September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Man oh man has the fourth quarter started off with a bang!  Mr. Market has been pretty volatile and the interest rate environment continues to rise.   Plenty of bloggers took advantage of the recent swings and added nice chunks of change to their forward dividend income totals.  We definitely did.  But before we look too far ahead in the future, it is time for one of our favorite monthly articles to compile.  Why?  Because our inspiration to hustle, grind, and keep pushing towards financial freedom stems from all of you in the blogging community.  That’s what makes this community so special.   For those of you that are not familiar, each month, each month, we gather as many dividend income summaries from the community to share the results with all of you.    Here is the September installment of our dividend income from YOU the bloggers series!

Reverse the Crush – $38.79 –  And we kick off the festivities with RTC and an insane 368% year over year increase.  What a ridiculous percent RTC.  Nice job!

Dividend Dozer – $116.09 – Nice job crossing the three digits with amazing growth to boot.  We share a lot of the same names, but you have so many that I don’t, such as Microsoft (MSFT) and Flower Foods (FLO).  Keep it going Dozer.

My Dividend Dynasty – $950.28 – Is the Dynasty built yet or what?  With that type of income, it sure seems like it!  I’ve never seen such a massive dividend from International Business Machines (IBM), takes a lot of shares to get there!  Nice job MDD!

Passive Canadian Income – $605.19 – 22% growth, record year, over $600, what else is going for ya?  That solar income baby!  Also, the # of companies paying you is amazing.  Additionally, Shaw Communications has piqued my interest.

Dividends are Coming – $146.84 – There we go!  Also, BHP (BBL) came in the clutch with a nice dividend increase this year and you really can feel it, once you receive the dividend.  It’s true what your name says… “dividends… are coming”.

Divvy Dad – $1,386.02 – Yes, you are the father of a ton of dividends.  You are straight killing it.  Further 80% growth with that type of income is nothing short of incredible.  Similar to myself, Bert and others – you have massive dividends coming from the mutual funds, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  They still work at the store!

The Dividend Guy Blog – $400.15 – I (Lanny) just need to say this.  Receiving over $10 from Visa (V) is actually a very hard feat!  Congrats DGB on that one, and that’s primarily because of the low yield and high stock price!  Congrats on crossing $400 and the one year mark for the portfolio, keep it up!

Drip Til Rich – $439.62 – Boom!  Cruised over $400 as well, we see.  You may hit the $500 mark by December, potentially, let alone next year.  95% growth is no joke.  Guess what – make us laugh and DO IT AGAIN next year.  Nice job DRIP!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $250.61 – Congrats!  Also, very solid dividends from Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX), as I believe oil will begin raising those dividends at a stronger rate in the future.

Dividend Vet – $561.64 – Whoa, 22 companies paid you and you have many different names that I need to research, such as Public Storage (PSA), as that industry intrigues me.  Very awesome and nice job crossing $500!

Wallet Squirrel – $8.94 – Very solid results and though that may seem smaller, you actually made over $216, from all of your other hustles.  We’ll be on the lookout for your next ventures!

Dividend Pig – $1,731.12 – Okay Pig, this isn’t fair!  You had 58 companies pay you, that is absolutely crazy!  Also, the International Business Machines (IBM) dividend is massive, at over $100 in the quarter alone.  Keep it up!

Investing Pursuits – $469.19 – What’s that, a 99% increase compared to last year?  That is nasty IP!  ENB lead the pack for you by paying you over $200 during the month.  Gotta love it.

Dividend Portfolio – $111.15 –  We didn’t forget about you this month DP.  Back to back months crossing $100 is an incredible feat and one that you will be enjoying in perpetuity.

Financially Free in 10 Years – 35.09 Euros –  There is so much to like in this income report.  You crushed your 2018 goal of dividends received…in September.  You still have 3 more months to go.  And on top of it, your dividend income grew by an insane amount compared to last year.

Stashing Dutchman – $199.44 – Man oh man.  You were SO close to crossing the $200 mark this month.  Clearly, with DRIP, you will blow by this amount in December.  Love the well balanced approach to your dividends received as well, considering most companies paid you a similar amount.

Time in The Market – $2,136.45 –  We thought September 2017 was crazy.  And then you still managed to dig deep and have a 25% increase compared to last year.   Just incredible.

Dividends and Hobbies – $638.44 –  Making moves, making moves.  That $638 figure is much greater than your September 2017 total of $341.   Talk about solid growth!

Dividend Hawk – $1,297.15 –  Wow – that 33.9% dividend income was sweet and you received a lot of dividends from some great dividend paying stocks.  Great job Hawk!

