October Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

2016 is racing to an end.  It has been a fascinating couple of weeks here. From a thrilling World Series that sadly didn’t fall in our favor to an election that has caused some noise in the markets.    Have we mentioned yet that both of us were lucky enough to attend that historic Game 7??  We’re sure you all know the drill, each month, we first publish our dividend income summaries (Bert’s here and Lanny’s here) and then aggregate as many as we can from ALL OF YOU in the dividend growth investing community.  SO if we didn’t include you this month, please understand it is not personal and is more of a result of timing!  Now, time to dive in and check out our October Dividend Income summary from all of you in the dividend blogging community!

Dividends are Coming – $168.01 (EUR) – Whoa, great job, I see some monster names there with Philip Morris (PM), bastards had a small increase, Glaxo (GSK), Coke (KO), General Electric (GE), you got them in there!  Also – may be biased, but love that you have some Diageo in there as well, drink it down : )  Congrats and keep it up!

Passive Income Maverick – $871.79 – HOLY CRAP!  125% growth YOY, just astounding.  Are you in Cleveland or something and having one of those championship type years?  Congrats, love the spread of the different entities you have, let’s see if you can keep that growth rate up!

Dividends Down Under – $139.36 – Bodda Bing, Bodda boom.  Another > $100 mark for you, big congrats.  Nice job!  I see you got a fat check from Japara.  Keep it up and keep making moves.

DivHut – $433.88 – Agh!  You beat my/Lanny’s total for October!  Nice job, making killer moves there.  Big banger from Diageo – hopefully you aren’t contributing “too” much to that divvy ; )  All jokes aside, awesome for an off-month!

A Frugal Family Journey – $265.76 – Over the $250, there we go AFFJ!  Apollo (ARI) definitely gave you a big push for the month.  Keep it up and enjoy it!

Investment Hunting – $456.92 – Don’t you miss hardcore dividend investing, just a little teensy bit IH?  Talk about a monster month!!  Nice job, keep that total up and up.

Race2Retirement – $1,502.44 – H O L Y S M O K E S!!!  Talk about the 4 digit mark in an off-month!!  Congratulations Race, big celebrations in order here.  Love that you have quite a few aristocrats that pay you heavily during this month.  No stopping you now.

Investing Pursuits – $392.31 – Here we go, make some noise!  Did extremely well here, with Rogers Communications (RCI.B) providing almost 1/4 of your jolt in income this month.  Your other pieces are climbing too, keep it up!

Tawcan – $1,083.47 – Loaded wit ha Top 5 payout for the month that is heavily weighted towards Canadian Banks, Tawcan was able to sport a 14.04% YOY dividend increase!  Also, Tawcan officially crossed the $10,000 in actual dividend mark for 2016!!

The Dividend Pig – $116.38 – Talk about bringing in the bacon!  Sorry, couldn’t resist that terrible joke.  A great month of very solid dividend income from some excellent companies along with an analysis over a net worth figure that is pushing seven figures!

Divnomics – $8.02 (Euro) – Actual per share dividend totals increased for Divnomics; but unfortunately, changes in the currency rates took its toll.  Dividend income growth may not have been the best, but we’re freaking loving that 67% growth in market value is UNREAL!

JC @ Passive Income Pursuit$273.46 – A lot of moving parts over the last 12 months here, causing some noise in terms of percent growth.  But JC sports a strong portfolio of dividend payers that provided him with 5 different dividend increases during the month (As Lanny said, one of the unexpected benefits of being a dividend investor).  And that doesn’t even include the incredible dividend increase that Starbucks announced at the beginning of November!

Team Cheesy Finance – 545.36 (Euros) – The Cheese Index and dividend income figures are through te roof.  We are impressed as heck with how quickly Team CF has been able to get the dividend snowball rolling down the mountain!

Dividends Down Under – $139.36 – Tristan and Jasmin just broke through a huge ceiling in terms of dividend income…crossing $100 for the first time.  Good luck fighting off your hunger to make sure you receive at least $100 every month!

