June Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Are you all ready?  Another installment of our monthly round-up of dividend income monthly reports from many of our fellow dividend investing, FIRE pursuing bloggers.   We love reading and trying to summarize as many journeys as possible each month because it is awesome to see the progress of so many other bloggers AND the results serve as great motivation for the community.   The progress is infectious!   June is a particularly exciting month since a lot of companies, mutual funds, and ETFs pay out their quarterly dividend.  Now, lets dive in, and check out our June dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!

Without further-ado, here are the incredible, infectious, milestone-ing results from the dividend blogging community!

Dividend Income Stocks – $233.57 – Great growth year over year, hands down, plus you are edging in on a $50K portfolio, congrats!

Millennial Budget – $102.79 – Take it all in Stef – the big triple digits here!  Like you said – excited to read about your 4-bagger soon enough.  Keep grinding out there, save often and invest the difference.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $283.90 – What’s wild about the dividend income you received was the sheer vast amount of companies that are paying you!  The list is entirely long and readers should take a look at it.  Nice job AFFJ!

Captain Dividend – $478.90 –  A very, very nice 19% year over year increase posted by the Captain.  Great job.  That number is only going to continue increasing by purchasing shares in a company like Realty Income.

Young Dividend – $773 – Young Dividend’s dividend growth rate is pretty strong, and we love seeing such growth in the chart posted within the article.   Keep it up Young Dividend!

Tawcan – $1,269.43 –  Another STELLAR, four figure month for Tawcan (who has been crushing it in 2017).  Now, we are going to send you our mailing address so you can share some fruits and vegetables from your garden with us!  Those pictures look amazing.

Dividend Seedling – $23.93 – A new record… Congrats Seedling!  Looks like you are really starting to make something happen and the seedling is starting to develop into a much larger plant.

Dividend Lord – $204.01 –  We’re seeing a lot of common names here on this listing.   Love seeing the combination of dividends from new companies, dividend increases, and the gold old fashioned power of dividend re-investment here.

Passive Income Dude – $719.48 – Gotta love the third month of every quarter because of the massive payouts from mutual funds.  And PID set a new record and received a HUGE chunk of change from the five mutual funds. Congrats on the new record!

Well Rounded Investor – $52.66 – Dividend income only makes up a small piece of WRI’s monthly passive income, but love seeing the dividend stocks such as TGT, O, and WFC on your listing.

Average Dividend Yield – $1,614.40 – Damn!  Killing it over 4 digits, really making splashes with your BP dividend.

Race 2 Retirement – $1,609.43 – Well, I spoke too soon on the oil front, big R2R has Shell (RDS) swinging at $281 and BP at $192.  Mountains of oil over here, keep rolling in those divvys!

Dividend Dolphin – 57.97 (Euros) – That growth rate of over 400%+ is astounding, at that rate, you’re dividends will be over $300 next year this time!  Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

Money With Meow – $146.48 –  The list of great dividend paying stocks for Money with Meow continues to grow.   Loving the progress, and especially love the names of some of the companies you received a check from.  Very interesting move you made with Mattel as well!

American Dividend Dream – $205.02 – Nice job and interesting to read on the OHI/Healthcare shift of your portfolio, hope all goes well for you!  And yes – your OHI is one helluva drip.

DivHut – $815.38 – So dang close to $1,000 but guess what you – you are MORE THAN WELL on your way, that growth rate of over 40% since last year is fairly nice, right?  Your consistency in investing has been something to nod my head at, keep it up.

Investment Hunting – $977.35 –  Very nice month IH.  200 shares of TGT and QCOM made quite the impact on your forward income during the month.  And heck, you will be over 200 shares of Realty Income very soon.  Keep up the great work.

Dividend Reaper – $178.12 –  Oh you know, just a modest 390% year over year growth rate for Dividend Reaper.  Keep up the great work, and his dividend income article comes with quite the action packed story!

Screaming Little Man – $3,795.11 –  A new record for SLM, as this was the first time SLM crossed the $3,000 mark in dividend income.  Holy…freaking…cow.  Congrats on the amazing/inspring month here SLM!

Dividend Life – $418 – Though this is technically May, I wanted to bring this in!  You had a very solid growth rate of about 4%.  Love it when dividend companies swap months when they pay, eh?  haha, me neither, but as long as they still are sending those checks!

