Expected Dividend Increases in April 2020 (Hopefully)

My oh my.  What a difference a month makes.  In last month’s article, we discussed how dividend growth slowed and there may be an economic slowdown.  This month, it is a completely different story.  The coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic has spread and the economic impact has been unlike anything I have ever seen.  The impact on individuals, small business and corporations is changing on a daily basis.  For many companies, they are rethinking their 2020 strategic visions and changing their dividends & capital strategies on the fly.  It will be tough to predict the expected dividend increases in 2020; however, we will highlight the companies that have historically announced dividend increases in April.

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5 Stocks from Bert and Lanny’s Portfolio That Are a Buy Now

This is a guest contribution by Nathan Parsh of Sure Dividend

Bert and Lanny have amassed a portfolio of some of the best dividend paying stocks in the market. Many of the stocks that they own have increased their dividends for multiple decades.

Past dividend growth does not guarantee future growth. That being said, companies with long track records of dividend growth often enjoy very high levels of free cash flow. Companies that are able to grow free cash flow are much more likely to continue paying and raising their dividends going forward.

The following five stocks are those from Bert and Lanny’s portfolio that we believe investors can purchase right now.

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Performance of the Top 10 Dividend Aristocrats 2019

This article should be interesting.  The stock market is just crushing it and there is just not much room for opportunity.  You can reach for value, but are you reaching for true value or are you reaching at a poor company that has, what appears to be, strong dividend metrics?  I thought to rewind the tape back and really take a hard look at the Dividend Aristocrats.  You know, those companies that increase their dividend EVERY YEAR for at least 25 years+?  Yes, that is who I am talking about.  Therefore, I peeled back the curtain on the top 10 yielding dividend aristocrats out there, seeing their performance and hey – maybe even find some value.

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Expected Dividend Increases in May 2018

Is there anything sweeter than opening up your laptop after a hard day’s work, checking your dividend portfolio, and then realizing that one of your holdings increased their dividend that day?  It is such a sweet/satisfying feeling,  one that Lanny and I cannot get enough of.  We’ve constantly calling and texting each other the minute we find out that our forward dividend increased without lifting a finger!  Each month, we try to identify as many companies as we can that are expected to announce an increased dividend in the coming month so we can hopefully share our excitement with some of you!   Let’s see which companies are expected to announce dividend increases in May!

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Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – Procter & Gamble (PG)

Earnings season has been upon us for this past quarter and wow, things are starting to move, shake, drop, pop and roll.  On April 19th, things were no different.  After seeing quite a few stocks that are strong dividend players drop, one company caught our eye.  I messaged Bert saying, “Alert, PG DROP!”.  The rest was history.  We both ended up purchasing additional positions into Procter & Gamble (PG)!

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Expected Dividend Increases – December 2017

I cannot believe that I am writing this post for the final month in 2017.  So many great things have happened in 2017 and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for all of us.  As investors, we have received some great (and some poor) dividend increases during the year.   For the last time in 2017, I have compiled a list of dividend paying companies that are expected to announced dividend increases in December.  Lanny and I spend so much time monitoring dividend announcements for a ton of companies, so we like to share some our research with all of you.  This list isn’t all-inclusive, that would be impossible; but it includes the majority of the companies that we will be monitoring closely over the next 31 days.   Now the fun begins. Let’s dive in and see which companies are expected to increase their dividend in December.

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Expected Dividend Increases in September 2017

It is time for the most exciting dividend month of the quarter!  There is nothing more exciting than seeing the calendar turn and realizing that it is the month that most companies pay their dividend.  This is where you really see the fruits of your investing labor and the power of dividend investing flex its muscle.  For those of you that are new to our website, each month we create a list of some (not all) companies that are expected to increase their dividend in the coming month.   Dividend increases are the name of the game and what we are constantly monitoring on our website; we get pretty darn excited each time a company announces an increase because we know that each successive dividend re-investment results in additional shares, which leads to additional dividend income.  The impact may be small on an individual level, but man do these increases add up in the long run.   Now it is time to dive into the details and see which companies are expected to announce dividend increases in September.

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