April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Here we go, here we go.  All, you know what this is about.  At the end of each month, we round-up as many dividend income summaries as we can and compile the results in an article.  We love reviewing everyones’ progress.  It is truly inspiring and it helps motivate us to continue pushing ourselves.  Time to check out how well everyone performed in April.  Let’s dive into our April dividend income summary from all of you in the Dividend Investing community!dividend income

Dividend Income from YOU the BLOGgers

Note:  We included a link to each bloggers monthly summary article.  If you would like to read about their month further, which we highly recommend, click the link in their name!

Dividend Hustler  $1,782.82 –   One of our favorite monthly dividend income reports to read each month.  Hustler kept on hustling once again in April posting an impressive income total!  Hustler always throws in some great inspiration and gets us pumped up by the end of the article.  Great few lines from his article right here: “The Dividend Income Report has got to be every investor’s favorite moment.  Tallying up all the dividends received at the end of the month, that feeling you get from all the hard work of saving and investing is like no other.”

DivHut – $413.39 –  DivHut received dividends from a lot of great companies this month.  It seems that DivHut’s streak of double-digit dividend increases compared to last year continued in April by posting a 16% increase from the prior year.  It just goes to show you the power of dividend re-investing and focusing on investing/earning as much  NOW to get that dividend snowball rolling!

Race 2 Retirement – $766.08 – R2R’s second time crossing the $750.  The second of many times going forward R2R!  Congrats on another great month.  Similar to us, R2R received a boost from GSK and the special dividend that was paid out during the month.

Dividend Niche – $13,45 – Niche benefited from a nice 7.5% dividend increase from one of his Canadian Banks this month.  That’s a much better increase than one of the Dividend Aristocrats in our notable dividend increases article that was published last week.

Investment Hunting –  $516.30 –  Very cool fact here from IH’s article.  Though 4 months of the year, IH already passed 50% of the 2015 dividends received mark.  Now that is progress!

Earn Money In Pajamas – $8.90 – EMIP had a month that is right up our alley.  EMIP cashed out a $25 gift card from Swagbucks (warning: Referral link) and used the funds to investing Starbucks, one of two low dividend yield stocks on Bert’s most recent watch list. EMIP, amazing stuff.  Way to take matters into your own hands, turn online rewards into cash, and turn the capital into an income producing asset.

Vivianne @ Well Rounded Investor – $141.29 –  A fellow DEO shareholder here, Vivianne posted a solid dividend increase for the month.  Sadly, Vivianne is forced into a situation that the two of us have been debating for quite some time, which laptop is the best for activities such as blogging, writing a book, and life.  Feel free to stop by Vivianne’s site and offer your laptop advice. Keep us in the loop though, because we are STILL searching for new laptops.

Dividend Life – $337 – While DL showed a 1% decrease compared to last year, that isn’t reflective of his core dividend income.  In April 2015,  DL received a special dividend from one of the newest stocks in our portfolio, T.Rowe Price.  The progress looks much, much better once you factor this into the equation.  Great progress DL!

Retire by 40 – $828 – Love the all around status report on all income sources and expenses.  RB40 has a strategy that resonates with us, aggressive savings to fuel investing and accomplishing the different life goals that we want to knock out.  As always, inspiring stuff RB40!

Dividend Academy – $231.71 –  Marco started dividend investing just over 2 years ago and is now reaping the rewards.  Those are some impressive dividend figures for two short years of investing.  Wow.  Keep up the great work Marco!

Tawcan – $1,033.73 – 21 companies produced 4 digit dividend income.  Impressive stuff Tawcan.   Don’t worry, similar to you, we and many others in the community were forced to take a step back with several unexpected dividend cuts over the last year.  Unfortunately, dividend investing has its risks.

Dividend Diatribes – $85.08 –  JT posted an impressive dividend growth rate from the previous quarter.  He is so close to crossing the $2,000 forward dividend income milestone!  Hopefully you get a few dividend increases along the way to get you over the mark.

Dividend Cash Flow – $44.05 – Love the blog name.  Straight and to the point!  Dividend Cash Flow’s dividend income was focused in just a few industries….soda, cigarettes, and a major retailer.

Dividends Down Under – $42.20 – Our favorite blogger from Australia.   Tristan will have a photo finish to achieving his goal during the tax year.  Sounds like you constructed a perfect goal.  Realistic, but challenging.  Excited to track your progress as the last two months of the year unfold.  Gotta ask Tristan.  We are two huge Cavs fans here.  Are you a big Dellavedova fan??  Gotta love his grit.

Another strong month for everyone in the community!  We are 33% done with 2016 all, so we still have plenty of time to knock our goals out of the park.  Now, let’s hope for some good opportunities in the market to present themselves so we can deploy our capital and grow our dividend income streams!  Seeing results like these fuel the fire and make us want to put in our next trade RIGHT NOW!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

35 thoughts on “April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Great list as always and very encouraging to read each month! Nice to see the early starters and the veterans making this look easy! Thanks for compiling the list!

