Lanny’s Dividend Stock Purchase Activity – July 2019

June came and went.  July was hot and heavy.  Truthfully, it wasn’t until the very end of the month where real moves were being made on dividend stocks.  The stock market makes it tough, but no one said this would be easy.  The journey of Financial Freedom is long and takes a lot of grit, capital and patience  One has to know to control those emotions no doubt.  It’s time to read about my dividend stock purchases during the month of July of 2019!

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The Impact of Dividend Increases through June of 2019

When talking about dividend increases, this is us talking about dividend investing, at it’s finest!  Given the second quarter-end had recently passed, I wanted to reflect on what occurred over the last 6 months.  This is not any old reflection, but specifically about dividend increases and their impact on my portfolio this year.  Now that tax reform was 2018 news, how are the dividend increases stacking up this year?

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Lanny’s Dividend Stock Purchase Activity – May 2019

The month of May was absolutely WILD.  You could not even tell what was going to happen each day, let alone each hour.  Is the new saying – April Rises, brings May Surprises?  It does this time around, that’s for sure.  The trade tariff discussions, inverted yield curves, interest rate pressure & sensitivity, really have have created opportunities in the stock market.  Therefore, as a dividend investor must do, I went on a slight dividend stock purchase spree!

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Lanny’s Stock Activity Through April 30th

Can you smell it?  Yes, it’s earnings release seasons!  The time period where stocks can shake, rattle and roll with their prices on a daily basis.  Therefore, she made a dividend stock purchase for her account and we also made one for my portfolio.  It is time to dive in and see what move I made!

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Lanny’s Stock Purchase Through March 31st

Another cold month, but I am not talking about the weather.  I am talking about the dividend stock purchases that were made during the month of March.  I sat on the bench and my portfolio became stiff, with limited moves being made.  However, my wife and I did sit down and go through our portfolio in early March and made investment decisions, which felt great.  Therefore, she made a dividend stock purchase for her account and we also made one for my portfolio.  It is time to dive in and see what move I made!

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Bert’s March Dividend Stock Purchases

What a crazy week this has been for me.  Life comes at you fast sometimes and you have to be willing to absorb some punches and go with the flow.  I couldn’t be happier with how things have shaken out this week and I can’t wait to eventually write about it all.  Finally, with a few hours to concentrate, I wanted to share with you a couple of dividend stock purchases I made in March.  Nothing crazy, but as always, we like to be fully transparent with the community.  Plus, these names have been featured on our watch lists recently.   Let’s check out the stocks that I purchased and added to my portfolio!

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Lanny’s Stock Purchase February 2nd through March 1st

Talk about limited activity over here.  Doesn’t help that it was a short month, but the month of February saw gains in the S&P 500 of 2.88%.  Therefore, you had limited days to buy, a day off in the stock market and the overall market surged almost 3%!  Yes, my activity was very low this month.  So low, that I am beginning to even think the freezing temperatures we endured took an affect on my dividend stock purchasing!  Let’s see what I was up to from February 2nd through March 1st!

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