Crushing $5,000 in Projected Dividend Income

What a year it has truly been.  A few late dividend announcements has allowed me to conclude that my forward looking dividend income stream has hit a new milestone that going into 2014 – I had no idea existed.  Heck, my initial 2014 dividend projected goal was $3,350 which kept being subsequently moved up as the year progressed.  You can judge my post by the title, but let’s see what projected dividend income milestone I have reached.crushing it

Crushing $5,000 in Projected Dividend Income

It seemed like it was only yesterday when I officially crossed the $4,000 in projected dividend income for 2015.  Insanely, it was in September or a full 3 months ago.  I was ecstatic for crossing that figure, after all of the capital I have added to my portfolio throughout the year.  From all of the frugality rules I live by, as I strive to save 60% of my income each month and even dealing with the endless liabilities of owning my car, and the cash goes out the door to boot.  I couldn’t believe it in September when I had officially crushed a projected $4,000 in dividend income.

One comment, on that post, however, resonated with me from our friend My Dividend Pipeline or MDP as we call him.  His comment stated somehwhat along the lines of “$4,000 is great, but I think you should go for $5,000” ~ Funny at the time and thought – this guy definitely can crack some jokes.

I thought in my head… no way, another $1,000 added to this goal at a 3.5% rate is calculated out to be $28,571 to be invested to hit $5,000 in projected income.  How could I even fathom that in 3.5 months since I crossed the $4k mark?  I love challenges, am competitive as hell and thought to myself – should I step into the ring to try this out?  When you do the math – that is hard to add $1,000 in new income  a year via investing on a moderate salary, let alone in a quarter of that time span.  As you can see, I am going for a goal of $5,750 in projected income by the end of next year in my 2015 goals post.

How I Crossed Crushed $5,000 in Projected Income

Not planned, I accidentally started to continue my investing route.  The 60% savings challenge kept myself motivated, as Bert also joined in on the action.  I began buying up more companies, I was locked, cocked and ready to unload in October.  I then dropped in a little and purchased IBM quite a few times, more Mattel and even decided to stop by the mineral/iron ore in BBL.  I further purchased more of my Canadian Imperial after performing a brief Canadian Bank analysis over 3 big guys in the industry.  All of these purchased, paired up with dividends being reinvested (So powerful!) and also dividend increases – I did it.  As you can see at my portfolio page and the snip below (as of 12/19/2014) – I have crusaded beyond $5,000 in income projected for 2015.



What does that even mean?  I have $417 per month being paid to me from the soldiers I have put out onto the field.  Further, these dividends are being reinvested back into more stock, and given my average portfolio yield is 3.79% currently – this is going to produce an extra $189 per year for me going forward.  My dividends are going to be paying dividends, essentially and I love it.  The train is moving and the speed and power is picking up.  The snowball (fitting because it is winter!) is building up and I can start to see the mound being built.  I am very thankful that patience, consistency and persistence has led to this milestone, but not too mention – the motivation to the readers of our blog, including, but not limited to: My Dividend Pipeline, Dividend MantraTawcan, Frugal Family, Captain Dividend – as well as many others.  I truly believe, in conclusion of this mark, that you can achieve anything you really set out for.  If you write it down and have a plan to reach that point – your desire and passion behind your fire will get you there.   The law of attraction is phenomenal with the strength being quite formidable that if we are positive, surround ourselves with the tools to achieve our goals – we can do it.  Similar to how Bert saves by simply asking for discounts because he believes and is positive he will win the debate/request (I just saw him negotiate our hotel rates for work down $10 a night today as well – nice job Bert!).   I learned this: Thoughts/beliefs that are strong enough to cause you to act on those thoughts/beliefs/goals will open up the door to allow you to take the path to grab the goal you set.  Following your dreams, essentially and not letting anything step in the way of that.

Thoughts on this milestone?  Are you reaching for and potentially hitting one of your own?  Are you surprised by your own actions?  Would love to hear where you are all at!  Thank you again.


26 thoughts on “Crushing $5,000 in Projected Dividend Income

  1. Congratulations! It is an awesome feeling when your results starts accelerating due to compounding. I have experienced the same thing and it is amazing how quickly things start growing once you lay down a solid base and stick to your plan. I love a capital based business where your money is working 7/24 and never calls in sick or goes on vacation. Here’s to more success in 2015.


    • Deets,

      Thank you so much for coming by ~ as well as the congrats – truly appreciated. Compounding has been huge and key for me this year – as well as solid dividend increases. All about putting little businesses in your portfolio and have them churn the wheel for you. 2015 should be an awesome year – thank you again Deets!


    • Bridget,

      What’s up?! How are things going? Thanks for coming by – appreciate the post! $1.5K is awesome – a nice $125/month is never a bad thing and covers quite a few bills when you think about it. With your mindset and your journey – I think you can get to $2K – do you reinvest dividends or collect the cash instead? I think with reinvestment + increases = already a nice kick start if that’s the case. Obviously a little more capital should do the trick! Thanks again Bridget, hope to hear back soon.


