Procter & Gamble (PG) Stock Analysis

It’s close to the middle of the month and the market has still been extremely volatile.  With that, I know that opportunities are out there, wonderful opportunities, especially dividend stocks that are aristocrats.  Yields are looking fairly unusually high for a few of the aristocrats that do not historically have them at these levels.  This makes us all extremely motivated and excited investors as our dividends are reinvested at better valuations and also opens up the table for buying potential!  With that, we will analyze one of the dividend aristocrats in Procter & Gamble or PG.

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Top 5 Foundation Dividend Stocks for any Portfolio

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Hey everyone!  I was sitting at my kitchen table doing an intense round of push-ups, reading articles and had a  thought.  I would love to share my point of view on the top 5 foundation dividend stocks that every beginning investor should own.  Also, this could work for anyone that is also transitioning from more of the “sexy” (i.e. complex) type of investing into something that we, dividend investors, feel – just makes more sense.

In order to bring the excitement up a notch, we have drilled down to FIVE dividend stocks to be the foundation to YOUR dividend portfolio.  The five dividend stocks represent different industries and hold the mighty, “Dividend Aristocrat”, crown, as well.

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Bert’s August Dividend Income Summary

Well, another month in 2014 is behind us.  The 3rd quarter is nearly over…how crazy is that?  While I may be a week late in writing this article,  I figured it was as good of a time as any to review my August dividend income.

Dividend Growth

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