March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

There were records left and right in the dividend blogging community for March.  So many people out there are seeing the benefits of their hard work, frugal living, and dividend growth investing strategy.  Exciting stuff!  For those of you that are not familiar, each month, we compile a listing of as many dividend income summary articles as we can from the blogging community in one place so we can share as many different stories as possibles.  We wish we had the time to include every article out there, but unfortunately, we cannot.  So please do not take it personally if your article is not included!  Now, it is time to dive into the cold, hard numbers.  Check out our March Dividend Income Summary from YOU the bloggers!

Investment Hunting – $864.87 –  IH posted some great results this month, earning an average of $28.89 in dividend income per day!  Even better, IH is ahead of schedule for defeating an ambitious 2017 dividend income goal.  Stay tuned with this battle!

Dividend Geek – $70.32 – The vanguard funds are paying off handsomely!!  Nice work, no doubt.  With more consistency, your Q2 will really shine.

Dividends Down Under – $118.14 – Congrats on crossing another 3 digit mark!  Making moves and bringing consistency in there.  Nice job with the new shares from the DRIP!

Passive Income Mavericks – $1,426.93 – The 4 digit cracker here!  Congratulations, such a great milestone to cross again and your growth rate is very impressive.  I see quite a few of us have rebounded from BHP (BBL) this past month, phew and loving it, lets see if they can keep it going.

Race2Retirement – $2,504.83 – Uhm.. are these 4 digit dividend income months starting to become the norm?  Damn!  What a massive month and only 600+ days into your 3,000 day journey.  Definitely motivating for us all, keep pushing!

Young Dividends – $665.15 – Bodda bing, bodda boom!  So solid, over $600 is $20 received per day and I don’t care who you are – always will gladly accept that!  That easily pays for meals every single day, wi-fi internet for the month and even a few utilities.  Congratulations Young!

Dividend Reaper – $84.16 – A 300% increase…amazing stuff Reaper!   Also you have some interesting dilemmas on hand with how to deploy your capital.  Looking forward to seeking what you have up your sleeve!

Dividend Vet – $423.71 – Congrats on your best month every Vet!  Love the solid listing of 22 great companies that paid you a dividend this month.  Now it is time to watch the power of compounding make its impact!

Passive Canadian Income – $147.24  –  Yes!  PCI.  Congrats on crossing $100 in monthly dividend income for the first time.  Man, breaking that ceiling is difficult but once you break through, the sky is the limit!

Dividends 4 Future – $317.10 – Are you kidding us D4F?  How amazing is it seeing your income jump 23X compared to last year, from $13 to over $300!  Holy smokes! And guess what, adding $6,000 per month is amazing and will help maintain insane year over year dividend growth rates!

Dividend Seedling – $21.12 – Progress is in the air this March!   Seedling nearly surpassed his entire 2016 income this month.  Hopefully this gets the fire in your stomach to keep fighting and keep on climbing your way towards financial freedom!

Dividends Down Under – $118.14 – Welcome back Dividends Down Under.  After two relatively quiet months, DDU has come back swinging by posting triple digit dividend income totals and an 85% growth rate from last year!  By the way, this was an intentional double inclusion as a throwback to earlier income summaries!

Time in the Market – $1,250.80 – Four straight quarter ends over $1,000 is an impressive feat TITM!   Looks like you received a huge bump from automating your investing and maxing out your 401(k) contributions, a strategy we are familiar with on this website!

DivHut – $807.25 – SO AWESOME!  Also 43% is an insane growth rate and I am confident March of next year, you will have close to the same growth rate, I am serious.  You have been very consistent!  Congrats DH, as always.

JC @ Passive Income Pursuit – $876.63 –  Not only are those impressive numbers, JC also has an impressive presentation of his dividend income summary.  Gotta check out his inforgraphinc/article!  Loving it.

Dividend Stacker – $307.47 –  Moves are being made here and Stacker’s income is up over 27% from the same month last year.  You received a HUGE boost from new positions this year and it is always nice to see the drastic impact a purchase has on your forward income.

Dividend Cake – $201.78 –   The progress for Cake is amazing, but the progress of Cake’s mom’s portfolio is awesome!  Just lots of good stuff happening during the month of March for you and your family.

Earn Money in Pajamas – $42.16 –  EMIP posted a 210% year over year increase.  Great results.  Now you are starting to see the benefits of your hard work and the power of dividend re-investing flex its muscles!   Pumped to see you post another 210% increase next year.

Pursuit 2 Freedom – 33.99 Euros –  BOOM!  Just notching a 287% increase compared to last year.  Great freaking month P2F and we are looking to see the impact of the additional capital invested during the month.

More Dividends – $52.16 –  A new record here for More Dividends.  Congrats!  Further, these stock purchases are going to help fuel even stronger growth rates going forward.  Exciting stuff is happening here.

Divicents – $850.50 –  CRUSHING IT!  Here is the crazy stat.  a 24% growth rate is nothing to sneeze at and is helping push Divicents closer towards his ambitious 2017 dividends received goal.  Keep up the great work.

Screaming Little Man – $2,243.92 –  Over two grand, are you kidding us SLM.  Amazing month indeed.  Don’t worry, we were hit with a bunch of snow in March here too.  Looking for the weather to turn so we can officially say that spring has arrived!

Diligent Dividend – $182.72 – Another blogger, another record!  Diligent continues to push the envelope in terms of dividend income.  Get ready to continue crushing this record, it only gets better from here!

Retire by 40 – $988 –  Very impressive numbers RB40.  Bummed you couldn’t  get the extra $12 needed to push you over the limit.  But via DRIP, you should easily crush this the four digit mark in June.

My Dividend Pipeline – $967.30 –  Darn right that is a breakout month!  HECK YEAH MDP.  You may have missed the four digit mark, but you’ll easily crush this in June.

