Lanny’s Recent Purchase – Re-up in JNJ

Well, I became more consistent and maintained my eye sight on Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) last week.  I decided to re-up on my position on Tuesday, as I had a free trade for that day and the stock price actually went in my favor.  I had wanted to increase my position to approximately $1,500 and I was able to do that with this purchase.  After this, I feel like I’d want this position even more rounded, at an even $3,000 amount.  Let’s take a look at the quick purchase: Continue reading


Target Stock Analysis

Target has obviously been a part of some very intense headlines this year – Data breach on credit cards, as well as CEO stepping down from the company.  I have actually had this analysis in draft form and then last Tuesday – provided even more great news for me to hold off on publishing the article.  Here is my Target (TGT) stock analysis and my decision to purchase or not to purchase:

tgt Continue reading