May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Time is flying and life is moving at 1,000 miles per hour.  It is RIDICULOUS to think that 2019 is almost halfway over.  I guess that’s why we are pursuing financial freedom after all, right?  To take back our time, slow things down, and enjoy every step along the way.  And also reduce stress.   We are all on this journey together!  Which is why each month, we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  So we can share, enjoy, and cheer on each individual journey.   Here is the May 2019 version of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series!

Passive Canadian Income – $326.87 – Making moves and you are higher than last year.  Additionally, you sold off a TON of stock, but yet you are still seeing growth.  Therefore, keep it up and keep it going!  Also, the solar income will bounce back, bring on the sun!

My Dividend Dynasty – $919.46 – It’s amazing seeing that you focus on a specific group of companies.  Those companies are paying you in massive ways!  AT&T (T) is over $170 and Omega (OHI) over $229.  Again, fairly impressive!  $10,000 in forward dividends, here you come.

Dividends Down Under – $358.95 – You had $36 last year and you are at ~$360 now.  Literally, adding a “0” at the end, it’s incredible.  Looking forward to your progress in achieving your goal!

Reverse the Crush – $27.64 – A “decent” 82% increase, no big deal.  You are killing it and excited to see what the management commentary will look like for June!

Div Hut – $933.47 – There it is folks.  I’ve been following DH for quite some time and we’ve gone from single digit months to now almost 4 digit months.  He is up 20% from last year and we all know where he will be in 2020 – easily over $1,100 of divvy income, at that pace. Nice job DH, keep inspiring!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $259.56 – The dividends keep rolling in.  Steady as always.  Big dividends from General Mills (GIS), Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T), of course.  GIS stock price has roared back and it’s quite fun seeing how many other bloggers own their stock.  Keep it up.

Stashing Dutchman – $166.73 – Back in the saddle.  British American Tobacco (BATS) paid you quite a bit, which is a name I don’t see too often.  Furthermore, Williams-Sonoma (WSM) also carried some weight for you!  Don’t tell my wife about that one!

The Dividend Guy Blog – $344.71 – Dividend investing at it’s finest.  A statement from DGB, “..each month I calculate how much I receive from my holdings; I always end-up with a higher number.”  There it is everyone.  That’s what it’s about.  Also, nice job collecting big dividends from the Canadian Banks of Royal Bank (RY) and National Bank (NTIOF).  Keep the torch burning!

Dividend Pig – $1,379.88 – Over 44% and $400+ later, and this is a record setting May for DP!  Further, he had massive dividends roll in from our favorite monthly dividend income payer, Realty Income (O).  That is not to say the $90+ dividend from CVS (CVS) was not significant, as it was, as well as the General Mills (GIS) dividend.  Congrats and looking forward to your progress!

Dividend Hawk – $1,265.92 – Bodda Bing, Bodda Boom!  Another 4 digit earner here, congrats Hawk! I see the big mounds from AT&T (T) and Omega (OHI) over there and not to mention the nice monthly check from Main Street Capital (MAIN).  Congratulations, you are killing it!

Dividends Are Coming – 365.70 Euros –  Two dividend income summaries for the price of one!  DAC released the April (252.79 Euros) and May (365.70 Euros) results in the same article.    The big bounce came from European dividend stocks, which pay less frequently than the quarterly dividends we are accustomed to here across the pond (or even monthly….Realty Income).

Dividend Compounder – $291.38 –  The title of the article says it all…a 90% increase and a RECORD MONTH.  That is how you crush dividend investing in style Compounder.   Your going to crush that coveted $300 barrier in August.  We know it.  Whether fro DRIP alone or just one extra purchase, you’ll blow right by that mark.

Pollies Dividends – $349.68 –   That 30% dividend increase is solid, along with your first dividend received from ABBV and the dividend increase from PG.  That’s the beauty of dividend investing right there Pollies!

My Financial Shape – $3,200 –  First off, the $3,200 mark in MAY is freaking sweet.  But it gets better. Much, much better.  MFS’ dividend increased 100% compared to last year.  UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE.

Divgro – $1,656 –  Ferdi’s dividend income continues to churn.   A unique aspect of Ferdi’s dividend month is that it was pretty balanced.  No one company paid a massive dividend compared to the group.

Dividend Cashflow – $304.79 –  The progress is real for Dividend Cashflow.  There were some new additions compared to last year and some departures.  But overall, after the dust settled, the moves produced a strong dividend month and year-over-year growth rate.

Broke Investor – $85 – Our two favorite words.  No, not “Game 7.”  They are “Personal Record.”  BI continues to push the bar higher and higher.   You may have to change your name to “Dividend Investor” at this rate 🙂

A Dividend Dream – 121 Euros –   Like everyone else, A Dividend Dreams’ dividend income charts continue to show a strong slope upwards.   Strong dividend growth from DE and KMI helped drive ADD’s dividend income higher in 2019.

