April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Each month, the dividend blogging community continues to impress the two of us.   Some people are breaking records, some people are posting triple digit growth rates, and some bloggers are beginning their journey towards financial freedom.  Each blogger has their own journey, story, and method for accumulating a dividend income stream and it is a blast to watch and read about.   March’s summary was filled with great stories, and we are even more excited to see how the community built off of their successes in the first month of the second quarter.  Time to check out our April dividend income summary from YOU, the bloggers!

Dividends Down Under – $194.99 –  Oooh!  So close!  You will get it next time for sure, in crossing the $200 mark.  Great growth rate and keep it up.

My Dividend Pipeline – $627.24 – You son of a gun.  Back in the game and you are on a tear here.  Off month and almost $650 in dividend income.  This stuff is for legends..  Great job.

Dividend Portfolio – $.41 – Nearly a dollar here, and it came from the dividend growth investor communities favorite companies in Realty Income!  The amount may be small, but every step helps out and we all as investors began somewhere.  Looking forward to seeing you grow and build your dividend income figures!

Seeking the Dividend – $64.56 – Loving the 131% year over year dividend growth rate. Nice job!  Further, taking advantage of some opportunities that presented themselves in April.  Digging it!

Passive Canadian Income – $82.19 – Another insane dividend growth rate here PCI.  Cannot believe you were able to post a >500% year over year growth rate.  That’s what we are  talking about.  Keep it up PCI.

Passive Income Pursuit – $320.98 – There we go!  A nice $23 increase from your total last year, plus a plethora of dividend increases experienced this month, such as XOM, JNJ, IBM, to name a few.  Congrats!

Div Hut – $420.55 – Heck yah!  Even with Kraft (KHC) changing their payout schedule you STILL managed to beat last year’s results, awesome and keep doing what you’re doing DH!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $314.29 – Nice work!  Great names you have in your list and what’s wild – I don’t own (Lanny) any of them!  I see that Orchids (TIS) removed their dividend going forward, right?  Need to make up for that, now, agh!

Dividend Stacker – $163.55 – Very nice, even if there was a slight decrease!  If it wasn’t for TD Bank (TD), you would have had more!  Nice job, regardless.

Captain Dividend – $362.72 – Nice job, you had the bug of KHC as well changing their schedule.  Love seeing that you own Cisco (CSCO), a stock I wish I had!  Great increases, as well, for the month that you have listed.

Tawcan – $1,212.18 – WHOA!  WHAT!!!  The first one on the list over 4 digits.  Congrats Tawcan, love the inspiration and the yard looks great!

Dividend Dolphin – 14.71 Euros –  Very solid month Dolphin – We’re excited here to see you cross the three figure YTD mark in May!

Dividend Daze – $34.71 –  An incredible 122% increase in year over year income here for Dividend Daze.  And guess what, that recent purchase of Realty Income is going to help you continue to post crazy triple digit increases!

Passive Income Dude – $666.85 –  PID received a nice “special dividend” this month and it was a a great way to provide a jolt to your income totals in an “off” month.

Dividend Lord – $1,256.71 – Man!  Another member of the four digit dividend income club in April.  Some impressive figures right there.  You said it yourself, you are in a much better position today than you were a year ago.  Congrats on the great progress!

Investing Pursuit – $446.81 – Just a solid 8% growth rate compared to January 2017.  IP is seeing his portfolio filled with some classic Canadian dividend paying companies produce some strong results!

Dividends 4 Future – $106.14 –  D4S…amazing.  The dividend snowball is really starting to pick up steam here for you.  Can you imagine if you continue these insane growth rates every year 🙂

Two Investing – $315.54 – An 88% year over year increase is awesome Two Investing. Keep up the great work.  We cannot wait to see you cross the $7,000 in forward dividend income mark!

Divicents – $931.94 – Congrats on setting a new personal record here Divicents.  Hopefully you decide to put your income towards a new shiny dividend stock versus a new shiny grill!

Team Cheesy Finance – 730.66 Euros –  A tweet from Team CF here gave us a heads up that they crushed their income totals this month, and man did they deliver on the hype with a 114% year over year increase.  Amazing results!

Young Dividend – $844.96 – An unconventional fact is that the first month of each quarter is actually Young Dividend’s BEST paying dividend month.  When you break it down further, YD receives an impressive position from a classic dividend payer…MO.  We are huge PM fans, but MO is another great stock in the industry!

Dividend Reaper – $45.51 – By reading the article, we were expecting a small, modest increase from Reaper after dropping phrase such as ” as long as the received are larger than the previous years (given little/no surprises), that month should be seen as a success”.  Well then, Reaper drops a 230% increase on us!   That is a HUGE success.  Keep up the great work Reaper!

Dividend Vet – $143.79 –  Vet posted another strong increase in dividends in April compared to 2016, posting a 29% year over year increase from 9 dividend paying stocks.  Great month Vet.

