Why I am aiming to save 60% each month

I recently reviewed and read DM’s latest post, as he has felt a “Slow down” to the finite item – time.  Here we are, the majority of Americans, working in Careers/”Jobs” that we don’t necessarily gain the most happiness from, spending 40-100 hours per week and watching this “time” dwindle.  Now I know that there are the individuals who are working those hours doing something they absolutely love for a company or a firm – awesome and congratulations.  I can admit – there are perks from my career that I do find enjoyable and that I Love and am passionate about with being a CPA and working for a firm – such as, client relations, offering them advice & guidance, solving problems, the camaraderie with my co-workers, being a teacher to the younger staff & being well respected within my firm.   Continue reading