April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

The month has closed and how fast time flies.  We are already more than a third into the 2019 calendar year.  Time is precious and dividend investors know the power of compounding starts and ends with time.  As time does pass, dividend checks don’t care what day it is, as the checks continue to flow in!  Now, it is time for the April installment of our dividend income from YOU the bloggers series!

Two Investing – $333.00 – If it wasn’t for that pesky General Electric (GE) dividend cut and Bank of America (BAC) pay date switch, you’d be crushing even more.  Live and learn from GE, that’s for sure.

Little Dividends – $37.74 – Less than last year, but I know you have many things going on with your portfolio.  The come back is stronger than the set back!

Dividend Quest – $993.31 – The list is massive for you!  You definitely have high yielders and came close to $1,000.  Next time, no doubt.

My Dividend Dynasty – $479.33 – Two, soon to be three dividend aristocrats.  I see you rocking the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) all day baby!  Also, Realty Income (O) coming in clutch.  Congrats on the month.

Divgro – $1,161 – Ferdi produced a sick 32% year-over-year increase.   What’s crazy is that five companies paid Ferdi over $100 this month.  That’s how you pack a punch right there!

Dividend Cashflow – $383.87 – Here is a sick stat.  Cashflow’s cash flow increased over 500% compared to last year.  All in all, that’s some progress.  Especially considering that you received $383 this month.  Excellent, excellent work.

My Financial Shape – 2,315 Swiss Francs –  Our favorite words…a new record.  Congratulations MFS on raising the bar higher.  Special dividends were the name of the game for you this month.  Receiving one is always a treat.  But receiving two in one month is just incredible!

Dividends Down Under – $340.38 –  That’s a nice haul of dividends right there DDU.  Despite acquisitions and selling positions, it was great that you still managed a 9% YOY increase in your dividend income.

DivvyDad – $3,309.63 –  Had to read the article serveral times and the comments to confirm this.  But it is true.  DivvyDad delivered ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING results in April.   Further, DivvyDad continued to bolster his forward dividend income with massive 401(k) contributions.

Dividends and Hobbies – $502.68 –  This is the third consecutive month D&H has crossed the $500 threshold.  Certainly, D&H is building an impressive, consistent dividend income stream.

Passive Canadian Income – $488.11 –  PCI has one of our favorite posts to read each month due to the diversification of income.  Dividend income, private investment, and solar income.  In truth, it is pretty freaking cool to see income coming in from different places!

Dividend Compounder – $258.24 – It is nice to see the fruits of your PM and MO purchases that occurred at the end of 2018.  Your article title says it best….gotta keep the dividend snowball rolling forward!

A Dividend Dream –  $55 –  Five very solid dividend companies paid ADD a dividend this month.   We own all but two of the companies!

Dividend Gremlin – $102.76 –  Gremlin cruising over the $100 in dividend income total in April!  Between your income, loading up on purchases, and dividend increases, your forward dividend income will get a nice jolt!

Dividend Portfolio – $63.76 –  KO, KMB, O, and CSCO.   Four great companies paid you a dividend this month.  Your income continues to grow as well.  You posted an over 100% YOY dividend growth rate.  Now that is SWEET!

Dividend Income Stocks – $333.64 –  Think about how much your portfolio has grown since the beginning of the year DIS?  Your progress is incredible!  No wonder you are putting together great dividend income months regularly.

Dividend Deluge – 647.1 Euros –  Wow.  People continue to post 100%+ year-over-year increases.   In this case, Deluge’s dividend income grew 143% compared to last year.  On top of that, those three dividend increases will continue to add strong dividend income to your portfolio!

Legends of Income – $51.98 – A huge savings rate, a huge dividend income total, and huge purchases.  Certainly, I’d say this was a great dividend income month for Legends!

Stalfare – 938 Euros –  Nearly joining the four figure club in April (excluding your option income of course).   By the way, happy belated birthday to you and your wife!

Dividend Seedling – $5.49 – Keep planting those seeds DS.  You’re dividend tree is going to grow one day as a result of all of your hard work.

Young Dividend – $1,688.39 –  HOLY SMOKES YD.  That is a month right there.  Still can’t believe you received a $500 from Altria.  That’s an impressive sum right there.

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $2,431.24 –  Wow.  That was one heck of a dividend from BNS.  In fact, that dividend alone, $1,903.23, would have been one of the largest dividend payers in this article!

Kody’s Dividend – $31.67 – You said it best: “This is an incredible 193.6% YOY increase.”  Think about the progress and growth you have made in a short 12 months.  Congratulations.

Divhut – $692.60 – Keith nearly crossing the $700 mark in an “off month” and his dividend income continues to grow at a solid clip.   Like you, we can all find comfort in our dividend income and the cash flow it provides us.

