The Cost of Golfing

For the past 8 years, I have been trying (and failing) to become an average  golfer.  I found an un-discovered passion for the game and have been working to get better each year.  Over this period, my uncle and friends have spent countless hours on the beautiful courses watching me hit a ball 50 yards, curse, and sometimes throw my club in anger.  I commend them for their patience, because it happens much more frequently than it should.  It seems I have reached my potential as a self-taught golfer and part of it is my fault for not putting in a better effort to learn/spending the money to take lessons and learn the right way.  I have tried and failed at teaching myself to golf.   What lies ahead is a serious investment to improve my game. The question is….is it really worth it?

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New Computer Feel for…$63.67

My computer is now blazingly Fast!  I am a very frugal individual when it comes to purchases, where I really weigh in on the value and impact a purchase has on my life, not just today – but going forward.  The last 6 months to 1 year, my computer (aluminum Macbook I bought in 2008 – the first one to have a unibody aluminum casing, which I bought for less than half of what it cost when it first came (I did a few things to make this happen.. haha)) has been acting very slow when it came to multi-tasking.  Multi-tasking activities such as: Word Document, Excel, iTunes and web browser – all open at the same time.  I almost went and bought a new tablet or a new computer, but didn’t.  This is where the Frugality of me comes into play.  Continue reading