Expected Dividend Increases – December 2017

I cannot believe that I am writing this post for the final month in 2017.  So many great things have happened in 2017 and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for all of us.  As investors, we have received some great (and some poor) dividend increases during the year.   For the last time in 2017, I have compiled a list of dividend paying companies that are expected to announced dividend increases in December.  Lanny and I spend so much time monitoring dividend announcements for a ton of companies, so we like to share some our research with all of you.  This list isn’t all-inclusive, that would be impossible; but it includes the majority of the companies that we will be monitoring closely over the next 31 days.   Now the fun begins. Let’s dive in and see which companies are expected to increase their dividend in December.

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Lanny’s November Dividend Income Summary

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and were able to take a moment to enjoy everything that we have in our lives.  Loves ones, friends, family, dividend stock portfolios, you name it – we need to be thankful.  Now that November is finished and my body is heavy from eating, it’s time to digest the November Dividend Income results!  Let’s check it out!

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Lanny’s November 2017 Dividend Stock Watch List

It’s getting colder here in Cleveland, currently 38 degrees as I’m typing this.  As the weather has gotten colder, the stock market has chilled down a bit and has created a few opportunities for us dividend investors.  I have not been as active the last few months as I’d like to be (as it relates to dividend stock purchases), but patience is a virtue in this game, that’s for damn sure!  Sitting here on the cold Saturday morning, sipping my warm coffee, I wanted to write my thoughts on three dividend stocks that I am considering for a future purchase.  Let’s grab another cup and check out the stocks!

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Bert’s Recent Buy – CVS Health Corp (CVS)

The purchase shouldn’t surprise too many of you.  Often times, Lanny will find a great dividend growth stock on a discount and sell me on the fact that the company is a buy.  Well, this time was definitely one of those instances and I followed his lead in purchasing shares in this dividend growth stock.  Time to see why I purchased shares in CVS Health Corp (CVS).

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – CVS Health Corp. (CVS)

Wow, wow.  So it’s been over two months and I have definitely found a stock that fit the metrics of an undervalued dividend stock investment.  It took some thorough research and thinking about the companies that many people take part in every single day or have made them a part of their lives.  With healthcare and prescriptions, this led me to this stock and this company shows high signs of undervaluation.  Come check out what company I purchased stock into and why!

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