Dividend Portfolio – $142.69 –  DP received dividends from amazing companies this month.  Dividend Aristocrats, aspiring Dividend Aristocrats, and the companies that can be found in every household.   Sounds like our kind of dividend portfolio.

Dividend Income Stocks – $338.72 –  Time does fly DIS.  You don’t have to tell us twice about that.   Your 38% growth rate shows just how easily dividend income increases  while time is flying, right?

Desi Dividend – $374.23 – Whoop, there we go DD!  Another blogger receiving a nice chunk from Apple (AAPL).  Further, you are up 55%, holy smokes.  Is that the best dividend income growth rate this month?  You definitely are up there.  Keep flying high Desi!

Snug Fortune – $365.32 –  Strong dividend growth rates continue to be the story for Snug Fortune in 2019.   Not only is that 84% dividend growth rate disgusting.  But May is BY FAR your largest dividend paying month.

Engineering Dividends – $716.49 –  ED’s dividend income chart is unique and shows a really cool metric.  It shows the number of shares received via DRIP and the additional income this produces.  So ED’s $716 month added another $24.15 to his forward income.  That’s dividend investing at its finest!

Dividend Gremlin – $323.36 –   Gremlin’s dividend income continues to grow at a nice clip.   Gremlin’s month was boosted by the receipt of five dividend increases compared to the comparable period.

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,037.58 – Cracking the 4 digits in May and you are on maintenance mode with a little bit of new capital at this point.  Jason’s journey and income truly is dividend investing at the finest, as the increase/growth is primarily dividend growth.  He had 9.4% increase from prior year and he has a plethora of a list of companies paying him, such as American Express (AXP), Texas Instruments (TXN) and a slew of others.  Check his blog out folks!

Wallet Squirrel – $26.91 – Solid month for it being May.  Further, I know you invest a TON per month, which I believe goes more towards your year-end/quarter-end months.  Looking forward to see what else you are up to!

Dividend Quest – $896.78 – So close to $900!  Almost $150 from Omega (OHI), yikes!  I see the trend here and funny that Bert, nor I, own them.  Impressive and you’ll be over $1,000 in May next year, for sure.

Dividends & Hobbies – $473.19 – Almost to $500 and you’ll have to start the streak over again.  38% growth rate, say what?!  Also, love how you break it down on a per day basis, that’s some serious change, you know?  You would have to work 1-3 hours per day to earn it.  Loving it.  The steady growth from Apple (AAPL) and Main Street (MAIN) is awesome.  Keep going.

A Dividend Dream – $119.00 – Cracking the $100 mendoza line!  I see dividends from John Deere (DE), Kinder Morgan (KMI), Realty Income (O) and AT&T (T) that we share.  Great portfolio with a strong yield.

Dividend Deluge – $297.80 – A wild 17% increase from last year, just improvement across the board for everyone.  You also received a hefty dividend from OHI.  Keep making it happen DD, you’re on the right path.

Get Rich Brothers – $76.34 – That AbbVie (ABBV) dividend is coming in nicely.  You’ve got this GRB, keep investing and pumping this up!

Dividend Earner – $1,848 – 31% growth everyone.  DE is just saying – I am going after it, no matter what’s happening.  This income is serious everyone, this is DIVIDEND INVESTING!  DE has the way he scores companies and invests according to that strategy, sure is paying off.

I Want Dividend – 736.15 Euros –  This is the third consecutive month that Erik has set a new personal record.  You are just CRUISING towards your goal of 1,000 Euros per month in dividend income.  Keep the hustle going.

All About the Dividends – $482.69 –   Matthew added in an umbrella to his image and I must say, it makes a lot of sense given the fact it rained every day in May!  At least it did in Ohio.  Besides the weather, it is also raining dividends for Matthew!

Fiscal Voyage – $830.63 – Felix continues to make great things happen.  Between dividend income and rental income, cash flow machine is really churning.  Keep making awesome things happen.

Dividend Snail – $332.74 –  Those two new dividends from AbbVie and Metso really helped catapult your dividend income in 2019 (Although Metso just changed the month they paid).  Hopefully you can see that the progress is real and you are making great things happen each month!

Dividend Swan – $219.79 –  This is an impressive list of dividend paying companies Swan.   The blend of funds and individual stocks provides you with a nice, diversified income stream.

Mr. Tako Escapes – $700.67 –  Mr. Tako and his family are taking advantage of the outdoors and taking in the beautiful scenery around.   The dividend income story for Tako and his family continues to be one of growth and progress.  Tako is far ahead of the total dividends received from last year.

Kody’s Dividend – $44.04 – There are a lot of moving parts to Kody’s May dividend income picture.  A lot of rises, a big sale and reallocation to other dividend paying stocks, and some dividend increases along the way.  As you can see, the results produced a solid month!

Money Maaster – $309.29 –  Despite a slight decrease from last year, Jordan still was able to cross the $300 mark in May.   Jordan also gave some nice non-investing updates, including the fact that he and the family are spending more time outdoors!

