Bert’s November Dividend Income Summary

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The winter is upon us and the holiday season is right around the corner.  It is time to bust out the Christmas Trees, decorations, menorahs, and whatever else you and your families use to celebrate the holidays.   I know our house is ready to go!  On top of it, it is officially the most exciting dividend month of the year…December!  But before I jump ahead, now that it is a new month, it is time to summarize the results from the previous month.  Here is my November Dividend Income summary!

dividend income

November Dividend income summary

This month, I received $406.69 in dividend income.  This represents a 47.90% year-over-year increase!  I was very excited to cross the $400 mark this month and hopefully I should be able to each successive second quarter of the month.  The following chart provides a detailed breakdown of the individual dividends received.  Please note that a “W” represents a dividend received in my wife’s account.  Here is a detailed listing of the individual dividends received:

Here are some of my quick thoughts and highlights:

  • I received dividends from one new position this year compared to last year, Westrock Company.  Lanny and I initially purchased shares in the summer and added to our position throughout the remainder of the year.  Thank goodness for all of those free trades we had!  This wasn’t the first dividend I received from the company. But it reflected my full position after all my additional purchases in September and October.
  • No, I did not initiate a new position in Starbucks this year.  Rather, the company’s fourth quarter dividend was paid on 12/1/17 last year, not on the final day of November.  So it is a timing difference.  Ill have the opposite impact in my December dividend income summary.
  • This may sound like a weird comment, but throughout the year, I have discussed how I wanted to increase my positions rather than adding new positions.  Outside of this last month, I was pretty good about wanting to build up my positions and the fruits of that labor shows this month.  I received larger dividends from T, PG, SBUX, and O compared to last year due to additional purchases I made earlier in the year.
  • Man that KMI dividend increase earlier in the year was SWEET!  I am loving the new dividend from the company.  But I’m not just loving the dollar amount received, I’m loving the safety of the company’s financial statements as well.

November portfolio news and updates

In this section, I’ll review two different ways that my forward dividend income increased during the month: dividend increases and investment activity.   In the first table I will review dividend increases.

Despite the fact that there were a lot of companies that increased their dividend in November,  I personally did not benefit from any significant dividend increases.  There was one surprise increase that I did not include in my article (for some reason), First Energy.  This is a local utility company that cut their dividend back at the beginning of 2014.  Recently, the company has focused on cleaning up their balance sheet and shedding assets that were draining their capital (First Energy Solutions subsidiary).  With additional cash flow and a lower payout ratio, the company finally announced a surprise dividend increase.  I was excited to tell Lanny the news about this one.  It is exciting enough to receive a dividend increase, let alone from the LAST company in your portfolio that you were expecting to receive the dividend increase from.   We also receive the Emerson dividend increase, but that amount was not significant.   In total, I received $7.73 in additional dividend income from dividend increases.    one other thing to note, my new purchase ABBV increased their dividend at the beginning of the month; however, I did not include it in the table above since I did not own ABBV at the time of the purchase.

This next table represents additional dividends received from our 401(k) contributions and stock purchases during the month.  I had to estimate my wife’s final 401(k) contribution, since it was not posted to her account until after I wrote this article.  My estimates are typically within a tenth of a share most months. So there won’t be too significant of an impact to my dividend income.

I recently published my November purchase article a couple of weeks ago.  So the LEG, XOM, and ABBV purchases shouldn’t be a surprise.  However, on the last day of the month, I made one small purchase with some leftover cash I had in my Roth IRA.  I added to my stake in Canadian Imperial Bank (CM) after their price fell post earnings release.  The five shares pushed my overall position to 26.253 shares. I could potentially add two more shares with my remaining cash in the account, since I fully maximized my Roth IRA already.  The purchase, along with our maximized 401(k) contributions, $189.10 in dividend income to my portfolio during the month.   In total, $196.83 in additional dividend income was added via dividend increases and purchase.  I’ll take it!


This was another pretty exciting month and once again, I’m leaving the month with all smiles.  A strong YOY dividend increase and some nice new dividend income added via dividend increases and dividend re-investment.   There were some other exciting things that happened with my portfolio this month in terms of a milestone. So I’m excited to write about that in the coming weeks.  Man I cannot wait for the dividends and mutual fund distributions to start rolling in this month.  December is always the best month for dividend investors for this reason, and I cannot wait to see the final results.  We have all worked our tails off in 2018 and experienced great growth.  Let’s bring this year to a close and post some records here in the coming month!

How were your results in November?  Did you experience any records?  What was your year-over-year growth rate? Did you add any stocks to your portfolio in the month?  What stocks are on your watch list?