Broke Investor – $12.90 –  BI made some moves this year.  That addition of PFE was huge and pushed you into the double-digit dividend income month club.  The best news is that it only gets better from here 🙂  But the best news in this article didn’t even involve dividends….it is the fact that BI became a father.  Congratulations!!

The Frugal Cottage – 111.97 Euros –  Love the emphasis in your article about how you are starting to see the results of all your hard work and frugal living.  Especially this line: “We are not depriving ourselves of anything, just making purposeful choices and it’s beginning to pay off.”  You hit the nail right on the head.

I Want Dividend – 183.36 Euros – Another great growth story here and IWD continues to make moves to knock out those 2018 goals.

Passive Income Vortex – $1,105.13 –  This has it all for dividend investors.  PIV’s dividend income increased from massive purchases (KHC) and excellent dividend increases from railroad holdings and other investments.  Fundamental dividend growth investing right here.

Dutch Independence – 89.09 Euros –  That 70.87% year over year increase is very solid DI!  Continue making moves to grow your portfolio and increase your dividend income.

Engineering Dividends – $1,003.03 – Wow.  Just over the $1,000 mark.  That’s how you enter the four-digit club in style for the month ED haha  We know it wasn’t your first time in the club, but we’re guessing this has to be the closest call yet.  Enjoy your growth and progress and continue to focus on increasing those income producing assets!

Tawcan – $1,696.94 –  Bob, you continue to crush it.  We aren’t sure if you have realized  this or not, but it is your 30th consecutive month in the four-figure dividend income club!  Technically, that makes you a Dividend Aristocrat for the blogging community 🙂

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,095.83 –  First time in the four-digit club…. Man JC is on a tear and that freedom fund continues to spit out awesome results.  What is also exciting is that you are on the verge of crossing $5k in dividends received during the year.  And you still have three more months to go.

Dividend Gremlin – $397.50 – The Gremlin continues to strike in September.  That 24% year over year increase is sick and it is awesome seeing you make progress on all fronts!

Divhut – $987.72 –  Keith continues to set a great example of how hard work and consistency pay off.  You are going to CRUSH $1,000 in December, that’s for certain.

Dividend Seedling – $34.67 – 16 companies paid Seedling a check this month.  The seeds have been planted and you have been able to realize some nice growth compared to last year!

Dividend Meter – $1,162.12 – The meter continues to climb, and climb, and climb.  Nice job continuing to make moves and build your forward dividend income!

Kody’s Dividend – $44.26 –  Backed by a nice dividend increase from BP and SJM, Kody saw a solid bump in dividend income during the month.  That Robinhood account is looking pretty sweet right about now!

American Dividend Dream – $306.58 – That’s right – double the dividend received from last year.  That is some awesome progress ADD!  Keep on maximizing your 401k our friend 🙂

Dividend Snail – $264.34 – You crossed the $3,000 dividends received mark for the year.  Congratulations on crossing that milestone.  The chart showing your growth over the years continues to impress and it is trending in the right direction.

The Beta Post – $278.82 – That 29% dividend increase was great, regardless of whether or not some of the growth was due to a timing difference.  You also have to love that new dividend from Realty Income!

The Money Sprout – $820.78 – The Money Sprout’s dividend income covered over 11% of the family’s monthly expenses. Well on your way to 100% and this huge chunk of dividend income will bring you one step closer via DRIP.

Tall Investing – $556 –  Looks like another blogger set a new person record this month.  TI continues to push the envelope and aggressively grow those dividend income totals.   Keep it up!

Dividend Quest – $661.22 –  The Quest continues and it was a very busy month here.  An exciting vacation, solid dividends, and a major career change.  A lot is on your plate DQ!

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $1,222 –  Making moves, making moves.  A nice combination of dividends from individual stocks and ETFs helped catapult MYWF to another strong four-digit dividend income month.

Dividends Down Under – $459.57 –  After a quiet August, DDU came out firing in September.  That 245% year over year increase was SWEET!

Pollies Dividend – $558.73 –  The numbers are looking great Pollies!  Over $100 from Shell?  Glad we are fellow shareholders of this oil giant.

Steps to FI – $1,136.85 –  Yet another personal record!  Steps to FI blew past the $1,000 mark this month and CRUSHED last year’s total of $865.35.   That’s what we are talking about.  Congrats.

Dividend Compounder – $122.93 –  DC had a very solid month, despite a small decrease from the prior year.  Keep looking forward though, because the decrease was just due to some sales that were made to improve your portfolio.  You’ll see the benefit of the moves soon enough.

