Lessons Learned From ARCP

ARCP always seems to find a way to be in the news.  Whether the company is acquiring a large amount of properties, selling assets, possibly spinning-off a segment of its business, etc., it always seemed the management team was pushing the flooring the pedal trying to improve the company.  Until recently (2nd quarter of 2014), this aggressive strategy kept the share price climbing and allowed ARCP to quickly ascend and compete with the large, established competition (O) in the industry.  And quite frankly, the success of the company, management’s aggressive nature, and the dividend were major factors in my decision to invest in the company.    However, as all ARCP shareholders know, the company has had a very difficult two-week stretch.  In this article, I will summarize what has transpired recently for ARCP and share what I have learned about dividend growth investing from this experience.


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