31 thoughts on “Bert’s November Dividend Income Summary

  1. Great Month Bert! Congrats on crossing the $400 mark! Great YOY as well. November was another record for me (by literally 9 cents, lol). Still, it is nice to be reach new milestones. Keep up the great work Bert! 🙂

    • JC,

      Thanks. I was very excited to cross the $400 mark in an “off month.” I’ve been trying to build up my non-third month of the quarter dividend income and am excited to continue doing so. 2019 should be nice considering some of the purchases I made in October/November subsequent to the company’s ex-dividend dates.


  2. Solid double digit year over year gain. It’s all about the buying, reinvesting and dividend increases that pull us all ahead. Tune out the noise, ignore the wild fluctuations in the market and this is the result you get. Great job for November!

  3. Hey Bert,
    Congrats on a nice month and amazing progress compared to last year. You are really working hard and we can see that it pays off.
    4 companies paid me dividend this month and you share all 4 of them (PG, SBUX, O & T). I also had a very similar increase to yours, in percentage terms – 48.72%. In nominal terms, it accounts to ~$6 in my case but I’ll take it 🙂
    Keep up the nice work and let’s wait for the monster December to finish off the year!

    • BI,

      Thank you so much. I’m glad we share so many of the same companies 🙂 That increase is very close to mine and I’m excited to read your income summary this month. Congrats on the progress and growth right there.


  4. Congratulations on starting early in life. I started by joining a dividend reinvestment club. I would buy one share of stock and paid a 10 dollar fee and was automatically enrolled in the dividend reinvestment plan. I saved all my change and a few dollars every month to buy more shares of those companies and over the years I had stock worth over 100k. I look forward to following your investments and sharing strategies. Dave.

    • Dave,

      That story is just incredible. I love the hard work, scraping that you exhibited in your journey to $100k. That’s the hustle that inspires us all to continue pushing ahead and getting that DRIP flowing.


  5. Hey Bert,

    Great job on the income. Nearly 50% YOY is… insane. Keep that momentum rolling.
    I started the year with the same strategy you did; double down on existing positions to bulk up dividends received rather than spreading everything a little too thin. The great thing about this is it requires less research since once you already know a company well enough, it comes down to routine monitoring rather than getting into the weeds like you do at the outset of researching a new equity.
    From your payers this time around, PG and SBUX are both on my watchlist (though I did note your remark about payment timing with SBUX).
    Looking forward to the December numbers!

    Take care,

    • Ryan,

      The less research is a great point and I’m happy you raised it. You’re right. You’ve already invested in the company once. If the price has fallen, why wouldn’t you continue to invest? If you aren’t willing to, shouldn’t that tell you something about the equity regardless?

      Thanks for the great comment and kind words. Can’t wait to see how we all finish this year off. It is going to be INSANE!


  6. Bert,
    As the Dire Straits’ song said: “that’s the way to do it, money for nothin…” I am sure when some people hear you added say 20 or 30 dollars to your annual income with a purchase they scoff, not realizing you do that enough and you are sitting on 400 in November. Nice work!
    – Gremlin

    • Gremlin,

      You know what, you bring up a great point. Sometimes I get down when I see that a purchase adds 20 or 30 dollars, wishing it was larger. Taking a step back though, each one of those purchases adds up and makes a pretty significant difference. Sometimes it takes removing yourself and seeing the progress you could achieve over a longer period of time. By the way, I definitely turned on Dire Straits while responding and my wife and I are now listening to them. Great band!!


  7. Bert,
    Congrats on another successful month. With the market volatility many of my existing positions have valuations that are becoming much more attractive such as CMI. On the other hand, I have also opened up a new position in AVGO recently. In any event, the more options I have for deploying capital, the merrier.

  8. Bert,
    Congrats on collecting $400+ in dividends last month. Looks like we shared 5 names from last month. Keep making every dollar count and rolling that dividend snowball!

  9. Congrats on a great month and passing that $400 mark Bert! Love seeing how some of the purchases earlier in the year are paying off with a nice bump in the payout. I too have been focused on adding to existing positions and am looking forward to next year as some I missed the latest ex-div date.

    Keep stacking those dollars and cannot wait to see December!

  10. $400+ for November… sweet! Outstanding YoY growth, too, Bert. Those purchases from earlier in the year are really paying off now. Love all that new dividend income from the 401(k) purchases, too. Almost $200 is amazing. You are on a roll, Bert. Keep on rolling straight into 2019, where even better results await.
    Joining the music reference bandwagon… as the Montell Jordan song goes… This is how we do it!
    Have a terrific holiday season.

    • ED,

      Thank you very much. Too kind, you all are. I’m all for the music references and I”m loving all of them. Keep them coming and I’m looking forward to your reference next month. I’ve great reference for you when I check out your summary haha


  11. Bert,
    Great month. Building up the off months is great especially when you realize it after you buy it lol. Crossing 400.00 is an awesome feat. Keep it up.

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