Difficulty in Waiting for The Dividend Increase

Each and every month, Bert writes about the expected dividend increases, each and every month.  I love those articles, as it completely HYPES me up for what’s to come.  However, as a dividend investor, who reviews and watches the stock market it is extremely… difficult.  Yes, difficult!  I am in this mode, that I want to let everyone know what I go through during the month where I expected dividend increases, to see if you feel the same or to see what you do to help “ease” the anxiety!

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Why I Can’t Wait for 2017

This morning I have been thinking about “next year”, not in the Cleveland Browns sense where “there is always next year”, but that I am eagerly awaiting what is to come next year.  If you have read my articles, there are probably a few reasons that you can come up with as it relates to next year, but I was hoping to write about them and the impacts that it will have on my life , beginning January 2017.

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