Bert’s July Investment Report

Wow, what a crazy end to the month!  I felt like the last week was filled with can’t miss stock market action.  It seemed like every minute I opened my eyes another chunk of my market value was missing.  But it is okay, the decline has two factors I love: it increases the power of dividend re-investing and it creates new buying opportunities.  Lanny recently wrote about on Friday 4 stocks that he is considering re-upping his position in because of this decline.  For me,  I may finally make my long-awaited move into the financial sector.  I know I will be purchasing something next week; I just don’t know what that stock is yet.  But it seems like Aflac is a very solid potential purchase and may be forcing my hand.  Anyways, before I continue to babble about future purposes, I figured I would review my month of July Investment Report.

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