A Frugal Family Journey – $273.66 –  Woah – that’s a solid list of 15 companies that paid you a dividend this month AFFJ.  Comcast and Bert’s old, arch-nemesis VEREIT led the charge for you this month.

More Dividends – $35.16 – It is very cool that you show the individual dividends received each year since 2015.  It is a great way to show your progress; especially given the fact that you receive a dividend from just one company in 2015.  Look how far you have come!

Roadmap2Retire – 642.33 CAD –  What’s cool is seeing that R2R has income from stocks and options (reported to the left) and other sources of income.  Diversification of income sources is the name of the game R2R.

Passive Income Pursuit – $431.81 –  Not only did PIP receive a lot od dividends in April, but dividend increases added over $41 to his forward dividend income.  The true power of dividend re-investing right there!

Dividend Vet – $208.68 – Tobacco, tobacco, tobacco.  That was the theme of the month for Dividend Vet, as PM and MO both paid Vet over $65 during the month of April.

Dividend Swan – $252.10 – Heck yes!  A quarter of the way to $1k!  You have a fair share of every company and industry, especially for an off month.  How is York Water (YORW) treating you?  I don’t individually own a water company, and damn I should!

Mr. Take Escapes – $1,881.50 – Not sure what’s more impressive – the dividend income figures or the food that you make?  Further, nice job taking the extra few minutes before making large purchases, it seems to have saved you quite a bit of hassle and money.  Keep it up!

Desidividend – $339.11 – That’s a nice dividend from Fundrise (check out Lanny’s review).  Further, great addition from last year and you’ve got some high yielders, such as Altria (MO) and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).

Dividend Daze – $63.31 – THERE WE GO!  A 31% growth rate from last year and you had less companies, but more power from dividend reinvestment and growth rates.  You have quite the diversified portfolio.  You have technology with Cisco (CSCO).  Banking with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).  Healthcare with Cardinal Health (CAH) and even consumer products with Coke (KO).  Keep it up and we want to see over $100 next April!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $893.36 – Bodda bing!  Nice job Jason and your growth rate of 15% is something we should all take a look at.  Why? You have LIMITED your investment purchase activity over the last few years.  Dividend growth at it’s finest.  In addition, it took almost 3 scrolls to review ALL of your stocks that paid YOU.  Loving it!  Congrats and keep going, 4 digits next year.

Pollies Dividend – $352.38 – A solid 15% increased, fueled by dividend increases from Coca Cola (KO), Realty Income (O) and Walmart (WMT).  Pumped to see the amazing growth and consistency.  Making us all proud!

Dividend Guy Blog – $68.23 – Great growth rate with only a few dividend payers.  The quarter end isn’t too far away and I know we are pumped.  Keep it up DGB!

Wallet Squirrel – $34.36 – Solid overall.  Further, Wallet is investing over $8,000 into stock investments, almost each and every month.  It is incredible.  Freedom rings, no doubt!

Game of Budgets – $167.30 – Your portfolio is making moves and I hope you hit all of your goals in 2019!  Further, May will be a bigger month for you, with 7+ payers coming in.  I see you have the two telecom stocks paying you – Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T).  Two high yielders, no doubt!

Dividend Hawk – $5,911.67 – Can we drop the mic now?  This is CRAZY for a month of April, right?  It took me a few looks at it, to make sure it was real.  Two companies paid him over $1,000 each, with Fortum Corp. (FORTUM) and UPM Kymmene Corp (UPM).  Nice job!  Some day we’ll be there!

Tawcan – $1,914.01 – Not too far behind, but another amazing month Tawcan.  Almost $2,000 in April is astonishing.  Further, your growth rate is 24% for April and we are talking big figures here.  At this pace, you will be well over $2,000 for April 2020.  I may go on a whim and predict $2,500.  Glad we share Canadian Imperial (CM), that’s for sure!

Reverse the Crush – $63.93 –  All great things here for RTC.  April was a record setting month.  These insane growth rate have you well on your way to crushing your goal of $670 in dividend income received during the year.

Dividend Snail – $1,342.47 –  Snail –  who cares that this was a “slight” decrease compared to last year.  That is an excellent sum of income to receive in an “off” month.  Nice job!

Dividend Stacker – $294.18 – Keep on stacking those dividends.   That massive dividend from Altria for the month and that no doubt helped fuel your growth rate.  Even without it, dividend increases have helped as well.

Dividend Pig – $757.18 –  What a list of dividend paying companies right their Pig!   Ignore the fact that you missed out on the BEN special dividend this year.  Your regular paying dividend income just crushed it.

Broke Investor – 78.33 Euro –  Broke Investor received a HUGE dividend from TKM this month.  We’re not even going to try to pronounce that company’s name.   But BI’s article shows an interesting way of breaking down each expense.

