Bert’s October Dividend Income Summary

Another month is in the books.  Fall is in the air.  We are putting away our Halloween decorations and are getting ready for my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving!  It is a lot of fun sharing so many “firsts” with my family and I can’t wait to continue to do so over the holiday season.  It has truly been amazing.  But as we continue to progress through the year at lightning pace, I must take a look back at my investing results.  In particular, my October dividend income summary….

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Bert’s September Dividend Income Summary

Fall is in the air.  It is my wife’s favorite season, and I’m enjoying celebrating it with her and my daughter.  The leaves should be changing soon.  Plus, there have been plenty of great festivals and the best part, different fall beers, to try!  Lanny kicked off our website’s dividend income summary festivities with some jaw-dropping numbers.  Combined, his household dividend income was over $3,000!  Couldn’t be more proud of them and what they are accomplishing.  It sure motivates us to keep pushing forward.  While we didn’t hit $3,000 in dividend income, we are continuing to grow our income in some capacity.  Let’s check out our September Dividend Income summary.

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Bert’s August Dividend Income Summary

Another month is in the books and 2019 continues to fly by at a record pace.  Baseball season is winding down and football season is starting up again.  Plus,  we are approaching fall, which is my wife’s favorite season.  It’ll be even more special now that we can celebrate it with our daughter for the first time.  August was another crazy month for the market.  There were wild swings, buying opportunities, and naturally, the market climbed towards the end.  But during that time, dividend income provided us a consistent dividend income stream.  Lanny kicked off the party on this website by posting insane results (Read about his $800+ dividend income month).  So now it is my turn.  Let’s dive into my August Dividend Income summary.

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5 Stocks from Bert and Lanny’s Portfolio That Are a Buy Now

This is a guest contribution by Nathan Parsh of Sure Dividend

Bert and Lanny have amassed a portfolio of some of the best dividend paying stocks in the market. Many of the stocks that they own have increased their dividends for multiple decades.

Past dividend growth does not guarantee future growth. That being said, companies with long track records of dividend growth often enjoy very high levels of free cash flow. Companies that are able to grow free cash flow are much more likely to continue paying and raising their dividends going forward.

The following five stocks are those from Bert and Lanny’s portfolio that we believe investors can purchase right now.

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Bert’s May Dividend Income Summary

Lanny said it best in his stock purchase article…the month of May was actually wild!  Every day presented a new twist, turn, and market swing.  I would transfer cash to my brokerage and get ready to make a purchase.  Then boom, the market would swing upward.  Despite the madness, the dividend income continued to flow.  After all, that’s part of the beauty of dividend investing.   Lanny published great dividend income results this month.  As always, he is a tough act to follow. Especially when he announces a 48.8% YOY dividend increase.  But I’ll give it my best shot.  It is time to review my May Dividend Income summary!

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