Lanny’s November Dividend Income Summary

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and were able to take a moment to enjoy everything that we have in our lives.  Loves ones, friends, family, dividend stock portfolios, you name it – we need to be thankful.  Now that November is finished and my body is heavy from eating, it’s time to digest the November Dividend Income results!  Let’s check it out!

dividend income

Dividend Income

I received a total of $391.60 in dividend income this November.  Time, yet again, for the best November month ever recorded, almost crossing $400 for the first time ever in this month.  I am aiming for you Mr. 400 come next year!  The 401(k), Health Savings Account (HSA) and all dividends are automatically invested/reinvested and helps take the emotion out of timing & making a decision.  Also, to find out why I max out my 401(k) and HSA – please refer to the 3rd part of my tax series, as that describes the magnitude of benefits to increase the amount you can invest due to reduction in taxes.  Two new 2017 investments of CVS (CVS) and Hormel (HRL) are now paying dividends on a quarterly basis, which I love.  Outside of those dividends, the remaining growth is through dividend increases and reinvestment, as well as one minor addition to a community bank stock!


As you can see, Citizens & Northern (CZNC) take the pie for the largest dividend received this month.  I have continued to make investments in them throughout the year.  Hormel (HRL) was my most recent purchase back in the 3rd week of October, outside of AT&T (T).  This was another dividend aristocrat and pay close attention to the dividend increases below, as Hormel (HRL) is mentioned there!

Similarly, I have split out the taxable and the retirement accounts, as the ” – R” indicates a retirement account dividend (or the furthest column to the right).  I separated these two, as I like to know what portion of my dividend income is coming from retirement accounts that I cannot touch until 59.5 (barring any other usage rule I could use).  Here, it shows that I received a solid total of $198.11 (up from $160.03 last year primarily due to Citizens, dividend reinvestment & dividend increases)  or 50.6% of my income from retirement accounts and the other 49.4% was from my individual taxable account portfolio.  Additionally, this shows from retirement accounts that I’m all ready for my set it and forget it mentality to keep that income going.  To see my portfolio – one can go to our portfolio summary page.

dividend income year over year comparison

2016: nov-lb-div-inc


Year over year, my portfolio’s dividend income was 21.8% higher in 2017 vs 2016 for November.  I will dissect on what caused the large increase.  First, as stated above, I purchased CVS Pharmacy (CVS) and Hormel (HRL), which were two stocks that paid this month compared to prior year.  Secondly, I did make two investments throughout the year, that I did not write about, for Citizens & Northern (CZNC).  What can I say?  I love community banks!  I also cannot forget my small purchase in January of Procter & Gamble (PG), that helped increase that income portion from last year.  Mostly everything else is through dividend reinvestment and dividend growth, the combination factor is extremely powerful.  AT&T (T) and CVS should have a dividend increase announcement in December, that we are all eagerly waiting to read!

dividend increases

We all know by now, the power of the dividend growth rate is real!  A fairly solid 3 companies increasing their dividend is always welcomed in my house!  Additionally, Bert talked about these dividend increases in his Expected November 2017 Increase article.  The Rockwell Automation (ROK) has been in recent news, due to Emerson (EMR) placing in bids to buy the company.  Therefore, not only has this increased the share price, but ROK came in with a very strong ~10% dividend increase!  Hormel has already jumped their dividend 10% in the short time that I have owned them, I’m a very happy investor thus far.  In order to achieve this much forward income, one would have to invest $361 at 3.50%!  Thanks for the dividend increases!

dividend income conclusion & Summary

The name of the game is to learn and act in the right manner to what you have learned.  The plan is to maximize every dollar for investment opportunities and live a balanced life.  My hope is that my month of dividend income above shows the community that one can use dividend income as a revenue engine to take back control of your life.  Dividend investing, once you learn the right way, becomes easier to do and starts to make quite a bit of sense : )

As I discussed with my updated – normal monthly expenditures at the moment, this dividend income would cover over 39% of my average $984 monthly expense for my house, including utilities.  In addition, my auto loan is finally gone and I am able to deploy the additional capital into new investments that are opportunistic.  In similar fashion –  all of the investing from last year and moves this year, shows that my aim to save 60% of my income, and making every dollar count, has allowed me to achieve lofty goals that I set in place for my 2017 year.  We only have one month remaining and we must do everything we can, the right way, to keep the engine moving forward.

