August Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Dividends.  Insane Growth Rates.  Personal Records.  Community.  These aren’t just words and phrases, they are some of the common words and phrases we use to describe the dividend income summaries for so many of you in the community each month!  It is now time for one of our FAVORITE posts to write each month.  For those of you that are new followers.  Each month we summarize as many stories and dividend income summaries as we can because we love seeing the progress that everyone is making.  It is infectious and it drives us to keep pushing forward and  GO FOR IT.  Now, it is time to check out our August dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!

Dividends are Coming – 50.97 Euro – Pretty solid companies that paid you, and quite diverse in terms of industry.  Further, 5 dividend increases in a month is awesome!  Keep the dividends “coming”, leave the door open for them!

Pollies Dividend – 231.99 Euro – WHOA!  Nice job Pollies, killing it here with an impressive 13% growth.  Solid companies to boot as well!

Dividend Portfolio – $21.95 – Six companies paying you dividends is awesome, just straight killing it here, wow.  You’ve got this DP, keep it up and keep it going.

Dividend Quest – $915.52 – Uhm… WOW.  Almost $1K in August?!  Absurd.  Nice job Quest and I believe your journey on this quest is surely pretty far along.  Thanks for sharing the impressive figs!

Young Dividend – $526.49 – Crushing over $500 in August is very impressive and have to love sharing a massive dividend from AT&T with you, quite the reinvestment!

Passive Income Dude – $162.95 – This was a solid month of dividend income for you PiD, but for others that have an interest in reading his article, your passive income in total was impressive with your rental income.  Nice job!

Dividend Gremlin – $239.61 – Gremlin, congratulations on your house, baby and taking on more responsibilities!  You are keeping the focus though and posted strong dividend figures, as well as an amazing growth rate.  No matter what life throws at you, you have the ability to take it head on.

Dividend Lord – $171.43 – Coming out strong with an almost 24% growth rate is what I like to see.  Plus, we share quite a few names in AT&T (T), CVS and Procter (PG).  Keep it up!

Dividend Vet – $220.29 – Another 20%+ growth rate here, you guys are all killing it.  I now feel like my 13% growth rate was behind, come on!  With that being said, you have two massive payers in AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ).  I hope that Verizon shakes off the rust and becomes focused on their goals.  Keep grinding Vet!

Div Hut – $658.22 – DH, I don’t know what to say, but smacking this one out of the park!  Love the breakdown between accounts and the individual growth rates, as always.  A 15.5% increase is something to be very proud of, very nice job!

American Dividend Dream – $382.75 – Almost $400, and you are WELL on your way, especially with the way Omega (OHI) continues to grow their dividend, as well as your DRIP.  Keep living the AD Dream!

Captain Dividend – $372.58 – Very strong month again for you.  Interest read on Bitconnect and hope that works out very well for you!  Also – exposure on AT&T and Verizon are creeping up there, but the yield is so darn good!

DivGro – $923.00 –   This month pushes DivGro over the $10,000 mark for dividends received during 2017.   And boom, the income is only going to grow now that your position in Cisco is 500 shares!

Two Investing – $448.00 –  A great month catapulted by two strong dividend payouts from AT&T and Apple.   That is how you post a 60% year over year growth rate.  Very nice job!289

Passive Canadian Income – $186.42 –  13 companies paid PCI this last month and led to a great performance here in August.  PCI is already crushing his goals, which means we cannot wait and see just how far PCI can push it during the last four months of August.

All About The Dividends – $289.40 –  A different blogger, same story.  Great dividend growth rate, making great progress towards knocking out their goals…you get it.  Matthew crushed it in August and is heading into September with a full head of steam!

DesiDividend – $202.04 –  With college football season on the horizon, DesiDividend posted a strong month.  The charge was led by the investment in Apple and CAT, which accounted for half of Desi’s total for August.

Dividend Daze – $79.77 –  Daze posted great results in August and pulled off one of our favorite moves.  Daze was able to purchase a stock AND receive the dividend payment  in the same month.   That’s how you add fuel to your growth rate!

Diligent Dividend – $112.04 –  The growth of Diligent’s portfolio over the last two years has just been insane and it is not a shock that Diligent’s dividend growth rate has been just as ridiculous.  Love seeing charts like the one in your article!

