May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

As I’m sure you all know, each month we aggregate a list to show how other bloggers in the Dividend Investing community are CRUSHING IT!  This month, one of us got excited (**cough cough Lanny**) and set a record for a number of bloggers included in this list.  It blew April’s bloggers summary out of the water!  Time to brew up a cup of coffee (maybe Starbucks) and get ready to check out some results!  See our May Dividend Income summary from the blogging community.

Dividend Diatribes – $255.18 – DAYUM!  Nice work there buddy – killed it with AT&T (T) and OKE.  Nice.  Also – watch out for the high yields on your watch list – they more than likely… aren’t sustainable.  Good luck!

No More Waffles – $142.93 – Plenty of waffles here with the $142.93 received this past month (in Euro); big names on the list that can make some pretty heft waffles, and even pancakes if you want.  We all love pancakes.  Come on and keep it up!

Dear Dividend – $24.06 – Few aristocrats in there and the wheels are starting to turn for you.  I think $24 is a solid month and could come close to covering my internet bill now (Lanny’s is at $24.99 after slashing it a few months ago).  Nice job!

My Dividend Pipeline – $115.00 – Uh oh – he is back on the map and ready to bring it on!!  MDP is making a splash and collected all of this from one entity – HCP – which reinvested in another 3.5 shares to produce EVEN MORE cash flow next quarter.  Funny enough – his next quarter will be even more massive.  Keep it up MDP, glad to have you back.

Retire By 40 – $712 .00 – There we go RB40!  Don’t worry about the goal as of now – you have June to sprout your YTD income total up WAY high!  Also – your other goals and missions are an inspiration.  Keep it up and continue to keep us posted!

Dividend Hustler – $2,300.33 – Umm…. where is my jaw at again?  HOLY CRAP!  Dude… just murdering it here!  Wow.  Seems like you like Canadian bank stocks eh?  I think you earned majority of that from that industry!  Seems to be working out for you.  I’d be retired with that sort of cash flow.  DAMN!

Wallet Squirrel – $25.01 – Nice job!  Making your way up, especially when this is an off-month.  Thank you again for writing about your other forms of income.  I still think you have one of the best looking sites out there!

DivHut – $524.91 – The winning combination of Canadian banks and Healthcare REITs have pumped up your dividend this month and provided an astounding 63.6% increase from May of 2015.  Just killing it!  Consistency and forward-looking has been key!

Captain Dividend – $301.68 – You beat Lanny’s month of May, eh?!  Nice job Cap – doing very well, with solid growth year over year at almost 10%.  Great work and keep at it!

Happy Healthy & Wealth Girl – $104.10 – Looks like she was stung by the Kinder Morgan (KMI) bug as well, It’s OKAY – perseverance and forward looking is what it takes.  Keep your head up, and keep purchasing high quality businesses!

Zero to Zeros – $101.54 – Omega (OHI) is a big banger for you here, pumping you with more than half your amount! With consistent new purchases, reinvestment and increases – hopefully overtime that large percentage drops a little!  Great job.

A Frugal Family Journey – $195.70 – Looks like you had a few sales in Philip Morris (PM) and Old republic (ORI).  Was this due to price appreciation and low div. growth?  Hope you are able to reinvest at more undervalued entities at a slightly higher yield!

Tawcan – $1,014.84 – WHOA!  CONGRATULATIONS!  The Illustrious 4 digit mark… crossed.  Done and DONE.  This was Tawcan’s 2nd month in a row of 4 digit plus dividend income and 3rd on the year.  So incredible.  Nice job.

Pollies Dividends – $366.70 – Love that we share a few names in AT&T (T), Procter & Gamble (PG) and Realty Income (O).  Also – don’t worry about the growth YOY, as you did sell some securities.  You’ll be cranking the number up again in no time!

RoadMap2Retire – $615.91 – Strong month with big payers.  You had a slight/small YOY decrease, and we are wondering/thinking it is due to our consistent friend in KMI.  Don’t worry your May 2017 will blow this out of the water.  You had a great month with solid passive income!

Stock Fox – $849.38 – Straight lacing it!  Nice work and very, very impressive.  You added $11K to your portfolio for contributions.  You truly are an animal… a fox.

Dividend for Starters – $71.46 – Again, I don’t think you are a starter anymore!  AT&T (T) produced a good chunk here for you and you are climbing the charts, keep at it bud, you’re getting there!

Building Income Investments – $17.23 – Starting over is a journey, and you are well on your way, I own Caterpillar (CAT) as well, we just received news on maintaining of the dividend.  Hmph.

Investment Hunting – $452.58 – That chart with the growth rates is insane IH!  IH is running towards a close battle with his goal of $7,500 and is about to get a huge bump as the best month of the quarter gets rolling.   Then you’ll really see the power of dividend re-investing flex its muscle.

Dividends Down Under – $62.60 –  Our favorite blogger to follow from Australia and a fellow Delly fan (Go Cavs!).   Tristan’s average monthly dividend income continues to increase and some real progress is being made here!  Nice work Tristan.

WOAH….are you all exhausted yet reading that list??  By far the biggest summary we had, which is a great thing.  Everyone here is crushing it and we are all one step closer to financial freedom.   All, let’s celebrate our successes in May and get ready to destroy June.  The third month of the quarter is the BEST month for dividends after all.  So let’s get at it!  Again, congrats everyone!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

42 thoughts on “May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

    • Of course Tristan. The progress everyone is making, especially yourself, is insane. There is nothing better than reading the articles and checking out how everyone performed in the month before. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey Diplomats,

    Nice to see everyone progressing here. Can you add the Dividend Beginner to your list? You had it before but missed one month and never added me back. Thanks guys. Appreciate all the hard work. 🙂 Keep killin’ it.


