How Dividend Investing Reduces Stress

Stress, the number one killer in the world, folks.  Though stress may not be stated as the cause of death, stress is linked to the TOP SIX causes of death.  Heart attack, stroke, suicide, cancer, lung ailments and accidents.  I wanted to dive into the main flows of stress and how the wonderful world of Dividend Investing is the best prescription to reduce those symptoms.  As the saying goes, “A dividend per day, keeps the doctor away”.

Work or Your “9-5” stress

The largest source of stress comes from work, at least in my lifetime.  Deadlines, late nights, early mornings, weekends, meetings, meetings about the meetings, the list goes on.  Even as a high performer, the expectations become even higher and you are expected to accomplish more in less time, of course.

How about when you turn in an assignment or a project with your conclusion and receive “valuable” feedback.  The feedback that came from a superior with a pre-conceived conclusion.  The words come out of their mouth and all your hear is, “Blah, blah, blah blah, blah”.  Which, in turn, is interpreted as, “how dare you not know exactly what I wanted”.  Even though you tried to set meetings to go over expectations and direction, but of course you or they did not have time in the end.  After all, it was only 10-20 hours worth of work.  Yes, you may have been stressed the entire time putting your heart and soul into it, but hey, “Better luck next time”, as they say!

“You only have 24 hours in a day, stop giving all of those hours away doing things you don’t care about or don’t want to do…”

Feeling stressed reading this yet?  I know as the words come off my fingertips, that my body is warming up from the blood boiling.  My wife always makes a mention to me on Sunday nights, typically around 9:00 P.M.  What does she say?  You’ve heard it many times, but maybe for some of you, this is the first.  My wife’s quote, after finishing up our 45-minute episode on Netflix (which is our one treat after working 60-70 hours per week, “yay”?), “I don’t want to go in tomorrow, I have the Sunday Scaries”.  Who the hell came up with this?  The sad part is not that it’s said, but HOW MANY people actually say it!

Lastly, as I lay my head down to sleep, I can’t help but think of everything that still needs to be done.  Timelines, deadlines, notes on this meeting and that meeting, performance updates with your direct reports and so forth.  The stress of everything you are trying to manage at work, oozes into your day to day life and it’s hard to keep the lid on.  As we’ll see later, dividend investing can fix that.

Family problems

I love my family and would do anything for them.  The level of worry and care, exceeds the speed of the beat of my heart.  They are stressed, all of the time.  Their stress and worries, only increases my stress levels.  Here is what I stress about relating to my family:

– Watching your family spend money that they don’t have or not try to save in areas where they can.  This increases my stress levels, every single second.

– Those moments that click in your mind, when you can do so much to help them with their stress, but it’s really up to them to fix the issues.

– That every money issue, you wish you had all of the money in the world to take care of problems for them.

– The stress of knowing the financial position you are in, because you have worked hard, saved and invested on your own.  You feel guilty and stressed about what they think on the path that you are on.

It’s natural, for the most part, to want your family to be right there with you.  Your wish is for the stress to go away for everyone.  Surprisingly dividend income can reduce this stress in more ways imaginable.


This one is easy.  We stress about money.  More importantly, we stress about money in these situations:

– When we don’t have enough to pay for current living expenses.  You know, when flies come out of your wallet instead of cash.

– The phases when family problems and stress from work are so high, that you wish you had more money to say, “game over”.

– When we want to give money to those in need, but do not have any left.  I receive many charity requests and I have to be very selective in where we donate (which I think is actually the right thing to do!).

– Those moments when your significant other/spouse spends too much money on a material item, piece of furniture or decoration for the house, unexpectedly.

dividend investing is the cure

I am here to tell YOU that Dividend Investing is THE CURE for these issues.  I have been in every scenario – broke, poor, young, not making money, had/have family problems and have been in situations to want to give, but having nothing to give.  Dividend Investing, from all heights – small and large, aid to these issues!  Here’s how:

Dividend Investing provides a source of cash flow you never had.  As stated in my last article, I now generate almost $1,000 per month in dividend income, all from seeds I planted when I barely had any money.  One of my first investments was Visa (V) from scraping up $372 to make a purchase.  Who the HELL makes a stock investment of $372?  Me, that’s who.  My old-self is thanking my 21-22 year-old self every day.  See: Every Dollar Counts.

