Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – June 2020

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June was an interesting month in the market. Dividend cuts continued to slow, despite a few surprise dividend cuts.  Economies continue to reopen and the weather continued to get better. Still, the economic and political environments remained as tense as ever.  The Federal Reserve announced major restrictions on bank dividends and share buybacks for the first time since the Great Recession.  I know we have all felt impacts to our dividend income!

Despite all the madness and intensity, there is one constant that will never change: dividend income.  The dividend checks continued to roll in.  The third month of the quarter is always exciting since the majority of companies, and mutual fund families (such as Vanguard), pay their dividend.  Many dividend bloggers produce their best passive income results during the quarter-end month!

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How to Stay Hungry on Your Journey to Financial Freedom

10 years of investing. That is 10 years of Frugal Living and saving as much as possible. In addition, that means 10 years of managing the portfolio & monthly budget. 25,000+ hours worked in your “career”. What do all these items have in common? Time. Time can wear you down or time can build you up. You may feel tired from putting in all of the blood, sweat and tears on your journey. I am here to show you what you may need to STAND back up, to stay HUNGRY and to keep GOING on your journey.

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March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Spring is finally in the air (no matter how cold it is where you live).   March is officially over and you know what that means….baseball season is here!  Oh wait, this is an investing blog.  We mean that we all get the chance to put together our Dividend Income summary reports and find out how well we are progressing in this journey towards financial freedom.   You all know the drill by now.  Each month, we pull together a report of dividend income from many other bloggers in the community to see their progress!  We wish we could summarize them all, trust us.  Now, let’s take a look at how some of our fellow bloggers perform during March.

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