As always, excited to read everyone’s November income reports and start to compile our monthly article for everyone.  2017 is quickly winding down and I am fortunate to start building up capital, for other reasons as well.  I am exhausted, but need to find each piece of motivation to step forward, not backward.  Only one life for us to live, and let’s make it meaningful, challenging and fun at the same time.  Excited to read the comments below and thank you, the community, for stopping by; as you are helping me on my journey to financial freedom!


41 thoughts on “Lanny’s November Dividend Income Summary

  1. Lanny,
    That is a strong November. You are starting to see the value of long term dividend growth coupled with consistent fresh capital. At some point in the not too distant future those hundreds will become thousands.
    – Gremlin

  2. Congrats on the new record this month and almost breaking the 400 mark. Love seeing that big 10% dividend increase from HRL which benefits you and I alike. The new positions/ buys seem to be pulling their weight as well. Keep that growth up. Easily break through that 400 mark next year!

  3. Splendid month and congrats on the new record! December is certainly going to be a fun month to hear about as this is typically an “off” month.

    I might start getting back into the monthly/every other month purchases coming up in the new future and hope to start picking up much needed income again!

    Have a nice holiday season!


    • ADD –

      Thank you very much. December is going to be fricken awesome, I just cannot wait, let’s get after this month, hard. 26 days left to make moves.

      And If you do that would be awesome. Obviously write when you make purchases, and I’ll do the same. Attack mode ADD, the only mode.


  4. Lanny, great job growing that y/y total by 20%+. That’s huge and it’s awesome to see all those dividend increases this month too – certainly makes you look forward to next year knowing that these numbers will just keep growing!

    • Time –

      Appreciate the comment, as always. I want to keep that growth rate up, year after year, which will take capital, but pulling for half to come from reinvestment and div growth. Always looking forward : )


  5. Almost $400, nice! Can’t wait to get there myself. Great to see the CVS dividend in there as well. I read your (or was it Bert’s?) analysis of CVS Health on Seeking Alpha, thank you for that, loved it. I’m thinking about buying some more shares of it, slightly overweighting the position. The recent drop to $71 seems really tempting.
    – SD

    • Stashing –

      I actually did write it. This acquisition will be incredible. However, Sven below posted and on page 18/35 of the investor deck – they are now more levered then where they’d like to be and are aiming to maintain current dividend until debt is paid down. I would believe their debt pay down will occur asap. Love the metrics and company, there still may be more of a pullback, but prices are ripe for a purchase!


  6. Hi Lanny,
    first time commenting here for me.
    Great result!
    But CVS will not have any dividend increase this dec. as stated in their Aetna Acquisition presentation on seekingalpha on page 18 saying “Keep Dividend per share flat until leverage is down to low 3x” and also ahare buyback will be stopped. (Same page)


    • Sven –

      Dammit, you are right on page 18/35 they will keep it flat. These damn acquisitions are costing too much!!! I hope this unlocks, though, accretion to earnings to begin the increases again in December 2018. Dammit is all I can say.


      Oh and thank you for pointing it out!

  7. Woot thats awesome! You will definally hit 400. Aim higher! Nice to see cvs im a huge fan and the aetna aquisition is huge! If only i could back the truck up. I sent santa my wish list, heres hoping.
    Keep it up Lanny!

    • PCI –

      Thank you and I will. Without doing anything, I should be around the $415-$425 mark and I have plans to be over $500, no doubt. Really excited about what earnings can be unlocked with this deal, though there may be stagnant increases for CVS this year related to their dividend. Keep our eyes on the price!!


