Endless Liabilities Owning a Car Part Deux

Well… my car was back at it again this month, as more repairs and maintenance were absolutely necessary given the winter and our CPA season of “busy season” coming on deck.  I wanted to make sure a specific repair was taken care of before trenching through snow, ice and hundreds/thousands of miles of driving over the next 90 days.  It’s an easy repair actually, but one that I have a tale of two cities, for lack of better words, to describe – Brakes and Rotors.

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Endless Liabilities of Owning a Car

Endless liabilities owning a car.  I’m going to come right out and say it.  I am sitting here in a hotel in the middle of Pennsylvania, very fortunate that one of my co-workers, which happens to be Bert, drove his car out here for our client.  Owning a car is part of my fixed expenses that I had, that I discussed wayyy back in the beginning of the blog.  Over the last 6 months I have found to discover that owning a car signs you up for endless liabilities.  It is all on a mindset and how much time you spend on the road, and well, life as an auditor – gives you plenty of time for that.

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