Mowing the Lawn – Frugal Style!

It’s summer, not yet, but here in Ohio it’s currently 70 degrees plus oddly enough and it’s only the beginning of May.  My grass has started to sprout, er uhm.. giant green stalk actually and it’s time to get the mowing season started.  I have a VERY Small lot and a brief background is my oil/gas powered “machine” went out on me at the beginning of LAST summer.  Sure, I could have gone out to buy a new powered mower and spend $150-$300 on a gas powered-get out of my way lawn mower, I mean everyone has one of those and how the heck else do you cut grass if you don’t have an oiled-machine?  I took a step back and went back into “time” for the method to my “huge” aka tiny lawn this year, which ended up being the frugal method.  Look at this beast and let’s talk about it:

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