March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Spring is finally in the air (no matter how cold it is where you live).   March is officially over and you know what that means….baseball season is here!  Oh wait, this is an investing blog.  We mean that we all get the chance to put together our Dividend Income summary reports and find out how well we are progressing in this journey towards financial freedom.   You all know the drill by now.  Each month, we pull together a report of dividend income from many other bloggers in the community to see their progress!  We wish we could summarize them all, trust us.  Now, let’s take a look at how some of our fellow bloggers perform during March.

Dividend Income from YOU the BLOGgers

Note:  We included a link to each bloggers monthly summary article.  If you would like to read about their month further, which we highly recommend, click the link in their name!

Dividend Hustler  $2,729.07 –  As always, we start off with a bang here.  Hustler DESTROYED March 2016.   After scrolling for a few minutes getting through the list of companies Hustler received dividends from, you can read some inspiring stuff.   Always puts a smile on our faces and serves as a great pick-me-up.  Keep on HUSTLING!

DivHut – $565.70 – 41%….not too bad.  Are you kidding me??  Great month DivHut.    DivHut said it best himself in the article.  The “Dividends Don’t Lie.”

Race 2 Retirement – $882.56 – R2R said it himself in the article…HOLY MOLY.    R2R set a new milestone in March as this was the first ever month that R2R received over $800 in dividend income.  Congrats on crushing that milestone.  You’ll be talking four figures before you know it!

Dividend Niche – $14.84 – Another record-setting month here.  Dividend Niche is new to the dividend investing game and began his journey in July 2015.  Some amazing progress is being made in a very short period of time.   Niche is building a strong dividend portfolio with some great foundation dividend stocks.  The best is yet to come my friend!

Investment Hunting –  $784.66 – Personal records are being set left and right here.  Everyone, we just CRUSHED it in March!   There is one sentence from IH’s article that we would like to quote that summarizes it all up.  “My dividend payout in March went from $54.09 in 2014, to 135.57 in 2015, to $784.66 in 2016.”  Unreal.  There is nothing more that really needs to be said about IH’s month or progress over the last few years.

Earn Money In Pajamas – $13.62 – EMIP is a fellow Swagbucker (We wrote a review of Swagbucks a long, long time ago!).  One of your options once you receive enough Swagbucks is that you can cash out and receive a $25 deposit in Paypal.  Well, EMIP is putting the cash out to good work and using the capital to purchase dividend stocks.  EMIP is turning that free cash into income producing assets and now the benefits are really starting to show as EMIP’s 2016 dividend income total doubled after March!

Vivianne @ Well Rounded Investor – $878.07 – Would you take a 26.87% YOY increase?  Heck yeah!  Vivianne received dividends from an impressive list of companies this March.  We are proud to consider ourselves fellow shareholders in T.Rowe Price, which we initiated a position in right before the ex-dividend date.   Vivianne, for the record, neither of us have ever seen Larry Crowne, way to spoil the movie for us!!  Kidding, kidding.

Dividend Life – $965 – DL crushed it this month and increased his dividend income 22% compared to the same time last month.  So close to crossing into four digit territory!

Dividend for Starters – $74.08 – Boom!  Can we say record March?  YOU KNOW IT.  39% is no joke here, you are doing so well, in no time you may be changing your name to dividend for veterans!  Also, great increase with Qualcomm (QCOM) – 10.41% divvy increase is nice!  Keep it up.

Retire by 40 – $1,316 – We’ve been a huge follower for your blog, but whoa -crushing over $1.3K in dividends is incredible.  I couldn’t agree with him more – the quarter ends are always fun in collection of the dividends!  RB40 also experienced great net worth spikes due to the market climbing fairly strong during March, hence why it’s been more than 30 days since I’ve bought a stock.  Very inspiring RB40!

Dividend Academy – $364.51 – Boom – the late add, but you’re in here Marco!  Great job and cruising closer to $400 – you had quite a bit of players and awesome to see we share plenty of the same names in AFL, IBM, JNJ, INTC, LMT to name a few.  Keep at it over there!

The Two Of Us –  Lanny recorded $884 in dividend income in March while Bert recorded $324 as well.


One word sums up our reaction perfectly…..unreal.  All, the progress is real.  If you want proof, read each respective investors’ summary article.  Personal records were set like crazy this month and almost everyone had double-digit dividend investing growth rates.   This is why we not only entered the game of dividend investing, but are crazy about it.   Months like these are what fuel our fire and drive us towards financial freedom.  The power of dividend investing is real!  Now, let’s keep this momentum rolling through the second quarter and the rest of 2016!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

40 thoughts on “March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Quoting R2R here, HOLY MOLY. I knew records would be set in March, but what a great month for all of us. Dividends are so powerful. What I love most about DGI investing is the low barrier to entry. This is especially true today; products like Loyal3 and Robinhood have even eliminated trading fees. I sound like an infomercial here, but for for less that $10 a month you too can be a dividend investor :-). I also love how whether your Dividend Niche at $14.84 or Dividend Hustler at $2,729.07 it doesn’t matter. We’re all in this race together and we’re all winners, just at different stages of the race.

    Thanks and Bert and Lanny for pulling together this information into one post and for including me in your list.

      • Hey Lanny, thanks for adding me in the list! However I post my income in Euros as it is my default currency, so it’s actually $414 for this month 🙂 I will make sure to add the income in both currencies for the next months.

