Expected Dividend Increases in June 2015

I alluded to this fact in my article last month, but I have now officially completed a 12 month cycle in my expected dividends increases article!  This has been one of our more consistent articles in our one year of blogging and I have enjoyed summarizing Dividend Aristocrats that are expected to announce dividend increases in the upcoming month.  Why?  Because it has introduced me to many new dividend paying stocks that I never considered before because either the yield is too low or they do not receive the same coverage as your Walmarts, PGs, JNJs, etc.   So now that we completed one 12-month cycle, let’s begin a new chapter and review Dividend Aristocrats that are expected to announce a dividend increase in June 2015!

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Expected Dividend Increases in May

All, I am very proud to say this, but this article series has come around full circle.  One of the very first articles we wrote on this blog was about Dividend Aristocrats that were expected to announce a dividend increase during June, 2014. This article will represent our 12th summary and you know what that means, our website is getting ready to celebrate its one year anniversary!  As a refresher, this monthly article series stemmed out of a love that me, Lanny, and many other dividend growth investors share….increasing dividends!   So much so that it turned into a game as we would try our best to predict the increase that would be announced.  While the game was fun, it was centered around the central idea that dividend growth is crucial for any DGI portfolio so that we can build a steady, growing income stream.  Without the growth, our income stream would begin to lose its purchasing power annually as the growth in inflation would slowly erode the value of the income stream.  With that being said, lets take a look at the first article in Year 2 and see which dividend Aristocrats are expected to announce a dividend  increase in May.

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Top 5 Low Dividend Yield, High Dividend Growth Stocks

I’m very excited to dive into this research and find what we think are the best 5 low yield, high dividend growth stocks.  We are only going to focus on the dividend aristocrats, who have increased dividends for 25+ years consecutively, as a baseline/filter out of stocks.  This will then keep us focused on a good barrel fool instead of a whole potential market full of stocks.  As the dividend world goes – typically if you invest into a lower yielding stock, it is compensated by a high dividend growth percentage, at least one would hope.  The case would be vice versa – a high dividend yield stock, would typically have a low dividend growth percentage.  Who is on our list for the top 5 spots?  Let’s find out!

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