  2. Congrats to everyone on the list for a great dividend income month. As I was scrolling through the names, I didn’t see mine on first glance. I thought maybe Lanny and Bert were leaving me off since I’m a diehard Warriors fan ;-). Seriously though, nice job everyone. This post goes to show that it doesn’t matter where you start or how much money we all make in dividends each month. Persistence and time will someday lead us all to the Dividend Hustler range.

    • IH!

      You might want to check, we may have removed you from the article now that we found out you are a Warriors fan. Are we joking or not?? You’ll have to figure that out for your self. Last nights game sucked from our end, but it was a hard fought battle. Now, it is time for the Cavs to make history and be the first team to come back from 3-1 haha

      You are right, everyone did an excellent job this month. The growth rates, the records, etc. are unreal. While we aren’t at Hustler levels yet, we are doing a great job working our way there!


      • I thought the 2nd half was one of the best I’ve seen in years. The refs let them play, it got tough in the lanes. Let’s hope the Cavs can extend it to 7 games.

  3. Bert
    Thanks so much for the site mention. Its always tough getting your name out there and appreciate it.
    You guys keep up the great work!

    • ZJ,

      Everyone is killing it – all on the same path just at different points! It’s pretty cool and given a few comments from last month, we may have to place these in a chart/table of some sort haha Thank YOU for coming by!


  4. Thanks for including me guys. I appreciate it. Everyone’s ripping it up month after month. It’s awesome. Let’s keep at it and keep hustling hella hard. UPwards! Everyone take care and hope to see many more awesome posts. Cheers.

    • Hustler,

      Of course – it wouldn’t be a list without you up there on it! It is sweet, everyone is crushing upwards and learning as they go. We all need to keep saving, be frugal where necessary and invest the amounts. Keep on climbing.


  5. Wow look at that progress from everybody! Love to see the You increases and the different approaches some people take to achieve their goals.

    • Isn’t it amazing?? Like you, I love looking at the different approaches everyone has to investing. Each person has their own unique strategy and you know what, there isn’t a wrong way to do it. Some prefer only mutual funds, some invest in real estate, and some, like us, prefer dividend growth stocks exclusively. All that matters is that we are working towards better ourselves and our financial positions to strive for FIRE! This summary reminds me that there are a ton of great people doing great things!

      Thanks for the comment and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  6. Thanks for sharing our dividend income Lanny and Bert. Our recent sells are simply an effort to take some profits off the table. We are hoping to find some new investments soon to reinvest those profits. We have our eye on two companies right now: General Motors (GM) and Abbott Labs (ABT). We see growth potential in both companies. Plus, we don’t own either company so it would be a welcome addition to our portfolio.

    Thanks again. Best wishes! AFFJ

    • AFFJ,

      I’m sure you’ll pick some winners with the capital. You’ve done so to this point and have built on hell of a stock portfolio haha I also like ABT at the moment and the decrease after the acquisition announcement is making them attractive. At least attractive enough to keep a close eye on going forward. I’m not as big into automakers though. I prefer a company like GPC. That being said, there are plenty of great auto makers our there.

      Keep up the great work over there! Looking forward to seeing you kill it in June!


  7. I’m famous, I’m on the list!

    You guys make me blush. Serious though, this list is sick. It’s really nice to see all these guys crushing it in one cohesive list. Especially adding how much they made this week. I know you mention this list a bit long, but I read the entire thing with Christmas morning excitement.

    You guys are setting yourselves up to be the advocate for dividend bloggers and that’s a great niche to be in. Keep up the awesome work and the dividend party rolling.

    • haha thank you so much Wallet Squirrel. That’s very kind of you. It is just an honor to be a part of the dividend growth investing community. There are so many other great people in this niche industry doing amazing things. Getting to know everyone, share stories, and learn has been one of the best parts of this journey. Also, we were glad to add you to the list and show everyone how well you are doing. Hopefully we will be able to maintain and grow the size of the list as more and more investors show their progress. If it generates that level of excitement, then we will do what we can to keep it coming haha

      Thank you so much again for the comment, it means a lot. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  8. Thanks for sharing lads! I’m happy with my progress as well 🙂
    It’s good to see I’m not the smallest in town anymore!
    Hopefully going to celebrate my first $100+ month pretty soon. That’ll be a nice milestone.

    Keep the list growing, it’s nice to keep track of everybody though this great overview!

  9. Love this kind of income posts ???? Congrats to all folks! I received my bunch of dividends as well, and is both nice and motivating to compare. cheers

  10. The list is growing! Nice move everyone.

    Here is an idea, guess you guys should make a drop box for everyone to submit their numbers so you guys can compile the list every quicker!

    • Team CF,

      I guess you could say the list is like our dividend income streams…growing haha That’s a great idea! WE will look into it. However, part of the fun of it all is getting to take the time and read everyones’ articles as well. I love reading each persons story and journey!


  11. Wow!!! We are all making some great progress. As always, a great read to see how we are collectively moving forward towards some degree of FI. Every little bit helps. As always, I appreciate the DivHut inclusion in your round up.

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