right about the newly consolidated DWDP.


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