Dividend Hawk – $915.11 – WHOA… SO many fricken companies paid you and love the translation from Euro to $ that you had performed, thank you very much for doing that.  Keep it up and cross $1K in September!

Duncans Dividends – $844.77 – MAN!  Three whoppers of accounts with your IRAs and investment accounting just pumping income your way, plus you had MASSIVE dividend growth, that’s for damn sure!  Congrats and keep it up.

Dividend Solutions – $288.41 – Looks like we share the same name in IBM – congrats on the massive growth year over year, consistency will win this one!

Earn Money in Pajamas – $57.23 –  EMIP continues to make the right moves, do the right things, which led to an over 200% increase in June dividend income.  Keep it up EMIP!

Passive Income Mavericks – $1,214.66 –  Another four digit month here for PIM, who is on pace to CRUSH the $12,000 dividends received goal set at the beginning of the year.

Divnomics – 155.44 (Euros) – Great results for Divnomics here in June, who not only saw an increase in dividend income but also showed a small mount of “side hustle” income as well.  Keep the side hustles rolling our friend!

Time In The Market – $1,703.14 – Before we discuss the amazing results, a congratulations is in order.  Why? TITM got engaged in June!  And on top of that, a solid 46% increase in dividend income during the month.

Dividends are Coming – 138.82 (Euros) – DAC continues the consecutive three digit dividend income streak, as June represented the fourth consecutive month where dividends exceeded 100 euros.  Congrats!

Dividend Cashflow – 225.90 (Euro) – Another new record for another dividend investor.  This was the first time that Dividend Cashflow crossed the 200 Euro mark!

Dividend Quest – $689.38 –  An amazing month for Dividend Quest, topping off a strong quarter that saw a 17% increase compared to Q2 in 2016.

Passive Canadian Income – $152.70 –  13 companies paid PCI in June, which resulted in a 144% increase compared to June 2016.  The dividend snowball is rolling here!

ARE YOU ALL AS INSPIRED AS WE ARE?  This month was awesome –  look how many dividend investors saw insane year-over-year growth rates and personal records.  The results are truly phenomenal!  We mean it when we say, every dollar counts, in this journey, to say the least.   Each dollar helps fuel our income streams and puts us that much closer to financial freedom.   Even though half of the year is over, let’s stay focused and make the second half of 2017 count.    Let’s strive for greatness here and JUST GO FOR IT!   Congrats again on the great results for those listed in the article and the people we were not able to include.

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

52 thoughts on “June Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. That is a lot of “free” money the community pulled in in June! Congrats to all.
    We also had a new record last month with well over €880 income.

    • Agree complete Stefan – I should look back to the same post from June 2016 and see how well the names are progressing along. That would be a fun activity just to get a pulse on the actual growth rate realized in the community.


  2. They all were on fire. I see a lot of great results.
    I also had a great month. The last month of evry quarter is always nice 😀
    I see only one Dutch input. Next month one extra? 😜

    Thanks for summary!



  3. Loe seeing all those dividends do their work. And thanks for including us again 🙂
    The list is getting bigger and bigger, small and large, great motivator for all!

    • Of course Divnomics. Agree, these are all real life examples and real dollars that show the power of dividend investing. I love it and it motivates me every single day to keep on moving along.


  4. Hey DD,

    thanks for all the work you put into that list! – and a special tx for adding me, it’s an honor to be on your list.
    Congrats to all the bloggers out there. The results are awesome and it won’t be long until we see the four digit figures more regularly.


    • Of course Dividend Solutions, we are happy to put this list together every month. The results are inspiring and we love monitoring and seeing each individuals growth. I especially love how we interact with bloggers at all stages of their journey!


  5. Great list! Assuming these dividends are usually across all accounts the bloggers have i.e. taxable + tax deferred. I track my own dividends but only in my taxable and rothIRA (about projected $7K/year now). I feel like my 401K divs are not really to be considered for early retirement… and I am not tracking those. Others relate or should I track all?

    • Hey Fab,

      I think you should track every dollar of income you make, whether it is in a regular brokerage account, an IRA, 401k, etc. The timing of when you access the funds should not discredit the annual income stream you are producing!


