November Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

One month left, now that November is over.  Time to make your Dividend Investment moves count!

What’s crazy is  how many stock purchases the two of us have made over the years that stemmed from an article we read on one of your websites.  We cherish this community.  Which is why we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  Here is the November 2019 version of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series.  It is time to get motivated!

This is the page where we have listed the Dividend Blogging Community’s monthly dividend income totals over the previous month.  This is where we show the Wonderful World of Dividend Investing!

Each Dividend Blogger is on their own journey, each with a different portfolio and strategy.  For example, us Dividend Diplomats use our Dividend Diplomat Stock Screener in order to find and invest into undervalued dividend stocks.  However, the bloggers below will have their own method on how they find their next investment!  That’s the beauty in sharing everyone’s results and blog they’ve created.

We love to track our Dividend Income, but we love to read and track the progress of the Dividend Blogging Community, as each and everyone of YOU continue to inspire and spread Financial Literacy and Education!

Here are the Dividend Bloggers we are showcasing for November:

Passive Canadian Income – $330.54 – 13% growth and did not even add any new positions, really, as you’ve stated. It’s all coming from decisions you made a long time ago and the fruit is being yielded.  AbbVie’s (ABBV) dividend increase was very sweet, too!

My Dividend Dynasty – $667.06 – Very nice and almost $1k!  That AT&T (T) dividend is huge, it’s no wonder they are a top 5 foundation dividend stock baby!  Further, that General Mills (GIS) is solid, wonder if they’ll get back to increases soon.

Dividend Seedling – $44.93 – Glad to see a fellow CVS Pharmacy (CVS) shareholder!  Glad I grabbed quite a bit, when I did, the stock price has sky rocketed.  Looking forward for them to come back to dividend increases, as well.

Investing Pursuits – $310.81 – Love that Bank of Montreal (BMO) position, and congratulation on the newly announced dividend increase from them.  Further, a 44% increase is monstrous, can you keep it up? It may seem difficult, but you BETTER try!

Tawcan – $1,849.95 – A solid 17% growth rate and it happens to be his second-“lowest” of the month.  Not too low to me, Tawcan!  Very impressive, indeed, especially in a November, which is typically low and quiet.  I agree, not many opportunities out there, but keep looking.  Congrats on the Canadian Tire Corp (CTC.A) dividend increase, as well, for 10%!

Dividends & Hobbies – $446.70 – D&H showing his best hobby – collecting dividends of course!  He actually has a sizable Apple (AAPL) dividend – at $62.59 – that’s quite the bit of shares to produce that income.  Congrats and an average of over $40 per company is strong!

Desi Dividend – $449.47 – Another one over $400!  I smell a theme here.  Further, you have 5 companies that paid you over $40, including AbbVie (ABBV), we love it.  You have quite a few long-term, dividend aristocrat names on the list and we applaud that.  Congrats!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $215.09 – AFFJ brought home a nice little piece, but they are also sitting on cash, from their article.  I know the undervalued dividend stocks aren’t plentiful right now, so I can understand that.  Keep the dividends flowing AFFJ!

Dividend Dozer – $103.41 – Coming in hot over the triple digit DD!  Congrats.  I see similar liked names, such as, Procter (PG), AbbVie (ABBV) and Hormel (HRL).  Loved Hormel’s increase, as well.  Keep it up!

Dividends are Coming – 91.57 (Euro) – So close to $100 – if you were to translate to US$ you would be there : )  Nice job, though and great names to boot.  Further, you are receiving the benefit of Nike’s (NKE) dividend growth of 11% – awesome.  Keep going!

Get Rich Brothers – $80.34 – Lowest month, but still you packed a solid punch. Further, you stayed consistent with your investment strategy and am looking forward to you gaining closer to $5k in total dividend income for the year.  Keep writing and investing GRB!

10 Year Target – $68 – Love the progress that’s being made and the detailed explanation of where your savings is going between Stocks, Mutual Funds and Cash.

