Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW) X 2

Well, with my first purchase of W.W. Grainger (GWW) at $193.78, the market took it for a $13+ slide or almost 7%.  If I bought the aristocrat then, then why the heck wouldn’t I buy it on a sharp decline due to guidance going forward?  An aristocrat is usually an aristocrat for a reason.  With that, it was time for me to not only get back on the driver seat, but to get back into the GWW lane this past Tuesday, where I made my second round purchase!

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Procter & Gamble (PG)

Kicking off the year with a dividend aristocrat stock purchase!  What better name to buy than to have a stock purchase towards the brand that is in your cousins cupboard or bathroom, that is on your neighbor’s shelf or heck, a brand that you just brushed your teeth with using Crest!  I am talking about Procter & Gamble, based in Cincinnati, Ohio!  This isn’t the first time I have purchased them, but I am very excited that I was able to add this bolster-branded company to my dividend producing portfolio!  Check out the details below!

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Recent Buy – Realty Income (O)

I figured you all would see this coming considering one of my last posts and involved performing a dividend stock analysis over one of the most population REITs in the dividend investing community and I recently featured the company on my last watch list.   But this week, I took some capital off the sidelines and put it back into the market as stock prices continue to tumble.  Time to share with you the newest addition to my portfolio, Realty Income (O)!

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Realty Income (O) Dividend Stock Analysis – REVISITED

If you want to talk about how fast time flies, here is a perfect example.  I was prepared to re-visit a dividend stock analysis that I thought I performed over Realty Income (“O”) a couple of quarters ago.  When I looked at the date on the original analysis…it was November 2015.  I cannot believe 12 months have flown by that quickly…where has time gone?   Even though I have reviewed the company in the past, I thought it would be a good idea to update the stock analysis I performed considering the recent pullback in price, the fact that they were one of the four stocks on my October Watch List, and the company’s recent earnings release.  A lot can change over 12 months, I think we can all attest to that in some capacity.   So let’s re-run Realty Income through our stock screener.

O Logo

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VF Corp (VFC) Stock Analysis

Today is a stock analysis in an industry not traditionally covered by most from articles that I read and see.  Everyday we put clothes on, go to outlet malls and department stores to look at the new fashion that is available and what new styles are “in season”.  What about if you could own a company that makes these items that the majority of the public wear, day in and day out.  Also, what if they also paid you a very solid dividend?  Let’s check this out…

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Dividend Stock Analysis – Cardinal Health, Inc. (CAH)

A few weeks ago, I ran a stock screener and published my August dividend stock watch list.  That screener had a new entrant that seemed to check most of our boxes for investing, Cardinal Health (CAH).  Headquartered in the buckeye state, I instantly had flashbacks to college recruiting events since they sponsored A LOT of events at college.   The stock price continues to fall, so I wanted to perform a detailed analysis on Cardinal Health before committing to buy this healthcare company.  Here it is, my dividend stock analysis over Cardinal Health!


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Bert’s Recent Buy – Target (TGT)

I just couldn’t sit on the sideline any longer.  For those of you that have followed our blog over the last month, you would have realized that there was one stock I have been fixated on…Target (TGT).  It was the number 1 stock on my June watch list for a reason.  Over the month, I was patiently waited for the right moment to strike.  When I went to buy, the stock price increased.  When I wasn’t able t access the internet to actually purchase the stock, the price fell.   Finally, the stars aligned as the markets had two terrible days after the Brexit situation.   Time to check out why and most importantly, how much TGT stock I purchased this week!

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