  2. Thank you Lanny and Bert for sharing this overview of March results. Holy Moly is right, there were some huge results this month in the community. Gotta love seeing such a strong finish to Q1 across the board. Thank you for including me! I’m very inspired to see everyone’s success and cannot wait to see what opportunities the market will provide in April. Cheers

  3. I’m very impressed with all the dividend income that fellow bloggers have been able to receive this past month. Congrats to everyone! Keep up the great work.

    • Tawcan,

      Isn’t it amazing? It just goes to show how hard all of us are working towards making our lives that much better. This community is the best and I am so happy that I became a part of it. Have a great weekend.


  4. It’s cool watching the range in income from the different readers. Personally I made a small milestone last month: $1,000 in dividend income. The nice thing about investing in blue chip dividend stocks is that you not only get to watch the dividends roll in, you also get to watch the stock itself grow over time

    • Congrats on the milestone. Four figures….amazing. Was that the first time you have crossed the mark? I couldn’t agree with your last statement more. These companies are built to grow slow and steady over time. They have survived all different kinds of economic cycles and multiple recessions. Still, they have managed to grow and provide their investors with a growing income stream and a healthy dose of appreciation.

      Again, CONGRATS! Enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing you shatter this record soon.


  5. Hey Lanny,

    I am about to graduate college and want to grow my investment portfolio ASAP. I am obviously looking for dividend income and have a quick question. When you pick your stocks, fundamentals aside, do you look at which months the dividends are declared in? Also is there a minimum investment you would have in a stock? I usually have a rule where my trading fees cannot exceed 2% of my investment. Let me know your thoughts!

      • haha nothing to be sorry about Stefan! Congrats on the upcoming graduation. You have the perfect mindset and I’m sure your income stream is going to shoot up quickly. To answer your first question, no. The only reason I focus on a declaration month is to make sure I am going to capture the next dividend. While it is nice to spread my income and try and build an even dividend income stream each month. I would never let that get in the way of picking one stock versus the other. For your second question, Lanny actually wrote a pretty good article about why he is only investing at least $3k per investment. It really depends how much cash I have available at the time. I try to buy in bulk to get the most income possible out of a purchase. However, if there is a stock I want and I only have $500 available at the time of purchase. I’ll gladly add $500 to a position.

        Hopefully this helps! Best of luck in your journey to build a larger portfolio!


  6. Wow, this is really cool. A nice glimpse at some of the key players in the dividend investment community. Let me know what I can do in the future to join this list. I’m still new (7 months) to the dividend game, but they are so FREAKING awesome!

    My last income report was $70.14 ($13.93 from dividends). I’m trying something new and formatting all my income reports now into Infographics. I’d love to get your opinion?

    Thanks DividendDiplomats for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing guys. I appreciate you guys taking the time. Everyone’s doing awesome and I’m ecstatic to have all you fellow DGI’s travelling on this tough journey with me. It’s the road less travelled but everyone understands that this road will lead us to live the good life. NO DOUBT.
    Let’s keep at it buds and keep hustling hella hard. Hard work pays off.


      Of course man. We wouldn’t leave you behind on this journey. After all, how much fun would FF be without all of you to celebrate it with. We have the endzone in sight so let’s sprint on over there as a community.


  8. These posts always put a smile on my face as it just reaffirms the real power and real results and real progress dividend investing can provide. Even with those nasty dividend cuts everyone is headed in the right direction with many new records being set. Totally awesome. Totally exciting.

    • How could you not get a smile on your face after seeing the amazing things people are doing. Isn’t that hilarious about the dividend cuts? Diversifying your income streams and having a diversified portfolio minimize the impact of those cuts. Imagine if we owned 100% shares of BBL or KMI? We wouldn’t be setting records left and right here hahaha

      Thanks for the comment!


  9. I get $14,500. In dividends per year and I drip it all back into the same companies that pay me..
    I thinking of stopping the drips and collecting cash. I would then take the cash and buy a company I don’t currently hold. Thoughts?

  10. Hi there,

    I like this list a lot maybe you can add if you want to. But it’s really nice to see the income from other bloggers and helps a lot to stay motivated.


    • AFFJ,

      Thanks for stopping on in! Of course and we will keep sharing to hopefully provide a nice glimpse into everyone’s hard work, determination and patience. This road – it isn’t a short one, that’s for sure.


  11. Thanks Lanny and Bert for sharing it with fellow bloggers and investors. Its inspiring to see everyone’s progress and keeps all of us motivated. Gotta love these end of quarter months, simply amazing. Keep up the good work and keep racing towards FI.

    • Of course R2R! This monthly summary is a huge motivation for me and drives me to continue to push and get as much money as I can in my portfolio. We are all accomplishing such great things and accomplishing so much.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Very inspiring list of bloggers and their respective dividend incomes.

    Is it possible to add the TOL’s tho the list of did I miss the cutoff?

    Either way thanks, and great indignation you guys are putting out. I follow you here and also on SA!

  13. Nice work everyone! Some large numbers adding up quickly on that list. I see a fun and very bright future for those represented here…it’s fun to watch.

    Thanks for doing this guys,

    • Chad,

      Of course! Thank you for coming by and checking them out. Definitely a fun quarter end and only 11 days away until the close of April. The stock market has been booming, which has left me on the sidelines, still…


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