Passive Income Dude – $959.95 –  Man, another blogger that just barely missed crossing the four digit mark.  So close PID, but love seeing the progress.  Keep it up PID!

Two Investing – $1,023.10 – Woah Woah Woah.  A 38% increase that pushed you over the $1,000 mark.  Heck yeah Two Investing.  That’s what it is all about right here.

Tawcan – $1,171.92 – There we go, another $1K mark!  Nice work Tawcan and also – a 23% increase to boot… talk about move making.

Passive Income Pursuit – $876.63 – Bodda bing and bodda boom.  Definitely combine all your accounts, I’d be mad if you didn’t!  Nice work and keep the pursuit going strong.

Dividend Pig – Over $500!  Nice job working through another major goal of yours!  I hope that you see that the blood sweat and tears is worth it somewhat, as I know that can be hard to do.  You are doing awesome… what’s next.. $1k?!

Wow.  A lot of dividend income summaries.  Told you all there were a TON of records being set in March.  And for those of us that did not set a record, we still found a way to post a very nice year over year increase.  That’s the name of the game here and this is what it is all about.  Saving every dollar you can, scraping together every dollar to invest in income producing, appreciating assets.   We  are all doing such amazing things here.  So let’s keep on pushing and motivating each other to reach financial freedom as soon as possible!  Time to begin the second quarter off just as strong as we ended the first quarter.   LETS GO!!!

-The Divided Diplomats

48 thoughts on “March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. That´s just amazing. What a great summary and some insane dividend incomes. Wow. I´m going to subscribe to each and everyone of you. This community is so useful and inspirational!

    • Thanks! you have to find what system works best for you. If it is monthly…great. But if it is quarterly, as I believe yours is, then that works well too. Its all about whats doing what is easiest for you.


  2. Lots of great months up there as everyone continues to grow their income streams. That list seems to keep getting longer every month as well! I hope many of these bloggers continue to stick around so we can see the rise to 4 digit incomes every month and beyond!

    • Stacker,

      Agreed, a lot of great results are included here. We share the same sentiment, hopefully many of these bloggers keep on sharing their story and motivating others. We do our best to include as many as possible (based on time of course), so hopefully we can keep on growing this list! Nothing would make me happier than seeing everyone on this list with four digit income figures.


  3. March was a fun month to report and see how well everyone else is doing. Seems like almost everyone had a record month and is continuing to move ahead. It’s great to see so many still in the DGI game despite market highs and uncertainty about the future. Keep buying quality and holding on to those dividend payers. Thanks for including DivHut!!!

    • Divhut,

      Of course. Keep on crushing, along with Baby Divhut. March was a great month for so many of us. You are right, there were a TON of records thrown around here and guess what, I’m sure June there will be even more records!


  4. Everyone is doing so great. It is awesome to see so many people with such different backgrounds all come together to share their own personal quest for financial independence. Thanks for including me in this list.

  5. Thank you for the inclusion in the list. I always like to see how others are doing and how it’s compiled in a single post. Onward and upward.

  6. Diplomats, as always, I appreciate the inclusion of Two Investing. I hope you keep doing posts like this because they are some of my favorites. Love the short comment you post with each site’s dividend amount as well. Very fun and motivational to read!


    • Of course Scott – keep on crushing it! These posts aren’t going anywhere and we’re glad you enjoy the comments. We love compiling and finding a way to comment on each blogger’s results 🙂 It makes it fun for us.


    • BHL –

      Yes, yes there is, and what stinks is when we can’t grab them all – either because we missed the article, we already had this article set up to post and/or some of our edits to the draft didn’t get fully captured. Always enjoy scrolling down seeing the growth!


    • Race –

      Always pumped when I see the name come across the screen. We are all in a long/short/medium/our own race to the beloved goal of freedom. Keep it up, appreciate the stop by to check it all out!


    • Seedling –

      But of course, without the dividend seeds – how else are these portfolios going to blossom? Exactly. Appreciate the comment – we all can really take a look at the hard work and consistency being applied here! Only one way to go. UP.


    • Heck yeah! these were some INSANE numbers this month by many in the community and yourself. Loving the fact that you received nearly $800 from that mutual fund. That is a heck of a lot of dividend income right there.


  7. Awesome month for everyone! Keep seeing records being broken everywhere I look. Now looking forward to seeing everyone’s new buys and how it effects next quarters numbers. Thanks for sharing the list!

    • Very nice month for everyone indeed Dividend Daze! Agreed, can’t wait to see how everyone deploys their capital going forward. If we saw some many great records this quarter, I can only imagine how many we are going to see going forward.


  8. Thanks for the shout out. Your list keeps getting bigger each month. It’s great to see that all of us are on this journey together. For those of use who’ve been doing this a few years, it’s great to see these monthly dividends are getting so high. I’m so proud of all of us.

    • IH,

      I love seeing all these new bloggers and stumbling on websites that have to be included in our summary. IT is motivating to see how well everyone is performing and their success is infectious, isn’t it? As you said, we’re proud as heck of everyone as well. Moves are BEING MADE!!


  9. Looks like an awesome month all around, a lot of familiar names snowballing like crazy. And special thanks to the Diplomats for the include!

  10. Always an insanely cool list!

    It’s like a nice cheat sheet for me to check out other dividend investors and compare them against myself. Currently, everyone is winning…for now. I have some awesome passive income streams coming online that will help me buy some more dividend stocks soon. =)

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Interesting thing you have here DD 🙂 Sadly my dividend income is so minor that I monitor them quarterly. In 2017q1 was 20 EUR. Most of my stocks pay their dividends once a year so I will recieve good piece of them in q2 but still thats only ~500EUR a year.

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