Bert’s Five “Always Buy” Stocks

The last month has been a roller coaster ride in the stock market.  I love waking up in the morning and reading about the pre-markets and the developments that occurred overseas while I was asleep.   Every time I read and hope for a downturn so I can benefit as much as possible as a dividend investor, whether it is from initiating a new position, lowering my cost basis in a stock I already own, or receiving a few extra fractional shares from a DRIP.

A few weeks ago I woke up and there was a sudden decrease in the market. Sadly, I froze….I didn’t know how to allocate my idle cash and it turns out I missed a golden opportunity.  I learned a very important lesson from this experience. Going forward I am going to maintain a list of five stocks that I will always buy.  That way,  I will be able to react instantaneously the next time the market decides to suddenly drop.   After weeks of consideration, I have compiled the first installment of this list.  Did any of the stocks you currently own make the cut?  Let’s find out.

Buying Stocks

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