Dividend income – cure for stress at work

Having that additional source of income, can reduce stress at work knowing you will be okay.  Funny how more sources of income help you perform better and reduce stress.  It is because you don’t need any bullsh*t in your life.  I said it.

Dividend Investing provides a sense of security or insurance.  When the wage income stops – you can always use dividend income to cover bills or basic necessities.  See – Buying Dividend Stocks to Pay Bills.

We must accept the END of something in order to begin to build something NEW”

Then, at some point after saving, your dividend income exceeds your expenses.  You no longer need to work or pour energy into a place that doesn’t align with your purpose.  Thinking of this, considering to quit now if what you work on does not jive with what you meant to do, could be a fresh start.  However, I understand and am living with how hard that is.  See – Dividend Investing to Take Back Control.

Dividend income – cure for stress from family

Further, if your family needs help, your dividend income can cover your own expenses.  If you were receiving dividend income, your time can be spent helping them, instead of working for a company 55-70 hours per week.

“You can always make more money, but what you can’t make more of, is Time”

Additionally, your dividend income can help your family out in emergencies.  Your dividend income can provide experiences for your loved ones.  Dividend income generated by family members could reduce their stress levels, as well, which will reduce the stress that you bear, personally.

Dividend income – cure for stress about money

Once you start Dividend Investing, chances are it will be contagious.  You will look for new ways to cut expenses, get to the bare bones budget, and invest more, to increase your cash flow.  When your expenses go down, investments go up, your stress levels will decrease, no doubt.

You now have an even greater ability to donate, as your dividend income is an additional source to help fuel charitable causes.  In fact, it could allow you to become even more passionate with a movement, as you may have more time and less stress surrounding your commitment for the charity.

I hope everyone realizes it’s not about just, “the money”, it’s more than that.  Dividends can reduce your stress and provide value to those you care and love.  Go out, save your money and invest.  Earn dividend income and reduce that stress.


9 thoughts on “How Dividend Investing Reduces Stress

  1. Lanny,
    That is all so very true. I see the stress in my friends, family, and certainly myself. I have also found that getting a better job + dividend investing + saving has reduced stress overall. Plus it has made it much easier to attack my short and long term financial Independence goals, which really are and always will be a means to an end.
    – Gremlin

    • Gremlin –

      Right. I know it pains us seeing not just our own stress levels, but others. Sadly, dividend investing for us can free up more time to help others and further – if they had a form of dividend investing, it could help them as well. Control what we can, reduce stress as much as possible and help others as much as we can.


    • Adrain –

      Thank you, THANK YOU! Took a lot to write it all out, but that’s what I’m going through and I am SURE more people here are going through something very similar. We/others are not alone!


  2. Great article, Lanny! It’s great to see that the investments you made at my current age, in addition to consistent capital contributions since then are starting to really pay off.

    • Kody –

      Thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing and reduce the stress as much as possible. I entirely believe dividend investing helps and am looking forward to higher dividend levels and lower stress levels!


  3. Dividends reduce stress… great read and insight Lanny! Delayed gratification is a powerful concept that can improve health in so many ways. Financial stress runs rampant but prudent savers can reduce future financial stress. Another mental model that has helped me lower stress is one powerful Venn Diagram… one bubble contains “Important Things” and the other, “What You Can Control.” And the overlap is where we should focus our efforts. Too often people focus energy on things outside of their control (more on that mental model linked on my name). Thanks for your dividend and stress insight!

  4. Hey Lanny,

    Couldn’t agree more. Dividend growth investing sets the foundation for a sustainable lifestyle. By putting aside money for the long term, you’re both building a passive income stream and also learning to live on less than you make. It inherently breeds frugality and the proper mindset for living harmoniously.
    I’m big on Stoic philosophy; a book I think you’d enjoy is “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. It’s all aphorisms, so very easy to pick up and read a quote or two at a time.

    Take care,

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