Time in the Market – $50.70 – Love that TITM calculates dividend income/hour, a fun way to look at the metric.  While the dividend income fell from the end of the quarter month, TITM has now received over $4,000 in dividend income in 2016.  Congrats!

Mr. Free at 33 $681.80 – Last, but not least….FINALLY….JASON FIEBER…..HAS COME BACK…..TO OUR MONTHLY DIVIDEND INCOME SUMMARY!  We may have missed his September article, but it is always nice to have Jason back reporting his core income/expenses for the month and giving us that taste of financial freedom!

Does everyone see what’s going on here?  Everyone is pushing the envelope, working their tails off to crush their goals , and doing everything possible to get the dividend snowball rolling as fast as possible.  It is a simple thought process…save a lot and use the excess savings to improve your financial position by purchasing income producing assets, paying down debt, you get the picture.  We end this article every month with a simple reminder, and it is how the two of us think here.  Every…freaking…dollar matters when you are trying to reach financial freedom, retire early, and pursue what YOU want to in life.  With two months left, let’s make the impossible happen and head into 2017 with the dividend engine firing on all cylinders!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

19 thoughts on “October Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Hi Lanny & Bert,
    Thank you for another great post. I only started last year on the road to financial independence through dividend growth investing but I have already gained priceless inspiration and motivation from your site and the fellow dividend growth investors listed above!
    Thank you so much and keep on building!
    Dividend Income Builder

    • Pieter,

      That’s our favorite part of gathering the information for the article. Getting to read everyone’s stories, watch them grow, and share in the successes as everyone works to better themselves financially. After we compile the article, the first thing I want to do is buy to start matching others out there. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Thanks Lanny and Bert for the mention. I was absolutely delighted in last month’s passive income: in fact, I totally missed that, I achieved my half goal post of $3K, amazing journey so far showing that power of compounding can do great things and all of the DGI bloggers are reaping now. Love to see other bloggers income as well and keep up the good work.

    • R2R,

      CONGRATS! This is one hell of a journey for all of us. Its not always easy to see day to day, but the results and power of dividend reinvestment really start to show its head when you start comparing the monthly income to the previous years. Man this is a fun journey and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.


  3. Bert and Lanny,

    Thanks for including me!

    It’s great to see so many people chasing their dreams. Looks like amazing things are happening in real-time. Good stuff!

    Humbled to be included.

    Best regards!

    • Of course Jason…welcome back to the game! As you can see, there are plenty of other people excited about your return to the monthly income/expense posting game. It is a lot of fun to read and see the progress of everyone else in our awesome community!


  4. Thank you for including DivHut in your round up. These updates always juice my motivation to keep pressing on each month with my buys making big or small purchases because as you always state, “Every…freaking…dollar matters.” That is sooooo true. I think people underestimate the power of long term dividend growth investing because in the beginning, results appear to be small but with every invested dollar we are able to buy that tiny bit addition of passive income and FI.

  5. Hey guys. To answer your question, yes, I do miss dividend investing. I’ve been buying up shares recently though. I was hoping I could put all of my money back to work after the Trump victory. But the market hasn’t freaked out yet. It still might though. Next year, I’d like to get back on my pace of getting close to a $1,000 dividend income month.

    Thanks for adding me to your list. Congrats to everyone on the list.

  6. Sweet overview as usual, dear gentlemen. Thank you for including us too.
    But we do miss Dividend Hustler, kind of sad to see those crazy monthly numbers disappear…
    Also very cool to see that Jason is back too. Been visiting his site again since I re-discovered he’s back online.

  7. Great list as always guys! Inspiring and enlightening. Its going to be great in 10-15 years when you start reporting all the retirees in their 30’s living off of dividend income 😉

    My November and December incomes should be very nice indeed! I would love a spot in your list next month. I know its hard because there are now so many great bloggers. Which I would say is a great problem to have!

    Take care,

  8. Gentelmen,
    Thank you for the including me in the round-up and doing the leg work! It’s awesome to see all of the monthly totals.

    P.S. I promise to cite back when I use that awesome “bring home the bacon” quip. 😉

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