    • FFF,

      Thank you for the roll by! $5K is insane and never would I have predicted this is the position I’d be in – heck, I thought I’d barely have over $3K going forward into 2015 – very thankful and lucky, I’ll say. Persistence and consistency is key in this game, stay the trail and it’ll get you there. Thanks again Triple F, talk soon!


    • Pulling –

      Thank you so much. Discipline is definitely a key piece to all of this, as I perform my stock screeners, see what’s valuable and if I have capital – boom. It helps that I reinvest my dividends right back (so that capital is always at work) and I have had a few good dividend increases this year. 2015 should be an even more exciting year with an expected $5K already going in by itself! Talk soon!


  2. Wow that is awesome, definitely a very impressive progress so far Lanny! Hopefully you can continue your accelerated dividend income! Thanks a lot on mentioning my name, always appreciate it.

    • Tawcan,

      Thank you so much. Of course don’t worry about the mention – you’ve been a great contributor and motivator for everyone. I see MDP calling me out by stating a higher dividend goal ~ may rework my 2015 plan.. haha. What’s wild is my weighted average dividend growth rate is over 7.5% and the additional income from an average dividend increase of that nature already adds in a few hundred bucks, not included the additional shares my dividends are going to add next year. Therefore, 6,500 may be the new target, stay tuned!


  3. Wow Great job!

    In 2015 I’m predicting €1,500 in dividend income.
    But after reading your blog why not push it to €2,000?
    And ofcourse give my little girls everything they want.

    Keep up the good work.
    After reading your blog on your goals for 2015, i’m wondering how you can make €1,000 of your site.


  4. Hi DividendDiplomats

    I showed a friend of mine this post and heck he was thinking what can a $1,000 increase from $4k to $5k do these days? A couple of shopping plus a game of football would kill off the money. What he don’t realize is how the $1,000 will work out given to you for the rest of your life!!! That’s massive there considering the amount of power of compounding effect that will work out.

    All the best for the goal and achievement and looking forward to seeing you hit the goal.


    • B,

      Awesome detail — if they realize how much the $1K means each additional year reinvested or plowed back into additional contribution just simply adds to the compounding of income. It’s incredible. Thanks again B, appreciate it all!


  5. Lanny,

    Fantastic job with hitting $5,000 in forward dividends! I had no idea my Jedi mind tricks had so much power. 🙂 Fifteen years from now when you are receiving $45,000 a year in passive income you will without a doubt look back with pride on 2014. The cornerstones you have established are very impressive.

    I do have a question though….Is it flooding in Ohio? It looks like there is a lot of “sandbagging” going on up there. $5750 in forward dividends for next year??? You said it yourself….$189 in forward increases from reinvesting along with probably another $200 from raises gets you to roughly $5400 without any new capital. Unless you are planning to allocate your capital to other investments/debt reduction activities, I see $6500 as a worst case scenario.

    It is time to hitch the wagon to the horses!


    • MDP,

      Thank you haha — your Jedi tricks did have quite a bit of power. It would be wild thinking about where it will all be in 15 years.

      Wow… flooding in Ohio jokes eh? Taking a shot at my pride?! Well guess what – I see your $6,500 bet and I am raising that to $6,750 — you will see this in an upcoming post. I’m taking this challenge on and adding some – thoughts on that? Giddy up because this horse wagon is being unhitched, BROTHER?!

      Great motivation MDP – Merry Christmas eve as well!


  6. Amazing! This kind of readings keeps me motivated! I crushed my original goal of € 2500 already a couple of months ago and will create a higher goal for next year. I was thinking around € 6500! Keep up the good work!


    • DD,

      Nice work crushing your original goal of 2500, MAKING MOVES! Whoa – 6,500? Nice, I like it. I may have to re-vamp my goal based on MDPs comment – I’m loving the challenge he always puts down. You’ve got it in the bag DD, stay focused!


    • Henry,

      Long time no see! I just may have to add another 0 haha. Bert and I actually had a great conversation that we may post about regarding the amount of passive income necessary to just throw our hands up and say, “that’s it!” Talk soon Henry and thanks for stopping by, hope all is well.


  7. It sort of makes my 2015 resolution to double my dividend income from $110 to $220 seem puny, doesn’t it? Ah well, gotta start somewhere 🙂 Thanks for all the information you’ve been giving about picking good dividend stocks!

  8. DD:

    You guys rock! I really can relate to your story of goal setting, then going out and achieving them.
    I am about twice your age & wish more young people would go for their goals as you guys do.
    I am particularly interested in how you learned to apply the law of attraction so well, and is there a way that you have found (or material studied) that helps you apply it so effectively??
    Best wishes-JD

    • Jeff,

      Thanks for coming by! I am hoping to keep my pace up and continue to build this income stream throughout 2015 and beyond.

      As far as law of attraction – I feel as if you dream of something to happen, you have a burning desire for it to happen – your actions will typically fall in line with those passions and burning desires and you will begin to attract those to fulfill those desires. It’s amazing – have you studied law of attraction before?


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