Young Dividend – $1,144.29 – Crossing 4 digits in November is VERY impressive.  Surprisingly, you have Clorox (CLX) that leads the pack, behind AT&T (T) and that’s not a name that I see too often, let alone at that level.

Tako Escapes – $588 – Though this was “only” $588, Mr. Tako will be setting up a record-breaking December, for that I am sure/certain.  Mr. Tako was getting $12k for the quarter-end months, could he cross $13K or even $14K?!  We’ll have to find out.

Dividend Snail – $367.51 – Nice work and love the addition of General Dynamics (GD).  I think I counted 6 or 7 dividend aristocrats in your listing, amazing.  Can’t wait for $400 to be crushed this time next year.

Dividend Gremlin – $308.72 – Another strong month and congrats on over $300.  Looking forward to a great welcome back to work and adjusting to the one pay.  You can do it and your dividend income will continue to grow.

Retire By 40 – $931 – Almost $1k for the month!  I know you are eagerly anticipating the income for December, which we both know will be fantastic.  Congrats on all of your income streams that you have, inspiring!

Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Girl – $675.40 – There we go! Didn’t expect to see Briscol Myers (BMY) in there and you received a significant dividend from Omega (OHI).  Also, did you see your growth in income from last year, where you received $390.12.  Amazing.  Keep it up!

Div Hut – $970.26 – Holy smokes, almost $1,000 and up 17%!  That Abbvie (ABBV) is massive at OVER $200 in one quarter, wow!  Further, General Mills (GIS) is huge at over $100.  Incredible.  Keep inspiring DH!

The Dividend Guy Blog – $359.50 – Definitely one of few that own that Hasbro (HAS) – much better than fricken Mattel (MAT), that’s for sure.  You are cruising and excited to see those December results – keep on letting your portfolio do it’s thing!

Dividend Dream – $120 – Solid 28% growth there and OVER the 3 digit mark. Sad that we both didn’t benefit from a John Deere (DE) dividend increase this year.  Sigh… maybe next year…

Dividend Swan – $195.73 – 25 companies paid you this, that is insane!  Talk about building up the portfolio, layer by layer.  The 25 companies will no doubt be pouring dividends your way for years & decades to come.  Quite a few names I don’t normally see, as well.  Congrats!

Dividend Pig – $1,442.36 – A 29% increase from last year and you benefited from dividend increases, to the tune of $54!  I also want to look into Fastenal (FAST), as I have seen you and a few others own them.  Great job and love the dividend income you are earning.

Dividend Hawk – $1,253.60 – Mr. consistent over here, geesh Hawk!  The Abbvie (ABBV) is doing well for you, not to mention Royal Bank of Canada (RY).  Just making monster dividend moves Hawk and your income stream is steady eddy.

Engineering Dividends – $739.00 – Right to the penny with a 17.60% growth rate from last year.  You hit the dividend trifecta, dividend increases, dividend reinvestment and dividend purchases fueling that growth.  Your Procter & Gamble (PG) will be a triple bagger, no doubt, next year.

Money Maaster – $420.10 – Income is up almost 30% from prior year and your portfolio is up well over 20%, as well.  That Frozen cake you showed in your article is legit, Disney (DIS) definitely appreciates the loyalty!

Dividend Portfolio – $7.18 – 4 dividend aristocrats, included Hormel (HRL), is sick.  You truly have a dividend legacy growing and I can’t wait to see what your portfolio becomes!

My Financial Shape – $927 – You are firing on all cylinders and are also benefiting from the 3M (MMM) stock.  Lastly, your crowdfunding investments are really sending income your way.  Keep it up!

Dividends Down Under – $89.00 – So close to $100.00!  High savings rate and high investments will equal higher income in the future : )

Passive Income Pursuit – $555.37 – Making $18+ per day isn’t too shabby, right?  Love how you break it down in those figures.  Can’t wait to see the continued march to $1,000!