    • Adam,

      Of course! It is, truthfully, I commented earlier that it’s amazing to see the spectrum from age, amounts, time investing vs. time not investing, etc.. I could spend all week reading how everyone is doing, how they got there, what obstacles, what they’ve learned, etc.. Loving it and thanks for coming by Adam.


  2. Nice overview of dividend income from around the globe. As always, thanks gents!
    Oh, we can in at a respectable €352.74 (about $400) for the month of April.

    • CF,

      Thank YOU – great job, of course. $400 is phenomenal and is a big number for a random month. After May is over – us state-siders have a fun month of June! Cannot wait for those figures. Stay tuned!


  3. I love it. This post and these links are proof that consistency works with investing. Just a bunch of regular folks working towards freedom. As always, thanks for including me.

    • IH,

      You know it. Consistency, time, patience and letting it blossom – it works. Of course – keep up the phenomenal job – and keep on investing. It is funny – we aren’t on wall street making moves, we are boring folks doing boring things, right? haha


  4. Always love reading these updates. As Adam above said, “Nice to see the early starters and the veterans making this look easy!” Just goes to show what consistency with investments, patience, not getting shaken out of the market and staying diversified can achieve in terms of creating a viable passive income stream.

    • DivHut,

      Pretty sure you hit all points here. What’s funny is this also showcases how this is not complicated and may be boring, but boring works. It’s easy to pick up and understand, and then you add the element of time and you are golden. Thanks for stopping by as always DH!


    • Matthew,

      Thank you for coming by! Very cool of you to wish everyone a great job – you the same, anything new going on or any questions? Invest quite a bit? Thanks for the comment.


  5. Thanks for the mention. I blogged early because I know you keep track of dividend. It’s a great place to see who get what haha. Maybe one day I even see my growth chart on here. We are such a great community though.


    • Vivianne,

      How are you? Thank you for coming by, it is a great place to bring it all in together – you will see growth, you are doing great, consistency and time is key, hard to do, but key. Keep going!


  6. Nice summary of the fellow bloggers.
    It is always good to put your achievements into perspective and compare to where you stand.
    The last month catered me a good 250€ in Dividend income after tax.
    It is a great community, where I have learned a lot of things about investing.
    Looking forward to giving back some of the knowledge and maybe offering a different perspective on things.


    • Finanzr,

      Exactly, great to put achievements for everyone out there. No way, $250, eh? That’s very impressive. How long have you been doing it for? Learning? Thank you for the comment, as always.


  7. Thanks for including me guys. I appreciate the support. Let’s keep pushing ourselves to greater and greater heights. Don’t stop!!
    I wish everyone continued success. Cheers my friends.

    • StockFox,

      Of course – very interesting – everyone is at different stages of life and investing pursuits, very intriguing to see, as well as which stocks individuals own. All fun and motivational! Thanks for the comment fox, we appreciate it.


  8. Dear Diplomats,

    I love these posts every month again. I was very happy with my $77 for the month. It’s amazing to see some of these numbers, very inspiring! To think people have that same feeling when reaching another milestone.. Shared happiness indeed 🙂

    Keep up the good work guys,

    The Investing Dutchman

    • Investing Dutchman,

      Of course – it is very inspiring across the board and that’s what it’s about. Great job and we all usually like to use this as a way to see how far we’ve come, as well as further motivation, it’s awesome.


  9. Appreciate the mention! Its fun reading other’s passive income. I’m looking for crossing my first $1K barrier, ready to toast it when it happens. Keep it rolling, my friends.

    • R2R,

      I hope you have the champagne bottle chilled and sitting next to you when you cross the four figure mark. Just make sure you don’t aim it by a window when you pop it off haha We’re excited as heck for you to cross the mark!


  10. Great list!
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to create my post yet.
    Will do so as soon as possible.

    Hope to be back on Mays list.

    Thanks for the update guys!

  11. Hey Bert and Lanny,

    Really appreciate the mention. It’s great you list so many people, just at the start (like us) or well into it like Hustler and Divhut. I like Dellavedova, you don’t need the skills of LeBron to make a great impact for your team 🙂


      • Tristan,

        hahahahaha I was skeptical at first about what a movie title “The Accountant” could possibly be about. I was picturing a movie like “The Other Guys” with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg. But that guy might be the most badass accountant in the land!

        How could you not like Delly. He is a key piece to the team and his hustle/attitude is infectious. You are right, every player has their own way of contributing to the team and each piece is important to the overall machine!

        Hopefully he keeps it up. Onward and upward to the next round.


  12. Good job on all dividend investors,just small suggestion if you can put it like a table at then end of the post easier to read.Also good to see fellow swagbucks member.

  13. I actually enjoyed your post. The way you delivered your view/opinion, was very insightful. Your contribution to this community will be very fruitful to us. Viral Videos

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