Lanny’s July Dividend Income Summary

Another month down and another month closer, they say.  Closer to financial freedom!  This pursuit of financial freedom and/or financial independence has been such a ride, I cannot wait for what’s to come.  The fireworks have come and gone and now we are hitting into the peak summer heat here in Ohio and it will start to cool down towards the end of the month, as Fall begins to enter our territory.  Hopefully that means that just the temperature outside cooling and that my portfolio’s dividend income is heating up!  Let’s dive into my dividend income results from the month of August!

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Lanny’s 2016 Goals

I love this time of the year.  Time to sit down in a quiet space with no distractions going on and reflect on the year a bit and then prepare for the successes and even failures of 2016/the next year.  2015 has been an amazing year, big ups and big downs throughout this time period – but that’s how we learn, that’s what makes us stronger and it’s on the pursuit of being happy.  Cannot wait for what the upcoming year has in store and obviously will try to make due on my goals that I am establishing for the upcoming 12 months.  My 2016 goals are as follows:

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Top 5 Benefits for Dividend Investors in a Stock Market Downturn

The last one month has seen the stock price of the S&P 500 decline by more than 8%, and 8.22% to be exact (as of Labor Day weekend)!  There are many things working AGAINST the market at this point in time – China, Oil prices, Canada officially in recession, as well as many other global crises occurring.  However, and most importantly – I feel that consumer sentiment is also moving against the market, as the Michigan survey has indicated a downslide from July 2015 to August 2015.  What does this stock market downturn mean for Dividend Investors?  One Word.  Opportunity.   Continue reading