Dividend Diplomats August Watch List

It’s already mid-August and us Diplomats haven’t came out with our watch list yet.  The market has been a rollercoaster ride, to which I hope everyone this summer has had some sort of an amusement happen, gone to a theme park, taken a day or so off to take it all in.  Well, we were back to the lab and doing research on finding what stocks we are looking at.  Enough with it – lets see what is on our August watch list!

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Recent Buy – IBM

As it turns out I was not able to sit on the sidelines too long after my purchase of Emerson Electric last week.   On Friday I was paid, which means I had $400 readily available to invest since I have a portion of my paycheck automatically deposited into the checking account linked to Sharebuilder.   I have been watching a lot of stocks over the last month or so as a result of the Greece turmoil and the general pullback in the market that recently occurred, which has caused a lot of great dividend growth stocks to become discounted.   I purchased one of the stocks on these watch lists, the question is…which stock was it?

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