Dividend Earner – $1,959 – Whoa, whoa.  Nearly $2,000 in dividend income right there.  Clearly, you are making some SERIOUS moves.  You achieve a 20% dividend growth rate with a very high dividend base from last year.  Now that’s impressive!

Fiscal Voyage – $482.65 –  Dividend income makes up less than 1/2 of FV’s passive income totals.  That’s  insanity right there.   Anytime you can increase your passive income 100% compared to last year, you know it is going to be great.

Engineering Dividends – $617.99 –   This was quite the way to record your 100th blog post, right ED?  What’s awesome is that you had four companies pay you over $50 this month in dividends.  Your income wasn’t too top heavy!

Dividend Rider – $197.24 –  This is the only dividend article that is formatted in a chart.  Love the format and it is easy to see how your dividends grow from each respective company each quarter.

Get Rich Brothers – $521.00 – A nice round dollar amount for GRB!  Armed with strong investments in the Canadian Banking sector, you were able to produce a nice, growing dividend income stream last month.

Diligent Dividends – $364.12 –  Diligent received dividends from 21 companies this month!  That’s an insane number of companies that are paying you a dividend.  Your portfolio will rebound shortly and as you said, cross the $100k mark again before you know it.

All About the Dividends –  $760.47 – Last, but definitely not least, our friend Matthew.   Look at how much you were able to grow your dividend income in April!   Couldn’t think of a better way to end this blog post.

My Dividend Pipeline – $648.30 – MDP, I did remove the CD income from Amegy!  However, almost $650 in dividend income is awesome and I hope Tuppereware (TUP) and GE come back full force with their dividends.  We already share the powerhouse dividends from Philip Morris (PM), that’s for sure.

Total:  53 Bloggers Received $39,207.56 in Dividends in April (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

There we have it folks!  Another incredible month that the dividend investor community did significantly well.  Further, almost everyone had a better April in 2019 than 2018.  The trifecta for contributions to making that happen is consistency in investing, dividend increases and, for some, dividend reinvestment!  We say it every month, but we are always amazed and inspired by everyone’s growth and progress.

Let’s continue to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT and continue to crush it.  We still have 2/3 left of the year to make an impact.  What are you waiting for?  Now, let’s get out there and make some moves!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

38 thoughts on “April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. DDs,
    As always thanks for the mention. Its awesome being part of such a positive – forward thinking community!
    Now, I am going to go stash some snacks for after midnight.
    – Gremlin

    • Gremlin –

      Only one direct to go – staying positive. Positivity will bear more fruit of what we are planting, so let’s keep the momentum going you know? Can’t believe how far we’ve gone.

      Nice on stashing those snacks!


  2. Another awesome showing from the DGI community. Pretty soon there will be no such thing as an “off” month. That’s an impressive total. Congrats to all.

    • Daze –

      A pretty amazing month for April, I may say. It’s amazing the growth we are all experiencing. It’s almost like we are watching the avalanche go full head of steam. Incredible.


    • Stacker –

      I keep mentioning it, but no one is biting, HAHA. We could EASILY own something/an area and live off these divvies. How crazy would it be to band this all together… hahaha.


  3. Wow impressive list – that’s A LOT of ca$h. Very interesting read thanks for putting it together! With some of the heavy hitters out there wouldn’t be too far out of the question for this community to reach 100k in the near future! Would take a long time to write that post though haha

    • A lot of cash indeed Divcome! I can’t wait for the day the community joins the six figure club. I bet we have a shot at knocking it out in December. And yes, a lot of coffee will be needed for that post haha


  4. Almost $40k! Are you kidding me?! As always, thanks for including me and it’s a pleasure reading through this each month. It will NEVER get old!

  5. Hey guys,

    Thanks for including me. Awesome stuff across the community.

    That’s a lot of dividend income. Looks like it’s time to pool our resources together and buy a giant castle… or a city. DGI City!! 🙂

    Best regards.

    • Absolutely BI! This community has so many different people that provide us with great examples. DGI investing isn’t new and it is always refreshing to see the results of someone who is where you currently want to be. It keeps the pipeline of DGI investors strong and the motivation flowing!


  6. Thanks for including me on the list guys. Its an honor to be included with such great company.

    That is an amazing total considering the small number of investors. Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to seeing how everyone does next month!

    • MD –

      No need to say thanks. We want everyone to be a part of this momentum here. Let me tell you, it’s getting stronger bigger, faster, it’s incredible. I hope that you find the articles and community useful on your journey, we are all here to help.


  7. I was late to the game posting my April results but they were €62,90! I hope to get back in the blogging groove when everything settles down a bit.

    Great job everyone!

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