Divcome – $279.47 – Love that you own Ally Financial (ALLY) and appreciate supporting the banking and brokerage company I (Lanny) use!  A 37% increase is a nice little cherry for the month!

Dividend Growth Journey – $448.07 – You have a nice combo with the 1-2 punch from AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ), two telecom beasts.  Further, I see you collecting that CVS dividend, cheers to a 2020 dividend increase!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,036.54 – You are a dividend boss, that is FOR SURE.  The long list of dividend companies tells it all.  Further, you are doing this, while learning new cultures and navigating your way throughout Asia.  We are all excited for your next trip and retirement seems to be an adventure for you thus far!

Stalflare – 1,390 (Euro) – I agree that it’s hard to find an undervalued investment, but that doesn’t matter as much when you are PULLING IN OVER $1,300+!  Wow.  Massive figures here and you have option income to boot.  Congrats!

Passive Cash Blog – $303.65 – Have to LOVE that Caterpillar (CAT) dividend baby!  I hope they can continue that 15-20% dividend growth rate, no doubt.  Keep on churning those dividends, PCB!

Kody Dividends – $63.68 – 54% growth, time to keep that trend for next year and make sure you crack that $100 mark.  Love the screen shots from Robinhood, to showcase your income results.

Dividend Quest – $808.61 – You’ve had quite a bit of activity, but still packing a powerful punch and it appears you are trying to make sure your income going forward is strong.  Looking forward to continued progress.

Total:  37 Bloggers Received $20,081.91 in Dividends in November (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

Look at that, look at that.  The community averaged $542.75 in dividend income this month!  Each month, we tally these results and continue to come away amazed by the progress each and every one of you are making.  Whether your income increased 1% or 100% compared to last year, the important thing is that we are all taking the steps necessary to move ourselves closer to financial freedom.  Let’s break free from the shackles together and win back that precious TIME that we care so much about.

There are so many different ways to move ourselves forward this month.  Find some new ways to save using one (or all) of Lanny’s 5 ways to save $500 TODAY.  Or sign up for one of our financial freedom products.   Regardless of whether you do or not, let’s just remember the most important thing.  Make every dollar count, every single day.  Stay focused.  LETS GO!

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

24 thoughts on “November Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Just amazing how great we are doing. It is always a pleasure to discover how others go the way to FIRE. Again DDs, thanks for including me in your monthly summary.

  2. Hey guys,

    As always, I’m honored and humbled to be included. It’s fantastic to see so many people out there chasing after big goals and making their dreams come true. Wonderful stuff.

    Looking forward to seeing where 2020 takes us all!! 🙂

    Best regards,

    • Jason –

      Of course! You’ve got quite the leadership in the community and are paving a way for so many individuals. 2020 will be fantastic and hopefully full of adventure like you’ve been experiencing!


  3. Way to go everybody 👏👍😎 Another great summary of this community! Thanks for putting it together – VERY motivating stuff. Let’s get it in 2020, pumped for those final December dividends and to be one step closer to FIRE!

    Happy holidays 🎄📈

  4. As always, thanks for compiling this post as you both do each month. I really appreciate being included in the post and this is definitely my favorite recurring post in the FIRE and DGI community!

  5. This group is rocking and not looking back a bunch of great income. cant wait to see the results for DEC should be exciting? will we have brand new records? will we have people hitting their first comma on dividends? Thanks for including me in this great list. You should also include yourselves.

    • Doug –

      Group is kicking major A$$. Breaking records? That’s a given. I think we’ll see a LOT of commas for December, but also – new bloggers just starting out. Love the cycle and seeing new individuals join on the path.


  6. Love it! A $540 average across the bloggers is fantastic. I expecting some huge numbers from the blog universe with December now in the books.

  7. Diplomats- I always look forward to seeing this report and admittedly get psyched when I’m included. Love seeing how everyone’s doing and the community “atta-boys” going around! Honor to be on the list! Thanks!

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