Race2Retirement  -$2,137.14 – A mere 720 days into R2R’s 3,000 day journey, R2R crossed a HUGe milestone in surpassing $2,000 in dividend income.  This is one journey that is a lot of fun to watch and inspiring/motivating to see unfold!

Adam @ IWTRS – $81.79 –  Some great dividend stocks paid Adam this summer.  Adam has some cash to deploy and sounds hungry/motivated to keep fueling his dividend growth rate!

Passive income Mavericks – $1,635.84 – A new record was set for PIM in April, and we cannot wait to see PIM continue to break through the high ceiling that was set this month.  If April was this strong, imagine what figures June will produce.  Exciting stuff to see during an “off” month.

Dividend Seedling -$1.80 –  Planting the seeds for a strong dividend income stream in the future.  Seedling may not have received a lot, but the foundation has to be built somewhere and we’re excited to see the results.

Earn Money in Pajamas – $14.96 –  A nice 68% year over year increase for EMIP pushed the dividends received totals over $100 for the year.  Nice work.  Always nice to see another avid Swagbucks User as well.  An easy way to earn online income to continue fueling year over year dividend income growth like you experienced in April!

Time in the Market – $67.36 – A nice benefactor from Apple’s dividend increase that was announced at the beginning of May.  TITM saw a drop off from March, which is expected with a fund driven portfolio.  But a reference to additional purchases has us very excited for what June’s income report will report.

Man, are all of you exhausted from all the excitement as we are.  This is one of our favorite articles to prepare because we get to see the progress/results from so many others out there (a majority of which are our followers).   Seeing these results serve as HUGE motivation for us to continue pushing the limits and trying to CRUSH some of those infamous investing milestones that we set out sights on.   We end this article the same way every month, with a rallying cry to remind all of us that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR COUNTS in our journey towards financial freedom.  Keep up the great work everyone!

-Lanny & Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

52 thoughts on “April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. I look forward to this post every month. Great list you guys. I always find new blogs to check out. The list keeps getting bigger which is what we like to see and records are being broken every month. Keep up the good work, and thank you for including me in the list!

  2. Oh yeah! Solid results all around even with a wonky April that threw all our year over year figures off a bit. Just goes to show that even with payout changes and other ‘external’ factors our passive income streams still continue to flow in at a nice clip. Love these updates. They always keep me motivated!

    • Hut –

      You got that right. April threw everyone off, obviously, including myself and Bert.

      Motivation, grit, grind and persistence – all that is needed in this fun game. Let’s get to the next level.


    • PCI –

      Loving it, loving it. Of course – keep posting and keep making moves, you’ll be on here! Hope you have a nice weekend and check out their sites when you have a chance (those on the list, that is) – great community here!!!


    • Divi –

      Thanks for coming on by. All great motivational and inspirational tools, no doubt. That’s easily one of the reasons why we do it – something for all of us to look at and it pushes us, weird how that works!


    • Two Investing –

      Those 4 digit accounts crack me up, as it’s such a lofty figure – a figure that in April is MASSIVE and is inspirational in and of itself. Cannot wait to have 4 digit months… consistently. LETS GO!!


  3. Great list of dividend income…I am little sad you missed my record month of my own portfolio of April…
    Usain Bolt, my example will make sure he gets noticed next time…wink wink

    Congrats to everyone growing their passive income !!

  4. I really like this post I’m new on here this is the second income report from the bloggers I am reading. It’s nice to see other bloggers who are on the same journey I am on. I recently started documenting my progress and this is motivation to me. Would love to get some tips from you guys check out my blog also if possible http://canadianyardie.xyz/finances

    • CY –

      Of course, we’ll stop by to check it out and glad you are in the community! It’s great, so many of us, so many of us on similar journeys, different stages, doing different things – all going for the one goal. Let us know what we can help with and we’ll gladly jump on it! Thanks CY, talk soon.


  5. Excellent compilation as always, despite being an off month for many investors in the community the numbers continue to grow! I continue to look forward to the rest of the year as these numbers continue to grow, best of luck to everyone.

    • BHL –

      Completely agree. Solid income streams – we can always put it all together and buy an incredible/massive house near water/warm weather and retire. Kidding, kidding. A lot of great work here.


  6. Gentlemen, I would like to be added to your monthly dividend tracker, how do you compile your list, do participants send you their monthly number or do you look theirs up?

  7. It’s great to see a handful of $1,000 plus in dividend income from a few bloggers. I made just under $750 in April. It’s a record for me.

  8. I really look forward to these postings every month. It’s very inspirational. And, I made the list, so thanks for the inclusion. It feels great to be part of the Dividend Growth Community.

    Looking forward to next month’s reporting from the community.

  9. Is it just me or does this list gets longer and longer every month?!
    On that note, Bert & Lanny, feel free to include me in the future. And if you do, I promise to have a personal record month in May 🙂


    • Trust us, it isn’t just you Martin – the list continues to grow every month because more and more people are joining the community and interacting with one another. Looking forward to seeing what you bust out in May and seeing you around the website more frequently!


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