September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

September is over and a lot of us haven taken the first few weeks of October to look back and reflect on the crazy month of September.  The turbulent market presented many great buying opportunities, as evidenced by what felt like a daily purchase article on our website, and benefits such as DRIPing at a lower price.  Preparing a dividend income summary article that includes the results of a few others in the community (I wish we could include all) has been a pleasure over the last few months. It allows us to share our successes together and push each other to knock out our goals so we can all escape this insane rat race.   We all have the same end game after all!  Let’s dive into the September edition of our monthly community dividend income summary.


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Frugal Living Tip: Asking for a Discount

I am relatively new to the frugal living lifestyle, as I didn’t even begin tracking my savings rate and monitoring my expenses with a fine tooth comb until a few months ago!  But now, since I have accepted the Dividend Diplomats’ 60% Savings Challenge where I aim to save 60% of my income each month, I have been trying to find new, innovative ways to save.   Recently, I have found success saving using one new method: Asking for a Discount (If the title didn’t give it away)!  Let me explain.
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