Investment Hunting – $563.70 – In a close competition, it looks like AT&T was able to edge out OHI as IH’s top dividend payer by a slim $.20 margin ($135.24 to $135.04).  Regardless, those are some impressive figures from to great companies!

Divnomics – 37.60 Euros –  Regardless of whether or not August was a slow month, you have to be happy with a 44% increase in your annual dividends.  Keep it up Divnomics!

Screaming Little Man – $2,251.70 –  This is just incredible.  Over $2,000 in an “off” dividend month.   Congrats SLM and those are amazing, inspiring results right there.

Tawcan – $1,278.98 –  Another strong month for Tawcan –  should we expect anything different haha  Bolstered by some strong payouts AND dividend increases from various Canadian banks, he continues to push ahead and take no prisoners!

Race2Retirement – $1,806.14 – Just when we thought the high $ dividend receivers were over, you come swinging with almost $2K.  Insane.  Very nice Omega Healthcare (OHI) dividend and I hope HCP also brings their dividend back to normal life in 2018 with an increase, which would bode well for you.  Congratulations on a stellar month!

Team CF – ~360 Euro – Nice job over there, you are already almost ahead of your 2016 YTD total dividend income as well.  Appreciate and impressed by the hard work you have going on over there.  Keep it up!

Investing Pursuits – $309.94 –  Investing Pursuits had a very strong August, despite the slight decrease from 3 months ago.   IP also happened to own the one Canadian Bank that did not increase their dividend this month, which is a bummer.  But BMO’s turn will be coming up soon enough!

Dividend Reaper – $37.79  –  Truly a unique presentation of dividend income on Reaper’s website.  This was the only video update and we love it!

Dividends and Hobbies – $320.56 –  A year over year increase of 280%!  You said you have been on a buying spree recently and holy smokes those purchases are starting to pay off!  Excellent job.

Dividend Solutions – $216.52 –  AT&T was the heavy hitter in DS’s portfolio this month, like so many other bloggers on this listing.  Congrats on the 42% year over year increase!

Catfish Wizard – $399.71 –  Very strong investment income figures for Catfish.  Plus, the five purchases that you made in August are going to make a HUGE difference in the fourth quarter.  Keep it up!

Dividend Income Stocks – $224.79 –  A strong month for DIS saw their portoflio soar past $45k.  Now, onto blowing past $50k and posting strong dividend increases along the way!  Keep it up.

Passive Income Mavericks – $1,058.23 –  An insane amount of dividend income in an “off month.”  Maverick is also knocking on the doorstep of an annual goal…and it is only August.  Looking forward to seeing you CRUSH that goal next month.

Dividend Seedling – $11.82 – Think about this.  Seedling’s August 2016 total was $1.63. So think about that growth rate.  You said it best in your article, “Life is good.”  Keep planting those seedlings!

The Dividend Pig – $464.21 –  Pig received dividend income from 23 companies, which is impressive for a slower month.  Congrats on the incredible 150% increase compared to last year.

Wallet Squirrel – $20.94 –  Dividends represent a small amount of the comprehensive income/side hustle report for Wallet Squirrel.  We love the diversification of income each month.

Stockles – $154.32 – 13 great companies paid Stockles a very nice dividend in August.  The strongest sector, the healthcare REIT, provided Stockles with a nice jolt during the month!

TOTAL: 36 Bloggers earned approximately $15,846 in dividend income during the month (depending on the conversion rate at the time of calculation)

Now that is a TON of income.  Over $15k in total during August.   Amazing job everyone and now you have us energized as heck.  Hopefully all of you reading this have found these results as inspiring and motivating as we have.  It is time to keep side hustling and scraping every dollar we can together so we can propel ourselves to financial freedom.   All of us need to keep on pushing and keep on doing whatever we can to post growth rates like the ones listed in this article.  So let’s all continue motivating each other and pushing ourselves to be the best people and investors we can be.   Now that August is over, it is time for the third quarter of the month and the crazy dividend payouts that will ensue.   We CANNOT WAIT to see what all of you are capable of in September!  LETS GO!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

54 thoughts on “August Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

    • Agreed. A round of applause is well deserved for each of the bloggers in the list and all of those that we were not able to include. September is going to be a GREAT month and we cannot wait to start the next article 🙂


  1. That’s a nice range of numbers there – some people just starting off and others nearing the end of their race towards FIRE. It’s good to see everyone continuing to grow and can’t wait to see what September has to offer for everyone!