  6. I always look forward to reading this post. It’s become one of my favorite posts of the month. I love seeing how great the DGI community is doing. It’s very exciting and motivating to see so many bloggers breaking records and showing year-to-year increases. Looking forward to next month’s post DD.

    • Glad you enjoy the post! We love putting it together and seeing how well everyone is doing on a monthly basis. Agree – it is motivating as heck and it gets me excited to start investing once again.

      Take care!


  7. Look at how much our community has grown. Many new blogs listed in this round up which is a testament to this investing strategy. Thanks for the DivHut mention and congrats to all listed. We brought in a pretty impressive amount between our portfolios.

    • Divhut,

      Much like our dividend income streams, our community continues to grow and get larger. More and more people are sharing their journeys and looking to inspire others in the community. That’s what this is all about, right? Next time we will have to remember to include Baby Divhut as well!


  8. Nice list 🙂 My div income was 263€ for Q2. Some stagnation due to my Baltic companies irregular payouts but still some increase compared to 2016 Q2 218€ income. Thats a nice +20% 🙂 Since im investing in US stock starting from this year divident income shoul become more stable.

    • Ou and DD maybe you should list in decreasing order by income. Also put yourself in the list 😉 Its nice to compare yourself. Humans like to compeat, thats one of the reasons we build a civilization 😀

      • Even with stagnation, that’s a heck of a growth rate P2035. Better yet, imagine the growth rate in the months ahead when the Baltic companies do decide to pay. We have put ourselves on the list in the past, but have left ourselves off recently since we have already published an article on the website. We’ve also discussed putting them in order, but it is less about competing on the list than showing everyone’s progress and celebrating their accomplishments on an individual basis. But we will definitely discuss it!


  9. Although I turned from dividend growth investor & value investor to GARP (Growth At Reasonable Price) about a year ago, I still believe that purchasing solid dividend growers will beat the markets over time.
    I may switch back later when I retire and need consistent dividend income to live but for now I think GARP investing fits me better. Thanks for the post. Love to see lots of people utilizing a solid strategy!

    • I’ll have to stop by and read more about GARP and seeing how well the strategy is working for you. The beauty is each investor has their own style and finding what works best for you is what is important. Feel free to reply with some links to your best articles about the strategy.


  10. Thank you for sharing this wrap up for June! Lots of new names on the list which is great. Always interesting to see how DGI portfolios are building impressive compound growth.

  11. Thanks for the include diplomats! I swear this list gets longer and longer, good job spreading the word and getting more people involved.

    • Of course! Keep on crushing it, and keep on inspiring others to start this journey and share their stories with us. I love how many new dividend bloggers there are out there and you are absolutely right, the list continues to grow and grow and grow!


    • Tawcan –

      No problem and no doubt. Different levels, when dissecting each individual, can also cover different % portions of one’s expenses, you know? It’s so weird thinking how “personal” each journey is. Great results across the board and Tawcan – you continue to keep doing you and it’s working over there, that’s for sure, $1,300 is insane!


    • Of course DIS – If you aren’t first, you’re last. kidding, kidding. Congrats on the great progress you are making and it is sure as heck fun to watch everyone else in the community continue to grow.


  12. Amazing, inspiring post! Great to see how many DYI DGI’s are out there earning big bucks every month. Quarter-ending months are fun, and we often see new records. I had one in June, earning more than $2k for the first time 🙂

    FerdiS, DivGro

    • Holy cow Ferdi! I would say that is one heck of a record right there. over two grand…are you kidding me?? Nice job and that is exactly why I love the final month of each quarter. Thanks for stopping by!


  13. Always a very inspirational list. New records being broken all the time, especially on quarter ending months. Lots of people so close to breaking that $1k mark too. Still plenty of time left in the year to hit more milestones. Great work everyone.

    • Agreed – seeing the records gets me excited and has me motivated to knock this out of the park and pour as much money as I can into the market. Now that you mention it, it was interesting to see that there were so many people on the cusp of reaching $1,000. Didn’t realize before, but it is an interesting trend.

      Take care!


  14. Wow! Look at all the fellow dividend bloggers sharing their success! I also had a great month of June for dividends! Congrats to everyone and thank you Dividend Diplomats for sharing!

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