  8. Nice to see those dividend raises, Lanny! Couple that with your enhanced future investments now that you’re done with that auto loan, and BAM… to the moon for the portfolio! $400/mo. will soon be in the rear view mirror of that paid-off car. You said CZNC got top honors for dividends this month, but what about T! No love for T? Anyway, congrats on a record month and a solid YoY dividend increase. Keep crushing it in December…

    • Engineering –

      HAHA, always, ALWAYS Love for T!! Heck, that dividend that I receive from them is massive and cracks me up to this day. I hope the annual amount from them covers my annual internet expenses, one way to keep track of it. Guess what – I am almost there, just need a few more dollars : ) Thanks for the post!!


  9. I’m a big fan of putting HRL to work in a portfolio and I think we will both be happy we did 10 years from now! I also love every time I bring something back from the store and see that it was a Hormel product. Keep it up!

    • Dozer –

      Nothing funnier and better than seeing a company being support by products from ourselves, friends & family. Great dividend increase from them this year too. Cannot wait for many, many, many more of them as well!


  10. Solid results even for an off-month. And most important compared to last year to grew 20%, thats amazing!

    I purchased HRL in October and a month later received the 20% increase, so that helped us both! 🙂

    • Robot –

      Nice purchase, we are def enjoying the stock thus far, they are a dividend aristocrat for a damn good reason right?! Excited for the snowball to church for them. Big AT&T dividend increase this month, with the Time Warner costs/merger costs, wonder what it will be. Another penny?!


  11. Good job. 400 will be here soon. You had a couple of heavy hitters this month. Then the 12.64 in dividend increases will continue to grow and grow. keep it up

    • Doug –

      Yessir!! I think I should be over $400 in February, which would be a similar month, so only a few months to tell. Excited for more dividend increases this month, Pfizer and AT&T should be fun!!


  12. Mr. $400 is definitely in your near future. Congrats on a successful November from a few common names we share and quite a few that you don’t really see in many income portfolios like RMR, CZNC, NWFL to name a few. Keep up the good work and let’s see how strong we can finish 2017!

    • Hut –

      Thank you and hopefully we are Mr. 1000 sooner than we can remember when we were Mr. 400 : )

      Yes – same and different name,s which makes this fun, personal and interesting. Ah… where would I be without dividend investing!! Let’s keep it up Hut!


  13. Congrats on a solid month Lanny and on receiving double-digit YOY growth. It’s interesting that EMR is considering purchasing ROK. EMR is on my list of companies to purchase next, in part because I can participate in their DRIP program, as I like to do. Looking forward to seeing what December has in store for you.

    • Damn –

      Millenial, of course. The engine needs to have the oil keeping it fluid and needs to be taken care of! Also – the gas tank needs to remain on full : ) Pumped for the future, each month is more exciting than the last.


  14. Great results Lanny! And indeed nice stocks we have in common. You have to love Hormel for buying them and directly receive a dividend increase of 10%. 😉

    Keep it up and cross the 400 Dollar mark fast!

    • P2F –

      Always enjoy fellow shareholders. Timing ends up being great when it works on your side. As for the $400 – I believe I should be set on a go forward basis to receive at least that much. Goal: > $500!


  15. Hey DD (Lanny!)

    I love that I’m getting experienced enough in my stock knowledge that I’m starting to recognize the stock ticker symbols and the companies behind them. You’re crushing it with $391.60 just from dividends! I love it!

    It’s so cool that this month’s dividend income can cover 39% of your monthly expenses. Dude, you’re getting closer and closer to FI. Keep rocking it!

    • Wallet/Andrew –

      Thanks for the comment, as always, and of course – am even more pumped up you are understanding the companies, the ticker symbols and know what they produce. Knowledge is power.

      39%… how can I just change that to 100%?! Haha, in time, right? All about increasing income where you can and taming those expenses, damn those expenses. We just need to keep grinding on this path, we will get there.


  16. Congrats Lanny on a nice growth of 20%+. You are doing fantastic with these nice set of companies: Now, I’m seeing many bloggers are dabbling in Bitcoin and alt-coins. Are you planning to buy any? keep it going.

    • Race –

      Appreciate the head nod my way! As it relates to bitcoin and ICO’s, I am staying away from them. If other investors understand them, the underlying asset and the potential – then great. However, I know a little bit about the block chain and what could the bit coin turn into; but am staying away since I do not know enough.



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