    • TITM,

      You hit on one of my favorite parts of the article. We love seeing and reading about each person’s journey, whether they are at the beginning of their dividend investing career or on the doorstep of financial freedom. Each new dividend, each growth rate serves as amazing motivation and helps me push myself towards the end game. September, with all of the mutual funds, should be one heck of a month to follow.

      Take care,


  2. This list keeps getting longer every month. Thank you for the inclusion. Not sure if this is new, but I like the part about the number of bloggers and how much we all collected. Can show growth as a community as a whole moving forward same as individually. Feel free to take that idea as long as you keep me on every report haha. Thanks for sharing the list. Great job everyone. Can’t wait to see the numbers for this month!

    • Dividend Daze,

      We were happy to include you. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll be honest with you, the kudos goes to Lanny for the first addition of the summary. I agree with you, I love seeing the totals and what we were able to accomplish as a community.

      I like the idea and it is definitely something to consider going forward. Don’t worry, we will make sure to include you regardless of whether or not we can pull together the right data for the statistic!


    • Gremlin,

      Glad we are able to put it together. Kudos to all of you for crushing it this month and providing us with all of these great summaries! It sounds like you are going to have a GREAT October and I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve.


    • Brian,

      Thank you very much! We are glad you enjoy reading the summaries as much as we enjoy putting them together. I agree, everyone needs to keep on doing a great job and continue to replicate this success!


  3. This list just keeps on growing. And amazing that we all collected over 15.000 dollar (and some euros) in dividend this past month!

    btw: noticed there was no link added to Catfish Wizard.

    • Divnomics!

      Isn’t it crazy that we all receive $15k+ as a collective unit? It is crazy to think that we all passively earned that much money.

      Thanks for letting us know about Catfish’s link. We should be good to go now. Cheers


    • PCI,

      Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. We had a lot of summaries to go through haha Impressive is an understatement, that’s for sure. The best part is that this was an “off” month. Cannot WAIT to see the collective amount we are going to receive as a community in September. Thanks for the comment!


  4. Hey Lanny and Bert,

    i can only repeat myself: thanks for all the inspiring work you put into this list. Congrats to everyone out there in the DGI Community. Keep pushing the last quarter of 2017!!

    I definitely have to go back into a saving mode after my short trip to NewYork City. Although i managed to spend about 140 $ less than my budget, flying over to NYC from Germany is not cheap. But worth every cent.

    If you have the time you can check out my relating blog post:


    • Dividend Solutions,

      Thank you very much. That’s kind of you to say. I’m excited to stop by and read about your trip to NYC. There is nothing wrong with dropping your savings rate to take a trip that you have always wanted to. Hopefully you were able to use the capital to generate some lifelong memories!


    • Doug,

      There area ton of great blogs out there, couldn’t agree more. Just think. That is only $15k for ONE MONTH. Think about the amount we as a community will receive in September and December, the heavy dividend and mutual fund distribution months.

      Take care,


    • love the quotations around “work” and the irony. This is truly passive income and we didn’t lift a finger to earn it. Let’s keep pushing and keep on working our way towards FIRE by doing everything we can to increase this passive income cash flow stream and watch the number continue to grow from $15k.

      Take care!


  5. Wow! That’s great to see. Too bad I didn’t get my report out because I’d have pushed it over $16k. Considering how strong of a month September is I would be expect $20k easily if not well above that for the month.

    • JC –

      Damn! Could have used yours, no doubt man! But I know you are getting back into the swing of it all. September is going to be scary, the sheer amount of divvies we are all going to post is going to be hilarious. Thanks for stopping by and checking it all out!!


  6. Awesome report as always. These posts are great because I can get a glimpse at what the community is doing all on a single page. Actually, what i like to do is visit each blogger’s page one-by-one and check it out. It’s a great way to meet other bloggers and learn about all the good stuff they are blogging about. So, this is definitely one of my favorite posts of the month.

    • DP –

      Appreciate the stop by to check out the list. Exactly, great way to share stories, journeys, websites and the like. Also – great to see the large a** numbers being posted too! Can’t wait to compile September’s!


    • ED –

      Glad you are loving it. List is solid and hoping it continues to grow each and every month. We wish we can grab all articles that are out there, as well, sometimes it’s hard, but striving to be better each month! September should be quite the story.


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