All About the Dividends – $568.42 –  Some massive results here for Matthew and the growth and progress continues.  Loved seeing all the new companies that paid you a dividend this year compared to last.

Dividend FIREman – $1,273.43 –  The records continue to flow in and FIREman’s impressive dividend totals continue.   What’s impressive that FIREman received this haul from only 15 companies.

Mr. Takos – $10,897.99 – Mr. Tako… what in the world?!  5 digits, just wow!  The first one on here and you represented pretty much 1/3 of the total dividend income right now on this page.  Big motivation here for us – keep inspiring!

Total:  46 Bloggers Received $38,522.06 in Dividends in September (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

45 unique, inspiration stories.  We saw a little bit of everything this month in this article.  Personal records, triple digit year-over-year growth rates, four-digit dividend income months, significant purchases, insane dividend increases, and good old-fashioned dividend growth investing at its finest.   We mean it.  This is the stuff the energizes us and convinces us to continue pushing forward towards financial freedom.   So let’s make the most of this fourth quarter everyone.  It is time to hit the pavement and continue our push towards financial freedom.  Let’s make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT and crush it for the rest of 2018.  LETS GO FOR IT!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

54 thoughts on “September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. wow what a list! you should include yourselfs too though.

    Nice work everyone!

    Tako is awesome! Man, thats where i wanna be.

    shaw seems cheap and should be a nice distruptor going forward. Take advantage of that dollar guys.

    cheers and thanks for including me

  2. Hi Lanny & Bert,
    Thanks a lot for providing this list every month and thanks for including me in it as well! A great place to get some inspiration and perhaps find some new journeys to follow!

  3. Thanks for another awesome monthly consolidated post diplomats. I love reading these as I can not only compare my monthly growth, but the growth of others working towards a common goal. This helps fuel the motivation and increases the desire to reach that higher number.

    Keep up the awesome post gentleman.

  4. Another fantastic update showcasing the power of passive dividend income earned. Still, can’t believe at our collective total. It’s amazing to see our DGI community doing so well. Thanks for the update. More who are not into DGI should read these posts.

  5. So many terrific examples of successful DGI. Congratulations to everyone!
    As always, thanks to the Diplomats for all the efforts on this monthly post. It’s a great resource.
    Always awesome to find ED in the list, too… Thanks!

    • ED –

      Exactly, and of course, no need to say thanks, seriously! I’m impressed by the continued response, attention and devotion of the community. We have to give it back to the members someway and somehow!


    • StFI –

      A few bucks here and there, and boom – almost $40k!? It’s crazy, right? In one month, haha, nonetheless. We are doing so great, and we shouldn’t let off the pedal now. LETS GO!!


  6. Absolutely amazing! From top to bottom there is so much inspiration here and a good example of how sticking to this strategy can really reap some amazing rewards!

    Thank you both for another great recap of the impressive accomplishments across the DGI community. It is an honor to be included among this group!

  7. Thanks you very much for including me, and more importantly, compiling this report. The amount of dividends that this community is collecting is absolutely insane! And it will only increase going forward. It’s great to see the progress of everyone at different stages of the DGI game. Those of us that are newer to DGI like myself, are able to view the results of those more experienced than us and it really serves as motivation. Every time I see these results, the DGI strategy is further reinforced.

    • Kody –

      Thank you for the comment, don’t say thanks for us including you! WE love this. We love the younger one’s in the game, as this shares so much experience – the wins/losses – what we are seeing, etc.. WE can also learn a LOT from you, though, as well. As you are bringing fresh strategies, metrics and what you see in the current market as what people gravitate to as a consumer.


  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying ut, this is my favourite post every month. Thanks for including me yet again guys!

    Just shy of $40k people, how amazing is that?!? Lets crush the last quarter together!

  9. Hi Dividend diplomats,

    Wow, just wow so many dividends. It is truely inspiring to see such a post. I already reached FI, but for people that are just starting out this shows that the dividends can grow from a small amount a month to a very big one every month.


  10. Hey guys,
    I’d humbly submit my dividend income for your totals as well: $414.04 CAD and $69.37 USD ($483.41 currency neutral).
    Love the article; +$38k in divs for the month collectively is huge!

  11. Thanks for mentioning my website. The progress of our DGI community is amazing and truly inspiring. Everyone is heading for their next milestone: crossing the $300 mark, hitting the first $1,000 and so forth. It’s so great to read about everyone’s journey. I’m sure a lot of work and time is needed making this post. So thank you very much! Really appreciated!

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