Dividend Vet – $266.28 – 12.4% growth rate and a monstrous dividend from Kinder Morgan (KMI).  Loving those dividend increases lately?  I know I am.

Passive Income Pursuit – $626.86 –  JC snuck his dividend income summary in at the last second!  Better late than never.  The growth experienced in your FI Portfolio and your Rollover IRA were huge drivers of your successful month!

Total:  42 Bloggers Received $24,093.70 in Dividends in May (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

This is ridiculous.  That’s an  average of $573 per blogger.   That exceeded Bert’s May dividend income total right there (although we still have some work to do to catch Lanny).   Each month continues to show us the tremendous growth that each of you are making.   We each find unique ways to grow our passive income streams.  Some invest every extra penny into the market while others use side hustles to increase their cash flow.   And there are other individuals that use apps, technology, and travel hacking to make maximize the benefits of each purchase (Here is a listing of the products we use to accomplish this).    Let’s enjoy the ride everyone, continue to encourage and push each other, and make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT on our journey towards financial freedom.

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

48 thoughts on “May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. This post is a huge motivator because it takes decades to achieve a sizable portfolio to be able to live off investments. But reading the progress of a big community does help. Don’t it? 42 bloggers clocked in another 24K in May! Imagine if we all group together to pump this cash into rental properties.

    • German,

      That’s what we’re talking about. Glad you find some motivation in this just like the two of us do. It would be awesome to start a dividend bloggers ETF/Passive Income investment with this capital.


  2. Hey guys,

    As always, it’s an honor to be included!

    Really glad to see everyone out there doing what they can to make their dreams come true. On the other side of FIRE for a few years now, I must say that it’s totally worth it. 🙂

    Best regards.

    • Jason – Of course. We need to have a representative from Thailand in the post, right? I love the way you phrased it. People trying to make their dreams come true. That’s what we all need to strive for.


  3. Hi guys,

    thanks for mentioning my income again. Really appreciate that and I really like that list, on my side I am planning to do list with the monthly purchases from the community. The DGI community itself is just great and seeing the progress of each one amazes me.

  4. Awesome stuff guys! Love seeing the progress everyone is making. I’m trying to figure out our plan going forward. I really want to get back to investing each month, but given the stretched valuations of the market I think really focusing on debt reduction is probably the best course of action. I might squirrel away $500 or so from our cash flow each month to build up a little cash cushion and use the rest to pay down debt. Time will tell though. All the best and I can’t wait to see June’s results!
    P.S. I know it was last minute but thanks for squeezing me in!

    • JC – We wouldn’t leave you out! It is an interesting point. What do you do when valuations are insane like this? It sounds like you should write your thought process and decision down in an article or two 🙂

  5. Looking good. Thanks for putting this together guys. Nice to see all of us sharing in the profits of the global economy and supporting important businesses with our capital! Looking forward to an excellent 2nd half of 2019 that may bring unexpected opportunities for those who seek it out! Tom

    • Tom –

      Of course, you got that right. It’s funny knowing how much capital truly is at stake here, very funny actually.

      Let’s keep the capital flowing in, the dividends coming out and financial freedom for us all. We can’t stop now Tom!


  6. Great list of great investors! Thanks for continuing to gather the list up and for including me as well guys!
    I like the addition of average income per blogger as well. I have some work to do to catch up! 🙂

    • BI –

      We are all doing so well and sometimes, life gets busy and in the way of our progress. My head is hurting after a 12 hour day and I know I wasn’t able to spend 30 seconds looking at opportunities. I want freedom SO bad.


  7. As always, great results and thanks for putting these results together in one blog post. The proof continues to be in the dividend pudding.

  8. This makes me want to start up a blog. Seriously. I need to look into WordPress
    I did $955.17. It’s my low month. April clocks in at $1768 and March at $1565

      • Well, I started one and will be adding pages daily for a while. I had a blogger account so I started a new one. I’m looking at getting a domain. It’s something I’ve always had on the back burner since quite a few of my co-workers ask how I invest in dividend growth stocks.
        It’s one page, but like I said will have more about me soon..


  9. Awesome month all around for everyone.
    I like seeing everyone’s Year over year growth – and would be curious to see everone’s portfolio growth year over year as well (not just income). Especially by age – curious to see if most of the ones focusing on increasing income are older, and those focusing on total growth are younger…

    Anyways congrats all on a great month – can’t wait til next month’s review (expecting first 4 digit month of the year!)

    • Jordan –

      Right, to see the market do it’s thing, along with the consistency of each individual. I would think there’s a good combination of older/younger doing both income/growth.

      Pumped to see you hit the 4 digits, take it all in, it’s a sweet one to see, no doubt.


  10. Awesome totals as usual. The collective dividend machine is doing its thing no matter what craziness we are seeing in the markets. May was a tough month but those dividends still came through!

  11. What a crazy month for many of us. Big numbers coming in, and it will only get better. Congratulations everyone and thanks to the Diplomats for making these articles. I always look forward to it.

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